BTS’ Jungkook drops a vampire-themed photo that has ARMY screaming ‘what’s going on?’

BTS Jungkook drops a vampire-themed photo that has ARMY screaming whats going on

Jungkook sent ARMY into a state of frenzy with his recent photo upload on Twitter. Looking straight out of a vampire flick, the BTS singer shared a blurry image along with a set of hashtags that put the whole fandom in visible confusion. Details inside!

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  • BTS’ Jungkook dropped a vampire-esque photo
  • The caption reads Me, Myself, and Jung Kook
  • ARMY swarmed social media with confused posts and messages regarding the photo

What’s going on? It is the exact question roaming in the minds of the ARMY at the moment who are puzzled by Jungkook’s recent photo on social media.

While Jungkook recently made fans ecstatic after breaking his Insta-hiatus yesterday (August 10) with a cute photo of himself enjoying his camping days during his vlog, his recent photo has once again grabbed eyeballs, this time for a different reason.

The BTS singer dropped a bomb on the internet with his photo which gives a vampire vibe to it. Mentioning nothing but ‘Me, Myself, and Jung Kook’, he has left everything up to ARMY, who is now busy trying to decipher the context behind the mysterious photo.

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BTS’ Jungkook sends the internet into a meltdown with his latest Instagram post – see inside

ARMY, what can you deduce from this photo? If nothing comes to your mind as of now, here are some of the reactions expressed by fellow fandom members who have come up with various theories.

While some are thinking about the possibility of Jungkook coming up with a vampire-themed album, others are just way too excited to witness what the singer might have in store for them.

Recently, Jungkook released a camping vlog where he was seen engaging in various activities such as talking about his fan song, my you, and his guide version of the band’s latest track, Run BTS.

He was also seen enjoying songs being played during the vlog, including Ha Sung Woo and Jimin’s With You, an OST from the hit K-drama Our Blues. He further entertained viewers with his very own version of That That by PSY and suga.

Jungkook’s camping vlog was a visual treat for the fans as they could see the beautiful scenery and enjoy the maknae feasting on delicious food items while talking about his fellow members and how much he missed them.

Meanwhile, Jungkook previously collaborated with American singer Charlie Puth for Left and Right on June 24 which had fans of both artists vibing to the peppy song. The song broke records across the world and continues to be the top favorite on various music streaming platforms.

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