Best TV Series Coming to Netflix in August 2022

Netflix has lately found itself in a precarious position. Amidst news that the streaming platform lost 1 million subscribers in the last three months, an exponential increase from its significant losses in this year’s first quarter, the biggest question now becomes: how will Netflix adapt? It appears that not even Volume 2 of Stranger Things season 4 could keep general audiences from sticking around despite setting massive streaming records.

What’s more, Netflix execs have expressed their desire to launch their own major franchises, akin to Disney+’s MCU and Star Wars slate, which would certainly keep subscribers’ attention. Though the platform is currently working through some bumps in the road, there are still some series to be excited about. Indeed, here’s a list of the best TV series coming to Netflix in August 2022.


Good Morning, Veronica Season 2 — August 3

Good Morning, Veronica is a Brazilian TV series that is based on a novel of the same name. In fact, the series is written by the same author, under the pseudonym Andrea Killmore. It tells the story of a married secretary, Verônica Torres, whose life gets disrupted when she witnesses a young woman’s suicide, days after getting a call from a young woman begging for help. trigger warning: Good Morning, Veronica deals with rape, torture, violence, and suicide.

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Kakegurui Twin — August 4

Kakegurui Twin is a spin-off title of the original anime Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler. The story serves as a prequel and focuses on the character of Mary Saotome, a year before Yumeko Jabami transferred to the Private Academy. In this series, Mary herself has just enrolled at the Academy, which is heavily driven by reckless gambling. To fit into the elite school, she starts gambling as well and falls into the deep pits of it.

The Sandman — August 8

Written by Neil Gaiman and produced by DC Comics, The Sandman is a fantasy drama based on the comics released from 1989 to 1996. The main character is one of the seven Endless called Dream, as well as Morpheus, played by Tom Sturridge. Mixing mythology, history, and horror together is one of Gaiman’s specialties, so we can definitely expect a beautiful rollercoaster ride. The plot itself will center on Morpheus who gets captured and realizes that change is sometimes inevitable for growth.

Locke and Key Season 3 – August 10

Releasing its third and final season, Locke and Key is a fantasy horror series that premiered on Netflix back in 2017. As many TV shows these days, this one also based on a comic book of the same name. The plot centers on three children and their step-mother as they move in together after the father’s murder. Living in what is called the Keyhouse, they discover a lot of keys that lead to different magical doors that eventually unlock different demonic entities. Even the demons in this TV series are pretty likable despite their manipulative and gaslighting nature. The relationships in this are both problematic and inventive at the same time.

A Model Family — August 12

A Model Family is an upcoming South Korean series directed by Kim Jin-woo. The plot centers on Dong-Ha, a father and husband on the brink of bankruptcy as well as a divorce. He accidentally finds money and drugs and sees an opportunity in them to make the money he needs. However, by doing that, he gets involved with the drug cartels and has to realize the importance of a model family against all the obstacles. You better get ready for the global release on August 12th, as K-dramas almost never disappoint.

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Never Have I Ever Season 3 — August 12

Praised for its South Asian representation in Hollywood, Never Have I Ever is a coming-of-age drama that premiered in 2020. The plot follows an Indian-American high-schooler who has to deal with the sudden death of her father. Due to psychological trauma, the main character Devi loses sensation in her legs and is unable to walk for a few months. When she finally manages to walk, she is forced to deal with her identity, grief, and school life. The bilingual theme runs smoothly through the series and serves as something to relate to. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Never Have I Ever will end with season 4, which make its upcoming third season all the more exciting.

Kleo — August 19

Next we have an upcoming German crime TV series Kleo, which is set after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The plot centers around Kleo Straub, who was a former East German spy assassin and decides to get revenge on everyone who conspired to betray her. Beware that the TV series will most likely consist of a lot of blood-related violence, similarly to Kill Bill. The main character enjoys the killing spree and delivers a lot of chaotic energy to the heavy plot.

The Girl in the Mirror — August 19

The Girl in the Mirror is an upcoming Spanish supernatural TV series that was ordered by Netflix back in 2018. It stars Mireia Oriol in the lead role as Alma, with actors such as Álex Villazán and Pol Monen accompanying her in other roles. The plot centers on Alma, who is the sole survivor of a bus accident. She wakes up disoriented and suffering from amnesia. The series follows her path as she tries piecing the memories together to figure out what truly happened to her. It appears that we have a lot to be excited for in this cracking suspense thriller.

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