Best Movies & TV Shows on HBO Max This Weekend (August 27-28, 2022)

House of the Dragon is keeping most of HBO Max’s subscribers busy on Sunday nights, but what about the rest of the weekend? As August comes to an end, many movies are leaving the streaming service. This weekend is the last chance to catch up on viewers’ fan-favorite, action-packed movies.

While many movies are saying goodbye, many television series are here to stay. House of Ho returns for a second season with more conflict and drama, and Abbott Elementary‘s success on HBO Max proves it’s not going anywhere. Check out these shows and even more movies this weekend to keep busy and entertained.

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Say Goodbye to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight

One of the many franchises leaving HBO Max this month is Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, although subscribers can still catch The Dark Knight Rises on the platform. Beginning with a well-fitting title, Batman Begins follows Bruce Wayne as he ventures into the vigilant lifestyle to avenge his parents’ death and reclaim Gotham City from criminals. His companions include his butler and father-figure Alfred Pennyworth (who even has his own self-titled show now), his supplier of all Batman essentials Lucius Fox, and Gotham City police officer James Gordon. There’s also his love interest Rachel Dawes.

The Dark Knight continues Bruce’s story in Gotham but with a new enemy: The Joker (portrayed by the late Heath Ledger). Ledger’s performance as The Joker and Nolan’s gritty storytelling make it one of the best superhero movies of all time and even among one of the best films ever made. It’s so impactful in the superhero genre (especially dark movies) that it even influenced future films such as Thor: Love and Thunder and The Batman starring Robert Pattinson. The film follows Bruce as he’s introduced to The Joker’s anarchist methods that wreak havoc on Gotham. He also has to deal with Gotham’s district attorney Harvey Dent, who slowly experiences his downfall into the vigilante Two-Face.

Check Out the Blade Trilogy Before It Leaves HBO Max

Another trilogy of superhero movies leaving HBO Max this month is the blade trilogy. The film series was one of the earliest Marvel ever released in the late 1990s and early 2000s and is noted as the film that began Marvel’s cinematic success. The first blade movie was released two years before the first X-Men movie and an entire decade before Iron Man. now, blade is returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali taking over the role.

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The original blade trilogy stars Wesley Snipes as the titular character, a half-vampire who is also a vampire hunter. He’s often joined by his companion Abraham Whistler, a vampire hunter and Blade’s mentor, who is also an original character to the film franchise. The trilogy was directed by Stephen Norrington, Guillermo del Toro and David S. Goyer, the latter of whom wrote all the films. While it’s not clear when or if the blade trilogy will be streaming on Disney+ anytime soon, it wouldn’t be shocking if the vampire-hunter suddenly appeared on the streaming platform when the reboot came out.

Escape Death With the Final Destination Franchise

Ash The Dark Knight and blade roll out of HBO Max, so does the Final Destination franchise. Final Destination is one of the most iconic horror film franchises ever made because of its clever way of portraying an antagonist. Rather than having a physical being as an antagonist, the Final Destination films typically use Death manifested in the environment and other deadly circumstances, attacking the protagonists.

each Final Destination film follows the same premise: a group of friends must escape death after one of their friends has a premonition about a catastrophic disaster that will kill everyone. It may seem a repetitive formula to follow, but the film always finds a way to spice things up to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. For instance, the first film has everyone trying to cheat Death after a premonition of a plane crash. The second film is about a car pile-up, and the third takes place at an amusement park.

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The Luxurious House of Ho Returns With Season 2

While waiting for the newest episode of House of the Dragon every Sunday, catch up with another rich family: House of Ho. The reality television series is back for a second season, and the drama has been taken up a notch. As one of the many reality shows on HBO Max, House of Ho is a rare gem. But for those obsessed with watching the everyday lives of the ultra-wealthy and out-of-touch Kardashians over on Hulu, House of Ho is for them.

House of Ho follows the lives of the Ho family led by patriarch Binh Ho and his wife Hue. The Vietnamese-American family is based out of Houston and holds conservative values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are often the subject of criticism by both the children of the family and viewers. The children include the eldest child Judy, who is seen as a disappointment by her parents simply because she’s a woman. There’s also her brother Washington, who spends his time drinking and gambling but (shockingly) is praised by his parents for everything he does. The favoritism and clear rift in the family creates an interesting dynamic that fuels the drama necessary to make compelling reality television.

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Abbott Elementary Takes the Audience Back to School

Audiences can’t get enough of the most popular sitcom on television right now: Abbott Elementary. The series is written and produced by comedian Quinta Brunson, who also stars in the series. Abbott Elementary has been nominated for six Emmy Awards, proving that it’s a force to be reckoned with, and it’s only in its first season. With the second season only a month away, it’s time to catch up with the gang at Willard R. Abbott Elementary.

The series plays out as a mockumentary with a documentary crew recording the lives of the teachers at the mainly Black public school in Philadelphia, which also happens to be underfunded. Brunson stars as Janine, a second-grade teacher who is driven by optimism despite the sometimes precarious circumstances. There’s also Tyler James Williams as Gregory, a substitute first-grade teacher who dreams of being a principal. They also work with history teacher Jacob, experienced teachers Melissa and Barbara, and the oblivious principal Ava. As different as all of them are, they all come together to support the children and make sure they have the best experiences and education at school.

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