7 Amazing TV Series We Couldn’t Finish Watching (& Why)

A good TV show is one that can engage viewers with an interesting plot, provide captivating and fleshed-out characters, and keep these elements up throughout the series’ run. Plenty of shows boast a dedicated fanbase despite being multiple seasons long. While some viewers are devoted to waiting each week for an episode to drop, not every successful TV series can encourage audiences to watch until the end.

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Even the most committed fans will stop watching their favorite TV shows for various reasons, such as repetitive storylines, the departure of a fan favorite character, or lack of an interesting plot. Most productions have growing and changing storylines, which is enough to keep viewers hooked. However, successful shows can overstay their welcome, which leaves fans unable to finish the series.

7 Big Little Lies Covers It All In The First Season

HBOs Big Little Lies has an enthralling premise that’s executed by an ensemble of stars. The story follows five women who become the focus of a murder investigation. Each stellar performance was praised for adding more layers to the series. Big Little Lies was also praised for its writing and cinematography, which managed to engage viewers for the entirety of its gripping first season.

However, Big Little Lies should’ve stuck to its initial plan of being a miniseries. The murder was neatly solved at the end of the first season, making it difficult to commit to the second season. Season 2 is an unnecessary stretch that goes beyond the intended storyline.

6 The Office Becomes Dry After Michael Scott Leaves

The Officece‘s strong ensemble kept fans more engaged than its British predecessor. This workplace comedy follows an eccentric group of co-workers at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and all their hilarious antics. While all the characters contribute something unique to the sitcom, their good-hearted yet obnoxious boss, Michael Scott, is the glue that holds the series together.

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Although The Office began to show a significant decline after the fifth season, viewers could still power through. However, when Michael left after season 7, there was no incentive to watch the show anymore. Michael was a huge source of The Office‘s humor, and in many ways, he was the show’s heart. Even though he was an inept leader, the other characters lost their way without him.

5 House Of Cards’ Political Thriller Loses Direction

House of Cards brought political thrills into the spotlight as it followed Frank and Carrie Underwood’s quest for power. Ambitious US Congressman Frank has his eyes set on a higher office and, with the help of his wife, he eventually becomes President at the end of season 2. After this achievement, the storylines became weaker and lost their momentum.

Frank was at the show’s center and it was hard for viewers to keep watching after he was killed off in Season Five. After criminal allegations against Kevin Spacey resulted in his firing, House of Cards shifted its focus to Claire’s rise to power. While the show was still intriguing, it encountered many legal and financial obstacles that ruined House of Cards’ sixth and final season, making it unwatchable.

With the number of legal dramas out there, it is hard to find a series that stands out. As a result of its gripping premise, suits quickly garnered a large following. Viewers were intrigued by how Michael Ross, a college dropout, could work for a big and successful law firm. All the characters are memorable, each contributing their wits and compelling backgrounds to an engaging story.

While the characters were applauded for having multiple layers and strong development, they eventually overrode the plotline. Instead of focusing on lawyers throwing around legal jargon as they battle over cases, suits takes a turn towards relationship drama. The episodes became more dedicated to untangling relationship messes than focusing on the firm’s professional side. This new approach changed the tone of suitsmaking it difficult to watch for legal drama fans.

3 They Break Out In The First Season Of Prison Break

there is no doubt that Prison Break earned its fan base. However, even masterpieces can overstay their welcome. Michael Scofield deliberately gets incarcerated in the same prison as his brother, Lincoln Burrows, who has been falsely accused of murder. while Prison Break often feels improbable, viewers are willing to believe anything during the first season. The show’s first storyline was incredibly clever and viewers loved how Scofield’s full-body tattoo turned out to be the blueprints of Fox River Penitentiary and instructions on how to escape.

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Fans were invested in the story and rooted for the brothers’ escape. Sadly, after they triumphantly made it out, the thrill is gone. Fans were less devoted and engaged from season two onward. Prison Break could have ended after its amazing first season, but the subsequent seasons grew into convoluted and absurd conspiracies that paled in comparison. As such, fans struggled to get through the remaining four seasons.

2 The Flight Attendant Loses The Complexity That Made It Stand Out In The First Season

Spy thrillers come in various action-packed forms, which let The Flight Attendant also explore the psychological impact of trauma alongside conspiracies and intrigue. Flight attendant Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) was thrust into the world of espionage after agreeing to go on a date with a passenger on one of her flights, also delving into Cassie’s personal life and her difficult history with addiction.

´╗┐These great elements were overshadowed in the second season, making it difficult to get past the first few episodes of season 2. While the first season tried to establish links that connected to the subsequent plot, it still feels far-fetched and absurd.

1 Dexter’s Lifestyle Becomes Predictable

Despite its unsettling nature, Dexter managed to have an eight-season run and a reboot. Fans were intrigued by Dexter Morgan, who is not only a forensic technician but also a serial killer. What makes Dexter even more intriguing is that he only kills other murderers. Viewers saw different sides to the vigilante protagonist, including his professional and home life and flashbacks and character narration provided a holistic picture of the killer’s life.

That said, Dexter’s motivations become repetitive after a while. Each season feels like a repeat of the first. In each episode, he hunts down an insufficiently punished killer while trying to unravel clues left by a criminal mastermind. While some fans might persevere past the fourth and arguably the best season, staying surprised and engaged for the rest of Dexter is difficult.

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