6 New Thriller & Horror Movies to Watch in August 2022

With August finally here, it’s time to start anticipating the brand-new films and shows set to release for the month. Of course, there’s a fair share of action, romance and animated projects hitting screens, but there’s an equally high amount of thrillers and horror projects also coming. But with so many on the horizon, it’s hard to keep an accurate list of the ones to watch out for. Thankfully, CBR will help streamline the choices for curious fans so that as the month progresses, audiences will know the best choices when purchasing a ticket or renting a movie.

Bullet Train Brings High-Octane Action to a Thrilling Story

Starring Brad Pitt along with a host of other big names for this ensemble action-thriller, bullet train is a one-of-a-kind film that sees a semi-retired hitman going on one mission. While he was promised that it was merely a package pickup with no violence, he quickly learns that plans have changed. Now, he must fight his way through a bullet train filled with equally skilled but far more violent assassins ready to kill him at a moment’s notice. While it may seem like just another action-thriller akin to speed or similar films from the past, bullet train‘s aptly named location show that the stakes are always high, even if things seem like a relaxing train ride.

Bullet Train releases in theaters on Aug. 5.

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Prey Brings the Terror of the Predator to a New Era

Set in the same universe as previous Predator movies, prey takes the story of an alien race that hunts for sport and changes both the location and the era. In the past, these alien hunters have been shown in the jungles of South America and the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. but in prey, this new Predator will be hunting in the Great Plains of the United States in 1719 against a brave but young Comanche woman. The film brings the series back to its roots but offers something new for long-time fans of the franchise.

Prey starts streaming on Hulu on Aug 5.

Tin Can Offers Sci-Fi Horror and Heart-Stopping Tension

Most science-fiction horror films in the modern age don’t delve into the cerebral terror that could come from the unknown. Often these films will feature a powerful antagonist or incredible stakes that could change the world forever. but Tin Can opted to take more of a David Cronenberg approach as the film follows the efforts of a woman awakened in a metal tank. It’s revealed that a deadly virus has nearly annihilated all life, and it’s up to her to fight for survival. but Tin Can is also littered with unsettling imagery, disturbing practical effects from the infected and a story that will keep audiences guessing till the credits roll.

Tin Can gets a limited theatrical release on Aug. 5.

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Bodies Bodies Bodies Is a Humorous and Thrilling Murder Mystery

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a new murder mystery that focuses on the classic game of the same name as the background for a string of murders in a mansion. The film plays its introduction more on the humorous side with a younger cast that’s clearly used to the privileged life but not so much its harsh realities. With Hollywood putting its focus on more niche slasher stories, Bodies Bodies Bodies fits the bill perfectly and has twists to keep the audience guessing until the end.

Bodies Bodies Bodies releases in theaters on Aug. 5.

Emily the Criminal Shows the Addictive Thrills of Breaking the Law

Most modern thrillers focus on huge climactic set pieces that represent the tension that’s built up over the runtime finally blowing up. but in Emily the Criminal, the unease is felt from beginning to end. The film stars Aubrey Plaza as a woman in need of fast money to pay off her debts. What she ends up finding is an organization that will pay her to commit relatively safe crimes. But as Emily grows more accustomed to the life, she wants more and finds more danger than she bargained for. Emily the Criminal is a unique crime thriller that is well-acted and executed.

Emily the Criminal hits theaters on Aug. 12.

Echoes Is a Unique Mystery Where Lives Hang in the Balance

In the same vain as Gone Girl, echoes is a mystery that has twists audiences will never see coming. But what is made evident from the trailer sets the stage for the entire plot. echoes follows two identical twins who, for most of their lives, agreed to switch their lives whenever they wanted and share everything, even their families. But when one sister ends up missing, a great truth begins to unravel that could put one sister’s life and others in great danger.

Echoes will release on Netflix on Aug. 19.

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