Casualty spoilers and teasers for the new series

casualty spoilers follow.

A brand-new series of casualty is starting next week, and there’s plenty to be excited about.

Charlie and Dylan will face an insurmountable challenge in future episodes, while David sparks further concern as his ordeal continues, and who could be waving goodbye to the ED?

Here are seven spoilers and teasers as we head into the new series:

1. Charlie faces a new struggle

charlie fairhead casualty


Charlie returns from his Greek holiday brimming with optimism in next week’s series opener, only to find the ED backed up and in total disarray.

He’s shocked to learn that a 19-year old has just died in Resus from a drugs overdose, having had to wait outside for over 40 minutes, while patients from the dock fire are still being treated and there are no beds.

With team morale at an all-time low, Charlie refuses to let this news or Dylan’s bad mood dent his good one.

Unfortunately, he will struggle to keep up this attitude as time goes on, and it eventually becomes clear that he is starting to lose faith in the NHS. This will very much be an ongoing theme for the new series, speaking of which…

2. Dylan vows to make a change

dylan keogh, casualty


Dylan is another member of staff at the end of his tether in the new series, as a host of ED issues leave him feeling helpless as well.

Dylan is left shocked when it becomes clear Charlie is losing faith, too.

As Charlie confesses that his faith has crumbled over the course of the day, Dylan refuses to accept his newfound pessimism and promises to change things. But is he out of his depth?

3. David’s Order Continues

david hide, casualty


David’s traumatic ordeal will continue into the new series, as it becomes clear that he is not coping with Ollie’s death – and the circumstances surrounding it.

Concerns will continue to grow for David when he’s found in the staff room with a box of Ollie’s stuff.

Although David is quick to brush aside these concerns, he causes further alarm when he seeks out Dylan to ask for help in decoding the scribbles in Ollie’s mysterious notebook.

As David’s behavior takes more worrying turns, Dylan begins to wonder whether occupational health cleared David too soon. And when David later burns Ollie’s belongings back at home, it’s clear that his friends are right to be so worried.

4. Ethan’s Exit?

ethan hardy casualty


Looking further ahead, there is a chance we could be saying goodbye to fan-favorite Ethan Hardy in the new series.

Rumors have been swirling in the casualty fandom that George Rainsford – who has played long-suffering Ethan since 2012 – has finished filming in the role, following a couple of conspicuous posts.

Given that there’s been no official word on Ethan’s fate either way, viewers will just have to wait and see if his days in the ED are numbered – and why.

George has been teasing some big episodes ahead for Ethan either way, meaning he’s definitely one to watch over the coming months.

5. David encounters two familiar faces

david hide, casualty


David’s ex-wife Rosalene will reappear in his life as his story continues, but it’s clear they are at very different stages in regards to their grief.

Rosalene was last seen at the hospital when Ollie died, but seemingly disappeared in the aftermath – leaving David to carry the burden of Ollie’s actions on his own.

Rosalene turns up on David’s doorstep with some unexpected requests, but will she help or hinder his grief?

That’s not all, though, as David will also get another blast from the past when a former patient returns.

Susan, who was treated by David back in 2019, where it became apparent that she was living with Schizoaffective Disorder, will return to the ED with a new injury in the upcoming series.

But while David was able to help Susan back then, could the roles be reversed this time round? And could more than just friendship be on the cards?

6. Paige’s life-changing decision

paige allcott, casualty


Tonight’s episode saw Rash learn that Paige had tested positive for the BRCA gene, having undergone tests after her mum died from breast cancer.

Although Paige made it clear that she needed time to process the news, her boyfriend Rash was eager to put a medical treatment plan in place as soon as possible.

Paige’s story will be paused for the next few weeks, but will, of course, be continued into the new series, where she will be forced to make some life-changing decisions about her future.

7. Adi and Marty’s Surrogacy Story

robyn, adi kapadia, marty kirkby, casualty


Fans recently saw Robyn agree to be Martin and Adi’s surrogate, following their decision to start a family together.

Again, this is another story that will be picked up meaningfully as the new series progresses next month, but will all go to plan?

casualty airs on Saturday nights on BBC One and stream on BBC iPlayer.

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