Blockbuster First Look Images Reveal Netflix’s New Rental Store Comedy

Netflix releases first-look images of comedy series Blockbuster, starring Randall Park and Melissa Fumero as employees of America’s Last Blockbuster.

New images from Netflix’s upcoming sitcom blockbuster reveal its characters in the classic video store environment. blockbuster will be set at the last Blockbuster business in America, exploring what it takes and who it takes for a small and unlikely business to succeed. blockbuster was created by Vanessa Ramos. Ramos is a veteran in the realm of workplace comedy, as she has also been a writer for superstore and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

blockbuster‘s first season will include ten 30-minute episodes, introducing audiences to the world of the Last Blockbuster and the antics therein. While the series is yet to have a release date, blockbuster has been gaining prominent cast members over the past few months. Netflix originally announced plans for blockbuster in late 2021, and at that time mentioned WandaVision‘s Randall Park as a star. Since then, the series has added Brooklyn Nine-NineMelissa Fumero to star opposite Park. blockbuster proceeded to reveal its ensemble cast that included JB Smooze (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Spider Man: No Way Home), Tyler Alvarez (Never Have I Ever), Madeline Arthur (snow piercer), Kamaia Fairburn (Overlord and the Underwoods), and Olga Merediz (In the Heights).


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Now, first look images from blockbuster have been revealed by Netflix. The images feature both promotional photos and action shots of the blockbuster cast. Park, Fumero, and the rest of the blockbuster crew interact with customers, and gives a range of dubious, happy, confused, and friendly expressions in the various photos. With these images, Netflix also announced blockbuster‘s release date. blockbuster will hit Netflix on November 3, 2022. Check out these first look images below:

Even from the expressions on the talented blockbuster actors’ faces, these blockbuster images show the great comedic potential of the new Netflix series. blockbuster will be another take on the workplace comedy, following these Blockbuster employees. Said employees are decked out in full Blockbuster uniform, promising that blockbuster will play on the last Blockbuster environment for part of its comedy.

blockbuster has a great opportunity to be a successful sitcom for Netflix. The real-life Last Blockbuster store’s Twitter page has already seen popularity with online users, as the store posts humorous Blockbuster-related content frequently. Perhaps blockbuster can capitalize on this same fan base, making jokes about Blockbuster while still utilizing the talented cast to its full potential. If the real Last Blockbuster is any indication, Blockbuster as a phenomenon has great comic potential. if the blockbuster show plays its cards right, perhaps Ramos and the producing team could create the next big niche workplace comedy. blockbuster premieres on Netflix on November 3, 2022.

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