Batgirl: Why DC Fans Deserve To Have The Leslie Grace Movie Released

There are big things happening over at Warner Bros. Discovery and amidst a number of big decisions the company has made, shelving the nearly completed batgirl movie has confused many. Fans were eager to see the Leslie Grace-led movie released, but after the latest news, it doesn’t seem likely that will happen.

If there is any hope of it happening though, it should be said that fans (and anyone with an HBO Max subscription) deserve to see the movie. Here’s why even the casually invested should be interested in the DC movie, and why it’s a shame we may never get to see this project in theaters, on streaming, or any other medium.

Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl in Batman & Robin

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Batgirl Hasn’t Appeared In A Live-Action Movie Since 1997

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