Best Romance Movies To Fall In Love With The Coast

This May, Netflix’s Along For The Ride reignited viewers’ love for romances set on the coast through its stunning visuals and carefree vacation aesthetic. The movie provides fans with not only a sweet teen romance but also a beautiful backdrop for it to take place against.

The romantic flick prompted fans to hunt for more romance movies that will have them swooning over both the love story and its setting. From Nicholas Spark’s affinity with the ocean to hilarious stories of friends to lovers, these romance movies that will have you falling in love with the coast, just like Along For The Ride.


10 Dear John (2010)

Most Sob-Inducing Nicholas Sparks Movies, Ranked

Dear John opens with a beach-themed meet-cute that is possibly one of the most rewatched film opening, especially for romance lovers. The movie mainly takes place on a beach and captures the true essence of falling in love with a total stranger through sunsets, crashing waves, and beach barbecues, but that’s not to say the romance between John and Savannah’s love story is an easy one.

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The movie left many viewers wanting to move to the coast in the hope of a peaceful alternative to the city where one can actually see the moon and the stars rather than the city lights. Dear John is an endearing romance flick that emphasizes the feeling of gratitude that comes from sitting on a beach and taking in the world through its most natural form.

9 Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2001)

Nicolas Cage in Captain Corelli's Mandolin, sitting on a bench outside in uniform, holding a mandolin.

If one was to rank every Nicolas Cage movie from worst to best, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin would definitely be on the list as one of his most prominent onscreen roles. While the movie received a fair bit of criticism for differing too much from the book, it did provide viewers with a gut-wrenching and treasured romance that took place on the beautiful Greek islands.

as a war movie, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin shunned the idea of ​​showing a war-torn country and instead positioned the soldiers on the beautiful Greek island where romance grew. The placement of the movie contrasted everything viewers knew about war movies by providing them with long camera pans of the Greek hills and coastal landscape that left many fans seeking a move to the quiet Greek islands.

8 Adore (2013)

The couples in the sea

Adore is somewhat an unconventional romance that explores love with age differences as well as the breakdown of boundaries between family friends. The movie is a seductive and sun-kissed tale of summer romance that captivates viewers through its use of the beach and the mesmerizing scenery surrounding it, which is why it’s an incredible yet unusual coastal romance.

The movie perfectly captures the freedom of being on holiday and how people test the boundaries more than they usually would. Adore utilizes the beach to create two simultaneous love affairs that are complemented by the movie’s sandy location, it encourages viewers to book a holiday and get lost in their surroundings along with the people they meet there.

7 Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Oliver and Elio in Lombardy in Call Me By Your Name

When it comes to movies that make viewers want to pack up their entire lives and travel the world, Call Me By Your Name is definitely on that list. Many fans have referred to the movie as a visual masterpiece with stunning scenes of Italian architecture, countryside, and most importantly, its coastline.

Call Me By Your Name explores Italy in great detail and emphasizes the heat through shorts and loose clothing, something which made many fans envious of their summer romance.

6 The Last Song (2010)

Most Sob-Inducing Nicholas Sparks Movies, Ranked

The Last Song is one of the best coastal romances to date with the majority of the movie taking place on the beach just behind Ronnie’s house and presenting viewers with a great young romance. The movie doesn’t just focus on music but also delves into its location more than the usual coastal romance by employing the use of wildlife as an added means to the romance between Ronnie and Will.

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This flirtatious flick follows the general conventions of the typical summer romance while also incorporating a storyline of wildlife conservation, made possible by the movie’s location alongside its hidden tragic storyline. The Last Song‘s use of the coast encouraged some viewers to look into beach conservation with the hope of falling in love at the same time.

5 Mama Mia! Here We Go Again (2018)

If every Lily James movie was ranked, it’s safe to say, Mama Mia! Here We Go Again would be at the top of the list. Her role as Donna creates some of the best onscreen moments of love to date. Despite the incredible musical numbers, the movie also contains many visually stunning scenes aided by the movie’s Greek location that is utilized throughout the movie.

From boat trips to scenic camera pans over the island, this fun flick takes advantage of its tidal setting by creating beautiful shots of its ongoing waterscapes complemented by its surrounding mountainous terrain. The movie caused something of a phenomenon with many fans jealously resulting in them booking a one-way ticket to Greece to experience the mesmerizing coast themselves.

4 Safe Haven (2013)

Most Sob-Inducing Nicholas Sparks Movies, Ranked

Safe Haven is a great movie that combines romance with action to create something of a romantic thriller. Set in North Carolina, the romantic flick uses the beach setting as a Safe Haven for Katie, who has fled an abusive relationship. The growing relationship between Alex and Katie progresses throughout the movie, with both individuals healing as the small beach community seeks to match-make them.

The movie’s coastal location once again creates that peaceful environment that acts as a safe retreat that not only lowers viewers’ blood pressure, but also returns to a young summer romance fueled by the pair’s romantic spark. Safe Haven definitely provides fans with a sense of comfort where they can enjoy the glowing sunset alongside the love between the couple.

3 Just Go With It (2011)

Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and the rest of the cast of Just Go With It

Jennifer Aniston is among a list of actors that have performed in more than 1 of Adam Sandler’s movies, and her role as Kate in Just Go With It proves why she and Adam Sandler are a perfect onscreen match. The movie is a hilarious take on the friends-to-lovers trope seen so commonly in romance movies and the pair go from working in the city to holidaying in Hawaii as a fake family.

The movie utilizes its stunning location by creating a great summer romance as hilarious as it is heartwarming but luckily sustains past the holiday cut-off. The movie’s romantic setting took the pair out of their usual location and placed them somewhere peaceful where they could analyze their feelings and actually act on them, making it a seriously romantic coastal flick.

2 Nights In Rodanthe (2008)

Most Sob-Inducing Nicholas Sparks Movies, Ranked

Nights In Rodanthe mainly takes place on the coast and tells one of the most gut-wrenching but love-affirming romances to date. By combining fate and two individuals who are slowly giving up on finding love, the movie uses the coast to create a sanctuary away from the turmoil that is currently happening in both of their lives.

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The safe space of the beach alongside its stunning visuals, elevates the growing love story between Paul and Adrienne by showcasing that they can find love away from the greyness that has replaced the previous romances in their lives. The coastal setting tells the story of new love by providing an intimate, stunning space that allows them to press pause and refresh on their love lives.

1 The Choice (2016)

Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker in

The Choice is a seriously romantic story of tragedy and patience, but the romance between Travis and Gabby is amplified by the movie’s coastal setting, which made many fans jealous. The heartwarming flick garnered a lot of attention due to many of the scenes containing a perfectly timed sunset by the water.

Set on the North Carolina coast, The Choice leaves viewers envious of both the love story between Travis and Gabby and the place in which they raise their family. The coastal vibe proves to be the perfect setting for romance with the couple’s peaceful home mirroring their endearing and everlasting love story.

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