6 Netflix Original Reality TV Shows to Watch for Every Scenario!

Let AfterBuzz take some of the stress out of choosing what to watch for you! Check out these Netflix Originals including Selling Sunset, Bling Empire, Snowflake mountain, and more!

Sometimes it is easy to know exactly what you want to watch, and sometimes, it’s not. When choosing what to watch feels stressful, look to these reality TV shows for every scenario.

Snowflake Mountain – To Watch with Your Siblings

Snowflake Mountain premiered this summer on Netflix. The show follows ten young adults who are spoiled and in need of some tough love to grow up. The group goes camping in the mountains of England. There is no hot shower water, mattresses, heater units, etc.–the little things that are often taken for granted. The point of the show is for each individual to become more independent and empower them to take action in their own lives. The show is entertaining but also the perfect thing to watch with your siblings to tease one another! *Disclaimer: There is occasional profanity so best to watch with teenagers and up!

Selling Sunset – For Your Night Alone

Selling Sunset has five seasons with at least two more coming! The show follows an elite real estate brokerage and its fantastic agents in Los Angeles, California. You get to see inside some beautiful homes but also get all the drama you often expect in reality TV. If you are looking for something to binge alone, Selling Sunset is a great choice!

Too Hot To Handle – Best Friends

After becoming a sensation during covid quarantine, three seasons of the fan favorite have continued, and a fourth is to come. The show gets together a bunch of hot singles from across the world. They think they are there for the summer to have a good time… However, within the first 24 hours, their expectations get extremely turned around. To find out why you have to tune in! This is the perfect show to watch with your besties as you can all root for your favorite couple and have conversations about the series!

Bling Empire – Roommates

Bling Empire follows affluent Asian and Asian Americans living in Los Angeles. The show explores the beauty and complexity of their relationships which often leads to drama within the friend group. But all in all, even in their moments of difference, they always resolve their conflict appropriately. This is a great show to watch with your roommates because you all will probably learn a lesson or two about communication from the cast! There are two seasons now and you can anticipate a third as well.

Love is Blind – With Your Partner

Love is Blind is a social experiment with people to see if it is possible to forge a true romantic connection with someone without seeing them physically. In the “pods”, things move quickly and the conversations get deep. Once asked to be a partner, the two get to meet each other for the first time in real life. Soon after, they work on integrating their lives outside of the pods to see if love can exist in the outside world. The show is intriguing and is sure to spark some meaningful conversations with your partner. You can stream two seasons now!

Queer Eye – With the Family

Queer Eye follows the “Fab Five” a phenomenal group of LGBTQ+ individuals that seek to help change people’s lives through transformation internally and externally. All five have their own role in the process but ultimately move as a unit. There are 6 seasons to stream now! Watching this show is guaranteed to wish you could nominate a mom, dad, sister, aunt, etc. to receive this remarkable experience. Also…a seventh season is coming!

Hopefully, these varieties of shows make choosing your media of choice a bit easier. Now, get to streaming!

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