Best Kristin Scott Thomas Movies, Ranked.

Lady Kristin Scott Thomas is an English actress known for her work in The English Patient, nowhere boy, and The Darkest Hour. Thomas was born in Redruth, Cornwall, England in 1960 to mother Deborah (who also studied acting) and father Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Simon Scott Thomas. Her father died in a tragic flying accident when Kirstin was five years old. In her youth, Scott Thomas attended independent schools Cheltenham Ladies College and St. Antony’s Leweston. Upon leaving school at the age of 18, she enrolled at the Central School of Speech and Drama to train to become a drama teacher. Early on, she inquired about changing her degree from teaching to acting, but was denied. It was at this time that she decided to pursue acting in Paris. The actress, who holds French citizenship, studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre aka ENSATT.


Scott Thomas’ career started to take shape when she was cast as Mary Sharon in Prince’s 1986 directorial debut Under The Cherry Moon. Despite the film being panned by critics and her performance heavily criticized, Scott Thomas persevered in her career. Just two years later in 1988, she garnered her breakthrough role as Brenda Last in A Handful of Dust. Her performance in the film awarded her the Evening Standard British Film Award for “Most Promising Newcomer”. Since then, Scott Thomas has had a successful career spanning three decades. Though she was originally attached to star in Tomb Raider 2, opposite Alicia Vikander, per Digital Spy, with the change in studio rights, it may no longer be the case. However, you can also check out Scott Thomas’ impending directorial debut My Mother’s Wedding (formerly The Sea Change), which, according to Deadline, just finished principal photography and stars Scarlett Johansson, Sienna Miller, and Emily Beecham. In the meantime, here are the best Kristin Scott Thomas movies, ranked.

Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible is the first in the popular spy franchise. It follows government operative Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), who becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his mentor and must sneak into a secure CIA building to find evidence that proves his innocence. Scott Thomas plays IMF Agent Sarah Davies, who is stabbed to death at the beginning of the movie when the mission takes a devastating turn, however, her untimely death helps to usher along the plot.

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Life as a House

Life as a House is an emotional drama that follows George Monroe (Kevin Kline) who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. George’s harrowing diagnosis makes him rethink his priorities in life, and he begins the process of tearing down and rebuilding his home, along with rebuilding his relationships with everyone in his life, including his ex-wife Robin Kimball (Scott Thomas) and misanthropic son Sam (played by Hayden Christensen).

Four Weddings and A Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral is a popular British romantic comedy that follows charming Brit Charles (Hugh Grant) and beautiful American Carrie (Andie MacDowell) who meet at a wedding and share a magical night before Carrie returns to the US. Through a twist of fate, the pair reunite at three more weddings and a funeral. These chance meetings convince Charles that they are indeed soulmates. Scott Thomas stars as Charles’ friend Fiona, who confesses her unrequited love to him at a pivotal moment in the movie. The film is a hilarious and heartfelt romp that has earned a reputation as one of the best romantic comedies of the 90s.

Gosford Park

Gosford Park is a black comedy satire that plays out like a fabulous murder mystery dinner. It features an all-star ensemble cast including Scott Thomas, Clive Owen, Ryan Phillipe, Helen Mirren, and Emily Watson. The film recounts the events of a grouse shooting party held by a group of wealthy Britons. When someone is mysteriously murdered after the dinner party, the film examines the subsequent investigation. The film was nominated for several Academy Awards and would ultimately be the inspiration behind the popular British TV series Downton Abbey.

Only God Forgives

Only God Forgives follows a pair of drug trafficking brothers in Thailand, Julian (Ryan Gosling) and Bobby Thompson (Tom Burke). When the eldest brother Billy is killed in retaliation for the murder of a young sex worker, the boy’s merciless mafioso mother Crystal (Scott Thomas) enlists Julian to seek revenge for her son.

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Nowhere Boy

Nowhere Boy is based on Julia Baird’s biographical account of her half-brother John Lennon. The film chronicles the famed musician’s teenage years and centers around his relationships with his aunt Mimi (Scott Thomas) and mother Julia Lennon (Anne-Marie Duff). The film also depicts the formation of the hit music group The Beatles. Thomas earned a British Academy Film Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the film.

I’ve Loved You So Long

I’ve Loved You So Long is a French Canadian drama film that follows Juliette Fontaine (Scott Thomas) a former doctor recently released from prison after spending 15 years behind bars. Juliette is invited to stay with her sister and her family while adjusting to her newfound freedom. The shocking revelation of Fontaine’s imprisonment is slowly divulged to the audience in stages throughout the film.

The English Patient

The English Patient is based on the 1992 novel of the same name written by Michael Ondaatje. It is a beautifully written epic wartime romance told through flashback sequences of a dying man. Laszlo de Almasy (Ralph Fiennes) has suffered fatal burns he is tended to by a nurse named Hana (Juliette Binoche). As Almasy confides in Hana, Hana is able to confront her past as well. The critically acclaimed film was nominated for several prestigious awards, including 12 Academy Awards, nine of which it won.

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