Anime That Starts With The Main Couple Already Together

Romance is a genre of anime that thousands enjoy every day; the light-hearted and sometimes whimsical adventures of love attract many to watch a pair of kindred spirits grow close and become a couple. However, some fans prefer to skip to the good part and watch anime where the couple is already together; these series follow the struggles and tribulations that come along with being in a relationship.

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Even when all else fails and the skies grow dark, it is essential for a couple the anime focuses on to realize they will always have each other come hell or giant galactic space monster. More often than not, these series dive deep into the foundations of trust, loyalty, and companionship as the bond between the two love birds strengthens. Here are some excellent anime where the couple is already together.


6 Tsurezure Children

Tsurezure Children is a cute and lovable series that follows several relationships of newly united young lovers; the series was created by Toshiya Wakabayashi as a short form manga and was animated by the NAS animation studio.

The anime is an episodic anthology series that allows a glimpse into the life of several relationships of unlikely chemistry, mismatched pairs, and destined soul mates. The leap into love and partnership from solidarity and independence is a large one that not all have the will to make, and while it is the hardest part, the struggle does not stop once the jump has been made. Tsurezure Children explores the tiny battle that must be fought to keep love strong and reciprocated.

5 Say “I Love You”

A young high school girl has been scared by the betrayal of those she thought she could trust, which has left her anti-social and forced her to become a loner. Then, through a series of events no one would see coming, Mei Tachibana finds herself entangled with Yamato Kurasawa, a popular boy at her high school.

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New feelings swell inside Mei, and the two begin dating; while being in a relationship is new for both parties, Mei must also struggle with her insecurities and innate paranoia of Kurasawa and learn to trust and love again for both their sakes. Together, Kurasawa and Mei begin a long journey of true love and what it means to them.

4 Marriage Of God And Soul Godannar

Marriage of God and Soul Godannar is a sci-fi mecha anime series that focuses on the partnership between Goh and Aoi, a newlywed couple who also serve as the protectors of the world that pilot the powerful mech, Godannar. Together the loving couple must fight off intergalactic aliens, military interference within their relationship, and the challenges that come with being a partner on more than just the battlefield.

Godannar drives home the trust needed to put your life in someone else’s hand and walk side by side with them as an equal; on more than one occasion, Goh and Aoi must push past the fear and uncertainty and face destiny together.

3 I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying is a somewhat wacky series that follows Hajime and Kaoru Tsunashi, an oddball newlywed couple who are reaching the horizon of the honeymoon phase. Hajime is a recluse otaku who rarely ventures outside their home, while Kaoru is an ordinary office clerk with a more outgoing nature.

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Hajime and Kaoru find that while they are deeply in love with each other that loving each other completely is a different experience altogether; accepting a partner’s flaws and virtues is part of being in a relationship, and when the happy couple’s backs are placed against the wall, they come out on top. I can’t understand what my husband is saying is a fun, feel-good series many can enjoy.

2 Love Is Like A Cocktail

Love Is Like A Cocktail is a whimsical series consisting of thirteen hilarious episodes. Chisato and Sora are a happily married couple who go their day-to-day lives doing the best they can; while Sora is a local bartender, Chisato is a lab assistant.

On the surface, Chisato is a very reserved person who doesn’t drink or go out to parties; however, this is due to the effect that alcohol has on her. One drink is all it takes for Chisato to unleash her more outgoing and cutesy personality that she has vowed to only reveal to her loving husband. As a result, Chisato and Sora experience a somewhat un-ordinary married life filled with love and at least one drink.

1 Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie

Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie kicks off with the relationship between Yuu Izumi and Micchon Shikimori; Yuu is a very underwhelming young boy with an unfortunate case of bad luck and is constantly plagued by unfortunate occurrences that cause him great dismay. Shikimori, on the other hand, is an upbeat popular student with a hidden skill; when faced with an impossible task, Shikimori can rise to any occasion and become cool to save the day.

While polar opposites, Shikimori and Yuu are a perfect match and have been dating for a year; the series follows their wild adventures during high school life as Yuu tries to amend his terrible luck and spend more time with Shikimori in the process. Fans of other romance series will find Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie a good watch.

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