Best Celebrity Canned Cocktails – Top-Rated Canned Cocktails From Celebrities

It seems like almost every celebrity has their own booze brand these days. We’re hard pressed to walk into a liquor store without spotting a famous name on at least one label. With all the star power behind these drinks, we wanted to see how they stacked up so you know what to pick the next time you’re looking for a celebrity-endorsed buzz.

For this taste test, we focused on celebrity canned cocktails. We tasted drinks from a wide range of famous faces, from RuPaul to Playboi Carti, and rated each one on a scale of 1 to 5. Keep reading to see whose cocktails earned our top spot.

The Hardscatto – Playboi Cartic



Thomas Ashbourne

Rapper Playboi Carti partnered with Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits to create the Hardscatto. The drink takes his favorite Moscato wine and turns it up a notch by mixing in vodka. The 40-proof cocktail may be Carti-approved, but Team Delish was decidedly not into it. We found the Hardscatto to be “incredibly sugary,” “like a candle,” and even resembling “arctic grape Bacardi.” One of our tasters said they “wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.” So unless you’re planning on exacting syrupy-sweet revenge, skip this one. (The Hardscatto, $59.99 for 8 200ml cans at

The Old Fashioned – John Cena


old fashioned

Thomas Ashbourne

Actor and wrestler John Cena also partnered with Thomas Ashbourne to create his rendition of an Old Fashioned. According to the brand, the drink’s premium bourbon has notes of “bright orange bitters, sweet maplewood, and a hint of caramel,” but all we could taste was booze. Each can is 25 percent alcohol by volume, so you’d only need one to get a major buzz. Some of our tasters said it tasted like “cheap scotch,” with one of us describing it as a “Four Loko Old Fashioned.” If you’re looking to get drunk fast, this will definitely do the job. (The Old Fashioned, $59.99 for 8 200ml cans at

House Of Love – RuPaul



House of Love

If you regularly tune in to RuPaul’s Drag Race, you’ve most likely heard about his line of canned cocktails. While we untucked in The Werk Room (aka Delish Headquarters), we tasted all four flavors. The Tangerine Margarita had notes of “Emergen-C powder,” and the Watermelon Vodka reminded us of “Jolly Ranchers.” However, we enjoyed the Pomegranate Lime Vodka and Strawberry Daiquiri flavors much more. Both were on the sweeter side and had a candy-like taste, but we could definitely see ourselves cracking them open at a pool party. (House of Love, $17.99 for 4 355ml cans at

The Margalicious Margarita – Vanessa Hudgens + Rosario Dawson + Ashley Benson



Thomas Ashbourne

Another collab with Thomas Ashbourne, the Margalicious Margarita is courtesy of actresses Vanessa Hudgens, Rosario Dawson, and Ashley Benson. The cocktail combines the brand’s premium tequila with fresh-squeezed lime juice, orange zest, and a hint of salt. This cocktail is super strong and “definitely needs to be put on ice.” One of our tasters said it was like “if Starburst had an illegitimate love child with tequila.” While some of us found the drink to be a little too syrupy, it’s still a great option for a canned margarita. (The Margalicious Margarita, $59.99 for 8 200ml cans at

The Perfect Cosmo – Sarah Jessica Parker



Thomas Ashbourne

This collab with Thomas Ashbourne comes from Sarah Jessica Parker, and naturally it’s a canned Cosmopolitan. the Sex and the City star’s Perfect Cosmo stays true to the traditional version with vodka, cranberry juice, and lime. The verdict? It’s not quite perfect, but it’s a great canned option for when you’re in a pinch. (The Perfect Cosmo, $59.99 for 8 200ml cans at

Loverboy – Kyle Cooke




Loverboy was founded by Kyle Cooke from the reality show Summer House. The brand makes sparkling hard teas, spritzes, and martinis, and our team was split over all the flavors. The espresso martini was especially divisive: some of us said it had “a nice coffee flavor for when Starbucks at 5 pm feels wrong,” while others called it a “cup-ruiner.” The spritz flavors, however, were the real crowd-pleasers of the bunch and are perfect for summer sipping. (Loverboy, $49-$69 for 8 250ml cans at

Onda – Shay Mitchell




Just like her Pretty Little Liars costar Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell has her own line of canned cocktails, Onda. Her tequila seltzers come in eight refreshing flavors and each can is only 100 calories. Onda is made with real juice, which our tasters immediately noticed. The lack of artificial flavors makes it “feel more trustworthy” than other cocktail options. In the words of one of our experts, it tastes like “a cup of seltzer that sat near a premium margarita for several hours.” Lime was our favorite flavor, but we’d happily drink any of Onda’s offerings. (onda, $65 for 24 355ml cans at

The Finnish Long Drink – Miles Teller + Kygo + Rickie Fowler


finnish long drink

The Finnish Long Drink

Many of us had never heard of long drinks before tasting these. Also known as lonkero, long drinks are a popular Finnish mixed drink made with liquor and citrusy soda. Actor Miles Teller, DJ Kygo, and golfer Rickie Fowler all love the cocktail so much that they teamed up with the Finnish Long Drink brand to sell it Stateside. Our team of tasters LOVED these cocktails, saying they were “better than White Claw” and “super juicy and enjoyable” and “made for easy drinking.” We enjoyed all four flavors, even the sugar-free option. Next time you’re looking for a canned cocktail, give it a try. (The Finnish Long Drink, $21 for 8 355ml cans at RreserveBar)

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