9 anime characters named Hinata, ranked from least to most popular

Anime characters come with a variety of amazing and interesting names. Hinata is a name shared by many popular anime characters in the industry. There is no real reason why this name is so popular among creators, but it is a fact that fans get to see plenty of individuals with this name inside their favorite shows.

From a powerful Kunoichi to a skilled volleyball player, this name has been associated with all kinds of anime characters. However, not all of them see the same degree of recognition. To prove this, this article will rank 9 anime characters who share this name based on their varying popularity.

Disclaimer: This list was created using data from various different popularity polls and ranks found online. It contains spoilers.

Who is the most popular Hinata among the anime characters who share this name?

9) Hinata Urashima (Love Hina)

Although you may think the protagonist of Love Hina is named Hinata, given that part of the name appears in the title, that most definitely is not the case. The anime character with this name in Love Hina is none other than the grandma of the main hero Keitaro.

Grandma Hina is the owner of the Inn where Keitaro goes to live after being kicked out by his parents. She is a kind and funny woman who knows a lot more than it may seem at first. Plus, she is always there for her grandson, except when the spirit of adventure calls her and she decides to travel for a bit.

8) Hinata Hoshino (WATTEN!)

She needs to let her sister breathe from time to time (Image via Studio Doga Kobo)Look how cute she is!  (Image via Studio DEEN)

Hinata Okano-excels in knifework-considered one of the two best out of all girls in Class 3-E-her gymnast background allows her to have unpredictable movements-after graduation, she begins using Clas 3-E’s old campus and the forest it as a training ground for her university https://t.co/zPTN4Bt6zf

Hinata is normally a name associated with wholesome and cute anime characters who cannot hurt a fly. That changes when you are talking about Okano from Assassination Classroomwho was considered the fourth best knife user in her class.

She started the series acting like a serious and quiet person who would normally not interact with her class. Nevertheless, as the series progressed, she started to act more playfully, as well as showcase her outstanding gymnastic abilities.

5) Hinata Hideki (Angel Beats!)

Hideki always tries to make people happy (Image via PA Works)Hina is Takemichi's biggest supporter (Image via Liden Films)Hajime wants to make up for his past crimes (Image via Studio Lerche)She is also one of the most popular female anime characters of all time (Image via Studio Pierrot) Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh


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