Action Anime To Watch If You Love Engage Kiss

Nothing brings in heaps of fans like fast-paced, chaotic, action-heavy anime; Engage Kiss is a new action anime developed in collaboration by A1-Pictures and Aniplex. Engage Kiss focuses on a futuristic floating city that Shuu Ogata lives on while poorly running a small business. Shuu is constantly taken care of by two special women in his life, his employee Kisara and Ayano, his ex-girlfriend.

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Underneath the romance and wholesome tones of the show, Shuu, along with his friends, are demon hunters that protect Veyron City. With two episodes officially released on Crunchyroll, Engage Kiss is sure to be a high-octane thrill ride many fans will enjoy. However, while waiting for a new episode or if interested in anime similar to Engage Kiss, fans have a good deal of other anime to choose from. Here are some of the best action anime to watch if you love Engage Kiss.


8 Jujutsu Kaizen

Authored by Gege Akutami, Jujutsu Kaizen rose to the top of the anime charts in the blink of an eye. Dazzling visuals, excellent story, and exciting characters have made Jujutsu Kaizen one of the most popular anime in the world, with thousands of fans.

Jujutsu Kaizen follows Itadori Yuji as he becomes involved in the occult world where demons exist and plague humanity; there to stop them are Jujutsu Sorcerers, specially trained warriors with unique abilities and incredible strength. Itodori becomes the vessel of a legendary demon and a special member of the Jujutsu Sorcerer school in hopes of vanquishing the demon lord Sukuna once and for all.

7 Takt Op.Destiny

Pick up. Destiny is a beautifully made and exciting anime that blends music and actions to tell an interesting story. The main characters are Takt and Cossette, who live in a world where music is banned because of its ability to attract dangerous monsters called D2s.

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One day during a celebration, Takt and Cossette are caught in a D2 attack and grievously injured; Takt engages in a contract that turns Cossette into a Musicart and Takt into her conductor. Musicarts are super-powered beings that fight D2s; however, in becoming the Musicart Destiny, Cossette may be lost forever.

6 K: Return Of Kings

K: Return of Kings is an action anime set in a world where humans with supernatural powers called “Kings” rule over separate territories in Japan; Kings get their power from a sacred item called the Dresden Slate.

A shaky peace has existed among the many Kings and their clans until the Green King, Hisui, begins an aggressive expedition to obtain the slate for himself and wipe out anyone in his way. While the Kings must stop Hisui at all cost, they must also combat their own issues as many are dealing with the dwindling of their power.

5 Case Study Of Vanitas

The case study of Vanitas is a supernatural vampire anime that follows the adventures of a doctor who goes by the name of Vanitas and a vampire companion, Noe. Vanitas is also the name of an ancient vampire that was shunned for benign born under a blue moon; the original Vanitas swore revenge against all vampires for his mistreatment and vanished.

The current Vanitas now holds the ancient vampire’s grimoire that contains all his secrets and, because of this, is an enemy to all vampires, even his new companion.

4 Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown is set in a world where a lethal disease has devastated the population and thrown all countries into chaos. In an effort to combat the virus and contain the spread, a joint decision by the United Nations created a military force called GHQ to enforce order under martial law. However, after years of the GHQ ruling over Japan, a rebel group called the Funeral Parlor rises up to topple their regime and free the people.

Funeral Parlor attempts to steal a special formula to give them the edge in the fight against the GHQ, but things go haywire when the formula instead falls into the hands of a high school student, Shuu Ouma. The formula grants Shuu an amazing power, and now he must fight for Japan’s freedom and face off against GHQ head-on.

3 Tokyo Ghouli

Tokyo Ghouli is a famous anime filled with blood and gore with a dedicated cult following; the anime is highly praised and has received a spin-off that furthers the original anime story. Tokyo Ghouli is an anime where inhuman beings called ghouls exist and terrorize Japan’s streets, feasting on human flesh.

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The story’s main character, Ken Kaneki, becomes a Ghoul after his romantic interest attacks him. Struggling with his new traits, Kaneki finds a sub-group of Ghouls that do not eat live humans or take lives and exist peacefully. Kaneki tries to adapt to his new life, but unseen forces have it out for him and constantly push him to the edge forcing him to become what he must to survive.

2 Beyond The Boundary

Mirai Kuriyama is a clumsy high school girl during the day and a demon slayer by night; through coincidence, she encounters Akihito Kanbara, a half-demon with immortality. Initially, Mirai uses Akihito as a precursor to overcome her fear of killing, but the two become very close over time.

Unfortunately, Mirai is a black sheep amongst the demon slayer community because of her family’s unique ability to manipulate their own blood. Akihito is warned to stay away from her but decides to befriend her instead. Beyond the Boundary is brilliantly animated and has a sweet and powerful story many will enjoy.

1 Blood Blockade Battlefront

Blood Blockade Battlefront is a unique anime with an engaging story; after a portal to another realm opened up in the middle of New York, thousands of strange monsters wandered out. After some time, humans and several races of monsters now live among each other. While most of the beings from the different world are peaceful, some create chaos; that is where the secret organization of Libra comes in.

Libra has placed a squad of super-human hybrids and other creatures led by Klaus Rienherz that eliminates evil and maintains order in the new city of Hellsalems Lot. Leonardo is the main character of the anime, which, by some strange occurrence, received “The Eyes of the Gods”. Leonardo has joined Libra in order to find answers about his condition and aid his sister, who has failing health.

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