Movies To Watch If You Loved The Gray Man

With Netflix releasing their most expensive movie to date, The Gray Man offers audiences a thrilling set of action set pieces involving some of Hollywood’s greatest talents. The film features Chris Evans facing off against Ryan Gosling, with guns, explosions, and a promise of sequels and spinoffs to turn The Gray Man into a Netflix … Read more

Matt Damon’s Best Action Movies, Ranked

Matt Damon made his movie debut in 1988 with Mystic Pizza, a movie that later became known for the crop of talent it had. Many of the actors in the film went on to have successful careers in Hollywood, although the movie itself was not that successful. Damon only had one line in Mystic Pizzabut … Read more

Bullet Train Producer Kelly McCormick: Interview

“A talky movie that’s overexplaining is a nightmare for me,” said the woman who also produced “Deadpool 2” and “Atomic Blonde.” Kelly McCormick’s producing credits include “Deadpool 2,” “Nobody,” and the upcoming “Bullet Train,” but she’s not afraid to play favorites: She said the Charlize Theron-starring “Atomic Blonde” is the project she’s “most proud of. … Read more

25 Years Ago, Harrison Ford Topped Indiana Jones With His Best Action Movie Ever

Get off my plane! In 1997, America’s favorite dad-ish action hero, Harrison Ford, became the President of the United States. If you don’t remember that Ford’s fictional US President in Air Force One was named President James Marshall, it’s probably only because “President Ford” would have sounded weird. As it stands Air Force One — … Read more

‘Heat 2’ book is like reading a Michael Mann action movie

Filmmaker Michael Mann has continued the story and characters from his celebrated 1995 action movie “Heat,” which starred Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro, into a prequel and sequel in the new novel, “Heat 2.” Harper Collins In the age of reboots, limited series and sequels it makes too much sense, because it would make many … Read more

The Grey: Liam Neeson’s best action film takes on masculinity – and a few wolves too | Movies

Over the years there have been many wilderness survival movies, loads of Liam Neeson action flicks, and a fair few depictions of hungry wolves craving human flesh. Joe Carnahan’s frosty 2011 action-thriller The Gray ticks all three boxes, and then some – it not only stars the grizzled Irishman, but has him wrestling ravenous canines. … Read more

Thirteen Lives brings Thai cave rescue story to life with measured realism from director Ron Howard

Nothing captures the global media’s attention – and reveals its knack for distracting from the issues of the moment – ​​quite like a good old-fashioned triumph-of-the-human-spirit tale, especially if it involves cute kids being rescued by an international cohort or heroes. So it was in July 2018, when a Thai junior soccer team was saved … Read more