8 Most Twisted Dark Anime Series

The darkest anime series have some of the greatest character arcs and mind-blowing storylines that make fans want more after every episode. While there are plenty of dark horror anime fans can choose from, there are also surprisingly dark psychological shows that are truly binge-worthy anime series one can finish in a single day or weekend.

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These shows also gave anime fans cruel but smart anime characters whose twisted and brilliant ideas helped these series become unforgettable experiences. Dark animes can be gore and darkly messed up but some of them are capable of being terrifying and darkly mind-bending without much blood or constant violence. While these dark psychological anime shows test viewers’ scare levels and often make them think about uncomfortable issues in a weird way they can also help overcome and process the dark things in one’s own life.


8 Tokyo Ghouli

Tokyo Ghouli is one of the most popular splatterpunk horror anime that was scaring and making its viewers tear up with the show’s every episode. Tokyo Ghouli follows the story of a young boy, Ken, who due to a horrifying Ghoul attack was turned into a one eyed ghoul. Ken’s life immediately became a painful and violence-filled one in which his morals and mental strength were constantly tested.

while Tokyo Ghouli has plenty of terrifying characters, heartbreaking moments, as well as scary and gore scenes the horror elements are not the darkest parts of its grim world. what makes Tokyo Ghouli one of the darkest anime ever is the characters’ tragic storylines and the deep and meaningful themes the show deals with including grief, mental illness, and abuse. It’s definitely a show for mature audiences.

7 Another

Another is a tragic psychological horror anime with supernatural elements and a storyline that’s filled with mind-blowing twists and turns. This terrifying story follows a young boy named Koichi who transfers into the mysterious Yomiyama Middle School. He soon meets Mei and the two become good friends.

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While everything starts out well things soon turn really dark and gore when students get mysteriously and violently murdered. Koichi finds himself in the middle of a dark mystery and has to uncover his school’s haunting secrets to survive. It’s a suspenseful thriller with surprising plot twists and chilling scenes.

6 Elf Song

while Elf Song has mostly bright visuals and cute characters it’s not a show for the faint of heart. Elfen Lied is easily one of the darkest and greatest sci-fi anime with gore, nudity, and a whole lot of violent deaths. The anime’s story follows a race of mutants who want to murder all of mankind, so they can live in a world that’s only inhabited by their own kind.

These mutants are called the Diclonii and can look and behave just like any other human. When Kouta befriends Lucy, a girl with a split personality, he doesn’t know what kind of horror he’s getting into. However, Elf Song is another fascinating dark anime with deep highly and emotional storylines and is a show that not only deals with death but also family abuse, mental illness, discrimination, and the value of humanity.

5 The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is one of the most surprisingly dark and heartbreaking anime series with some of the strongest anime children of all time. These kids are not physically strong but rather mentally since despite their young age they stay brave and work hard to finally escape their impending doom.

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The Promised Neverland is a haunting and heartfelt anime that’s dark without gore and blood thanks to its suspenseful mystery elements and lovable characters and their heartbreaking situations. While there are many kids in the anime its three main protagonists are Emma, ​​Ray, and Norman who all live in a spooky orphanage. Their lives are mostly happy life until the day they find out that their home is actually a farm where children are raised to become demon food.

4 Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls is one of the darkest horror anime with mixed reviews since it’s a show anime fans seem to either loath or completely fell in love with. Corpse Party has manga, anime, and a game and there are some differences between them. Some things are better in the game than in the anime, but both have plenty of gore, violence, and surprising deaths that made the story so popular.

Corpse Party‘s story follows a group of high school friends who perform a charm that should help them become better friends, but instead it transports them into the spooky Heavenly Host Elementary School. There they are attacked by the murderous ghosts of the school’s students who also died gruesome deaths.

3 Sample

Sample is one of the most engaging dark anime about a serial killer and a Japanese surgeon whose life suddenly gets filled with mystery, deaths, and heartbreak after he finds out that his former patient, Johan, is the dangerous serial killer the police can’t seem to catch.

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the Sample has thought-provoking storylines and well-written character arcs that make the story suspenseful and haunting without gore or violence. This psychological thriller deals with dark and meaningful themes including good vs evil, as well as how humans treat each other and themselves on a daily basis, and what can happen to those who get lost in the process.

2 Erased

Erased has one of the most disturbing and painful stories in anime history. This dark mystery anime follows the story of a young man with a mostly ordinary life except for one important thing. Satoru keeps experiencing Revival. During these periods, he’s returned to the past where he tries to prevent a series of horrible events including murders.

while Erased doesn’t have gore or blood it’s still one of the most unsettling animes with dark twists and a terrifying psychopath that’s hard to forget. Despite its heartbreaking storyline, it’s one of the few dark animes with a hopeful theme that motivates its viewers to reach out and ask for help when things get dark even if they feel completely isolated.

1 Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent is one of the darkest mind-bending psychological anime about anime that gives its viewers plenty of surreal and disturbing moments they will never forget. Its story revolves around a young kid named Lil’s Slugger who terrorizes Tokyo residents with his golden bat and causes a social phenomenon.

while Paranoia Agent has violent deaths it never really gets gore. What makes the show dark is its fascinating plot twists, intriguing mysteries, and thought-provoking themes about the dark side of our society and how we deal with mental health and disorders.

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