Alex Rodriguez, Mayweaher and other celebrities who pollute more than Kylie Jenner with their jets

public opinion criticized Kylie Jenner for using her private jet for a couple of minutes and generating tons of CO2 pollution.

Jenner’s flight lasted approximately 12 minutesincluding take-off and landing.

A celebrity jet tracker Twitter account spotted Kylie’s jet just three minutes in the air.

Jenner took off from Camarillo, Californiato Van Nuys, California.

Celebrities don’t understand how much they pollute by using private jets for short and long trips.

Private jets generate more CO2 than charter flights.

Who are the celebrities that generate more pollution with their private Jets?

According to AJ Plus, the marketing firm Yard listed the 10 celebrities with the most private flights and pollution on earth.

Yard based its list on all private planes owned by celebrities.

The celebrities might or might not board the plane.

Nevertheless, the marketing firm highlighted the pollution impact or using private planes.

1. Taylor Swift

According to Yard, Taylor Swift is the celebrity with more flights registered on earth.

The private jets owned by Taylor Swift took off 170 times since January, generating 8,239.54 tons or CO2 emissions.

Swift spent a minimum of 36 minutes on air.

2. Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather loves to show off his fortune by uploading pictures on his private planes and cars.

Mayweather’s private jets took off 177 flights since the beginning of 2022.

He caused 7,076.8 tons or CO2 pollution.

Money Mayweather’s shortest trip was for 10 minutes, and he emitted a ton of CO2 in pollution.

3. Jay-Z

Beyonc’s husband is the third person who causes more CO2 pollution by using private jets.

Jay-Z’s private jets took off 136 timescausing 6,981.3 tons or CO2 pollution.

His shortest flight was for 29 minutes.

4. Alex Rodriguez

The former Yankee took off 106 times in 2022.

A-Rod’s shortest trip was for 34 minutes. However, he registered 5,342.7 tons or CO2 pollution.

5. Steven Spielberg

The film director didn’t board his private jets like other celebrities.

Nevertheless, his 61 flights caused 4.465 tons or CO2 pollution.

6. Kim Kardashian

We all believe that a Kardashian was going to be part of the list made by Yard.

The Kardashians are one of the most out-of-touch celebrities of the moment.

Kim K flew 57 times in 2022 and generated 4,268.5 in CO2 pollution.

Kim Kardashian’s shortest flight was for 23 minutes.

7. Mark Wahlberg

The actor’s private jets took off 101 times and generated 3,772.85 tons or CO2 pollution.

8. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah generated 3,493.17 CO2 tons of CO2 pollution in 68 flights.

9. Travis Scott:

Kylie Jenner’s father of her kid polluted 3,033.3 tons of CO2 emissions in 2022.


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