Bloodline and more of the best anime coming to Netflix in August

Happy new month! We’re super excited to fill you in on all the great anime titles coming to Netflix later this month. But before we dive into all these new releases, we absolutely have to give a shout-out to all the great titles that we were blessed with in July 2022.

Last month, Netflix gave us Uncle from Another World, Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time and the official release of Vinland saga season 1. As expected, all these titles were super entertaining from start to finish, and so were the new episodes of One Piece and Komi Can’t Communicate season 2. Without a doubt, you need to stream all these titles, especially because Netflix’s upcoming titles are going to require your undivided attention.

New Netflix anime to watch in August 2022

Believe us when we say you’re going to be glued to your seats because August 2022’s anime are all forces to be reckoned with. The stakes are high, the battlefield is busy, and, best of all, the need for victory is strong; this is the perfect recipe for any amazing anime!

Without further ado, here are the three best anime coming to Netflix in August 2022!

Kakegurui Twin (Season 1)

Release Date: August 4

If you loved the original installation of kakeguruithen you’re definitely going to love Kakegurui Twinas it is slated to fill you in on the various events that happened prior to Yumeko Jabami, the female lead of kakeguruibecoming the best gambler at Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Before there was Yumeko, there was Mary Saotome. Mary was one of the best gamblers to ever compete. She was quick-witted, strategic, and, all-around, a grade-A competitor. However, the same couldn’t be said for her friend, Tsuzura Hanatemari, who endured endless bullying because of her inability to gamble as well as her peers. Fortunately, Mary took Tsuzura under her wing, and, together, they fought to climb up the ranks at Hyakkaou Private Academy. But their road to success was far from easy.

What trials and tribulations will Mary and Tsuzara face? How will they pull themselves out? We don’t know just yet, but perhaps the official trailer for Kakegurui Twin will contain a few hints. Check it out below!

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood: Book 3

Release Date: Aug 11

Up next is DOTA: Dragon’s Blood: Book 3!

This new installment will pick up right from where the previous book left off: with the battle against Terrorblade on the horizon. After experiencing loss, the Dragon Knight and his trusted allies must dust themselves off and prepare to fight in a war that will determine the fate of their world forever. Should they secure the victory, their people will be able to put this era of greed and senseless violence behind them. However, should they lose, Terrorblade will acquire all the dragon souls, which will result in never-ending suffering for all.

The only option available for Dragon Knight is to win, but with powers shifting, it’s going to take more than sheer strength to save everyone.

See the epic trailer for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood: Book 3 below.

Tekken: Bloodline

Release Date: August 18

Last but not least, we finally have Tekken: Bloodline heading our way later this month!

Inspired by the classic Bandai Namco Studios arcade game, Tekken: Bloodline is a series about Jin Kazama’s determination to avenge his mother’s death after Ogre, a vicious foe, suddenly took her life.

Initially, Jin was no match for Ogre, which is why his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, trained him around the clock until he was ready to compete in the Iron Fist Tournament—the only place that will truly test Jin’s strength. Those that compete in the tournament are the best of the best, so Jin will have to fight tooth and nail to win. But even then, his journey is just beginning, as he still needs to avenge his mother and put a stop to the evil forces working relentlessly behind the scenes.

Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to see the official trailer of Tekken: Bloodline!

And there you have it, all the wonderful anime coming to Netflix in August 2022! We hope you’re as excited as we are about what’s to come. If so, be sure to stream Kakegurui Twin, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood: Book 3and Tekken: Bloodline when they release on Netflix later this month! See you there!

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