Catching up with Jason Goliath on this and that and Comedy Central Live

The 41-year-old says he is on a mission to revive stand-up comedy in South Africa.  Photo: Jason Goliath/Instagram

The 41-year-old says he is on a mission to revive stand-up comedy in South Africa. Photo: Jason Goliath/Instagram


Award-winning comedian Jason Goliath is in his bag this Heritage Month, tickling people’s funny bones.

City Press caught up with him to talk about being part of Comedy Central Live and securing more bags.

The 41-year-old says he is on a mission to revive stand-up comedy in South Africa.

“We have always struggled to make comedy cool, popular and comfortable for everyone. Now, I feel like the whole world is on this revival phase.” Goliath explained:

As comedians globally, we find ourselves in the same positions for the first time.

He said being the voice of Comedy Central was a dream come true for him.

“I mean, is my life a dream come true, or is my life a dream come true?” said the excited humorist when asked how he felt.

“It is an absolute bucket list thing for me to do. I feel like if I was a supermodel, I would want to be on the cover of Cosmo [politan] or Vogue. As a comedian, the voice of Comedy Central is the cover of Vogue. I feel like wearing fake eyelashes, that’s how excited I am. I have never felt the type of alignment that is as close to my personality.”

He shared that working on Comedy Central had been amazing.

“The guys that are there are brilliant and the stories are just amazing. I think the comedy is better and the audience is hungrier than ever.”

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With the first two seasons of the show being shot during the lockdown, the comedian said there was a huge difference now that the third season was shot in different cities with a live audience.

“The first two seasons were without an audience. Now, we have an audience. I think a lot of the headliners are storytellers, my goodness, I am ready for South Africans to see it. I think it is a beautifully packaged story. If you love comedy, you are going to love it. There’s something from everyone.”

He said comedy played a role in educating about culture and diversity, hence, the comedians traveled to different cities with the aim to teach about the South African heritage.

“South Africa has got this deep and diverse culture, and we also have cultures within cultures. For example, the colored people from Durban are different from colored people from Cape Town and Johannesburg. What comedy allows us is to share our stories and explore our cultures.” he said:

The more we understand about everybody’s culture, the easier it is for us to accept, celebrate and agree with.

The comedian said that Covid-19 improved the quality of comedy in South Africa because the audience was ready for it as much as the comedians.

He recently launched his one-man show titled Dala What You Must – It is what it is. He is also on tour for Goliath and Goliath to celebrate 10 years of being in the comedy industry.

Comedy Central Live airs on Comedy Central Africa (DStv Channel 122) on Tuesdays at 10pm.

Headliners include David Kau, Lihle Msimang, Mojak Lehoko, Rob Van Vuuren, KG Mokgadi, Siya Seya, Nonto Rubushe and Robby Collins.

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