8 Best Horror Movies Starring the Cast of ‘Stranger Things’

This month saw the return of Netflix favorite Stranger Things – the show that follows a gifted young girl with supernatural powers, and her group of friends as they fight against bullies, Russians, and demons from another dimension.

The latest installment of the season shocked viewers with its much darker themes and ruthless violence, with several of the young cast dying in graphic ways. Taking inspiration from horror films of the 80s including A Nightmare on Elm Street, ST4 is the scariest season yet. However, this cast is no stranger to demonstrating fear in their performances.

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‘Alien Resurrection’ (1997)

200 years after the events of alien 3, the series lead Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is cloned by a team of Military scientists in Alien: Resurrection. The clone has been created by mixing Ripley’s DNA with that of a Xenomorph, and thus a whole new generation of the extra-terrestrial creatures are born to wreak havoc.

It’s up to the iconic Winona Ryder as mercenary Annalee Call to work with the Ripley clone in order to rescue other humans that have been captured for use as hosts and to kill the Alien Queen.

‘Spree’ (2020)

Joe Keery stars as Kurt – a cab driver for Spree, a pseudo-Uber service – who longs desperately for internet fame and notoriety – no matter the cost. When his attempts to gain more followers fail repeatedly, he comes up with an elaborate new scheme ‘The Lesson’ – a livestream demonstrating to viewers how easy it is to get away with murder.

Keery is positively unhinged as the fame-hungry millennial, and Spree is a joyful rampage for fans of found-footage horror mixed with dark comedy.

‘It’ (2017)

it follows a misfit friends Bill (Jaeden Martell), Richie (Finn Wolfhard), Stanley (Wyatt Oleff), Eddie (Jack Dylan Grazer), Ben (Jeremy Ray Taylor), Beverley (Sophia Lillis) and Mike (Chosen Jacobs) as they fight against an ancient evil in the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsgard). Pennywise returns to their hometown of Derry every 27 years to feed on the lives of children.

This remake of the 90s miniseries is the highest-grossing horror film of all time and is a shockingly violent and entertaining step up from its predecessor.

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‘Fear Street Part 2:1978’ (2021)

The perfect summer slasher – Fear Street Part 2 is the strongest installment in the Netflix original trilogy. Taking it back to the horrors of the 70s, Sadie Sink stars as ziggy berman. After being somewhat forced into attending summer camp, she finds that the peers she is bullied by are the least of her worries.

A curse is upon the camp, and serial killers thought long-dead are back with a vengeance. Ziggy, along with her sister and friend must fight to survive the summer. much like Stranger Things, Fear Street combines the nostalgia of its time with supernatural violence and a killer soundtrack – making it a riot for viewers of all ages.

‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ (2019)

When Josephina (Zawe Ashton) discovers the paintings of a dead artist, she schemes with her boss Rhodora (Rene Russo) – the owner of a successful art gallery – and her lover Morf (Jake Gyllenhaal) to sell the pieces, ignoring the artists’ wishes for them to be destroyed.

As the people around them start to turn up dead under mysterious circumstances, the trio discovers the troubling history of the artist and learns valuable lessons about artistic appreciation. Natalia Dyer stars as Coco, the well-intentioned assistant at a rival gallery who has the unlucky misfortune of finding several grisly remains.

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‘Marrowbone’ (2017)

set in the 60s, marrowbone (also sometimes titled The Secret of Marrowbone) follows the story of four siblings – Jack (George MacKay), Billy (Charlie Heaton), Jane (Mia Goth) and Sam (Matthew Stagg) as they are relocated from England to Maine by their dying mother Rose (Nicola Harrison).

In her final moments, Rose explains to the eldest son Jack that he must keep her death a secret and leave their disturbing past behind. As he fights to keep his family together though, he soon discovers that some ghosts won’t stay dead.

‘Wrong Turn’ (2021)

Matthew Modine reprises his role as Papa in 2021’s reboot of the Wrong Turn series. This time, though, he is a loving father searching for his missing daughter Jen (Charlotte Vegan). When Jen sets out on a hike with her boyfriend and a small group of friends, they go against warnings from the locals and take a detour from the map provided. Soon, tragedy strikes, and they begin to assume the worst – that they are being watched and hunted.

Unlike its 2003 predecessor, this Wrong Turn has depth. It’s an interesting look at ‘woke’ culture and the prejudices against people who choose to live alternative lifestyles. It’s a long way from a hillbilly slasher.

‘Better Watch Out’ (2016)

One wonderfully festive night babysitting turns into a hellish home invasion in this dark comedy-horror. 17-year-old Ashley (Olivia DeJonge) is looking after 12-year-old Luke (Levi Miller) whilst his parents head to a Christmas party.

When an intruder breaks into the home, Ashley is left in charge of keeping the boy safe. Soon though, she discovers that this is no random attack, and with current boyfriend Ricky (Aleks Mikico) and ex boyfriend Jeremy (Dacre Montgomery) in the picture things start to take a gruesome turn… but in the most unexpected way.

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