Blockade Runners in NC during the Civil War

Jim McKee to discuss the role of the Blockade Runners in NC during the Civil War.

Role of Blockade Runners in NC during the Civil War

Exciting adventure, imminent peril, and boring quarantine — all for incredible profits were what blockade runners and commerce raiders experienced running in and out of the Cape Fear River during the Civil War. Jim McKee, a life-long student of history and a graduate of Greensboro College, will discuss the role of blockade runners in North Carolina during the Civil War.

Blockade runners were slim, sleek ships designed to slip through blockades and outrun Union warships. Many of the shipwrecks off the Carolina coast are blockade runners. McKee will talk about the design and use of these ships and the role they played in battles off the coast.

McKee will speak at 6 pm Tuesday, Aug. 9 at the Museum of Coastal Carolina, 21 E. Second St., Ocean Isle Beach. For admission prices, call 910-579-1016 or visit

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