Brad Pitt’s action movie Bullet Train gets first reactions

Brad Pitt’s new comedy-action movie bullet train has received its first smattering of social media reactions.

Also featuring Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kraven the Hunter), Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire), Sandra Bullock (The Lost City), Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta), Joey King (The Kissing Booth) and Zazie Beetz (joker), director David Leitch appears to have put together a real popcorn event here.

The story centers on Pitt’s contract killer Ladybug, who’s roped into collecting a briefcase on a Shinkansen (‘bullet train’), which happens to be boarded by a whole bunch of assassins with their own agendas.

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brad pitt bullet train

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Fresh out of a press screening, Digital Spy movies editor Ian Sandwell tweeted: “Really wish I’d seen #Bullet Train with a big audience as it’ll be a crowdpleaser. Darkly funny with inventive action, an excellent cast and the most unexpected references.

“It runs out of steam near the end, but it’s a fun ride all the same.”

Also impressed by the movie NOW Magazine‘s Radheyan Simonpillai, who wrote: bullet train: Throw snatch and John Wick in a blender and let it explode. I had fun with this (mostly because of the game cast) up until it goes completely off the CGI rails.

“Also very impressed that they made Aaron Taylor-Johnson an appealing onscreen presence. Truly a first.”

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The Globe and Mail deputy film editor Barry Hertz enjoyed the spectacle, but felt there were improvements to be made, sharing: “BULLET TRAIN: Could move a little … faster … but I’ll happily take a goofy/Goofy-mode Brad Pitt and whack-a-mole cameos in this late summer heat.

“Both impressed and distressed about how quickly David Leitch has hyper-styled violence to a neon-bright smiley-face aesthetic.”

bullet train hits UK screens on July 29, while US fans can catch it from August 5.

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