Best Movies Set in London, Ranked

There are a lot of things that go into making a movie. From the actors you cast and the location you shoot to the plot and the ever-so-important ending, movie-goers from all over the world leave a theater with lasting impressions of the film. However, a movie’s setting tends to take a back seat to the famous faces we see starring in it. Now, we are very excited to give a movie’s setting the love, attention, and appreciation it deserves. In fact, let’s get even more specific and explore the movie magic of London.

Where the setting of a movie is sets the tone for the entire movie. For movies set in London, the famous city’s overall vibe, eye-catching landmarks, busy streets, and, of course, the people all contribute to a film. Honestly, London can be a character in itself with how recognizable it is in films and how iconic it is in the entertainment industry and in pop culture as a whole. From movies like Last Night In Soho to even something more action-packed like No Time To Die and Red Noticehere is our ranking of some of the best movies set in London that you should take note of.


9 About Time

With a city like London as your backdrop, it would be a shame if you didn’t utilize it in a good romantic comedy. About Time, starring romance movie royalty Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson, follows a young man whose father reveals to him that the men in their family have the gift of being able to travel back in time. Incorporating magic into a movie with already so much heart, there is no way to leave this charmer out.

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8 Last Night in Soho

Now, we are going to take a turn with Last Night in Soho. This 2021 film follows a fashion designer that encounters an aspiring singer in 1960s London. The mind games that this horror thriller plays on its audience feed into the absolutely frightening story. The cinematography, costume design, and setting all contribute to this terrifying film, and it should definitely be on your list if you haven’t already seen it.

7 The Gentlemen

London is the kind of city where movie possibilities seem endless. So, how about an action movie for this list? 2019’s The Gentlemen follows Mickey Pearson (played by Matthew McConaughey) who establishes a marijuana empire in London. When he tries to cash out, of course, things don’t go as planned or as smoothly as they should, leading to some crazy twists and turns. You can now watch The Gentlemen on Netflix!

6 The Courier

You probably know Benedict Cumberbatch as the lovable Dr. Strange in the MCU. However, it is increasingly important to not overlook his fantastic performance in 2020s The Courier. Cumberbatch plays the British businessman Greville Wynne. This spy thriller is available on Amazon Prime and is, as outlined by Bustle, based on the incredible true story involving two men and the Cuban Missle Crisis.

5 The Duke

The Duke is one hell of a ride. When Goya’s portrait of the Duke of Wellington is stolen from the National Gallery in London by an old taxi driver in the 60s, the public is shocked when what started as an art heist turns into a call for elderly care reform in the country. If that already seems incredible to you, you might be equally shocked to find out that this film starring Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren is based on a true story.

4 Enola Holmes

Netflix Original movies can be a hit or miss. However, the 2020 movie Enola Holmes checks off all the boxes and remains to be one of Netflix’s best projects to date. Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown stars as young, resourceful, and quick teen Enola as she attempts to outsmart Sherlock, her older brother, and find her missing mother. A sequel called Enola Holmes 2 has recently been confirmed, per Digital Spy, to release this year.

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3 paddington

If you haven’t experienced the absolute magic that is the paddington movies, you are missing out. In 2014, this fluffy creature we come to know as Paddington captured our hearts is ways we will never forget. This family adventure film simply follows a young bear who loses his home and is in England to find a new one. paddington is fun, heartwarming, and irresistibly charming for people of all ages and is definitely worth a watch.

2 skyfall

Movies set in London? Well, you can’t forget to include 007 in that conversation. skyfall is the third installment of Daniel Craig’s Bond movies and remains one of the more unforgettable in the long-running series of James Bond films. In skyfall, agents are exposed, MI6 is under attack, M is forced to relocate the agency, and she turns to 007 himself for help. This film includes all the action we all love in great Bond film and this one is a great addition to the franchise as a whole.

1 Paddington 2

When it comes to a series of movies, it is difficult to have a great sequel when the first installment was just that good. However, the paddington cinematic universe does just that. In Paddington 2, our fluffy bear friend tries to get a book for his aunt’s 100th birthday. However, a thief has the absolute audacity to steal it, and Paddington is forced to embark on a journey to get some justice. Now, we know that the plot of this movie does not contain the pizzazz and intrigue that a heart-stopping thriller or a pulse-quickening action may have. However, this masterpiece of a movie feels like a big hug. And in the world we live in now, we could all use entertainment like this.

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