Batgirl: Another Batman Villain Has Finally Been Confirmed For The Scrapped DC Movie

Along with introducing Leslie Gordon’s Barbara Gordon to the DC Extended Universe, the batgirl movie that Warner Bros. Discovery scrapped was also going to feature Batman villains who haven’t appeared in a live-action movie before. In October 2021, it was revealed that Brendan Fraser joined batgirl to play Firefly, and set photos of the actor in his Firefly costume later emerged during filming. Now someone who worked on batgirl has confirmed that Killer Moth was also going to cause trouble in the DC movie.

After months of rumors that Killer Moth would appear in batgirl, stunt combat performer Jules Wallace confirmed this was indeed the case, revealing that he “doubled” as the longtime Caped Crusader foe during the “long chaotic shoot.” Check out the photos Wallace shared on Instagram of his time on batgirlincluding the Killer Moth-themed tattoo he had on the back of his head and a shot of him with his “pal” Stevie, who doubled for JK Simmons’ Commissioner James Gordon.

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