5 ways to dress like your favorite celebrities

We all want to look our best. More and more often, however, we’re turning to our favorite celebrities for inspiration for our outfits, and who can blame us? Whether it’s Harry Styles or Lady Gaga, the world’s biggest celebrities know how to dress and can certainly teach us a thing or two about style. Below, we’ve put together some strategies to help you look the part.

Follow them on Instagram

One of the easiest ways to get inspiration from your favorite celebrities is to follow them on Instagram and see what they get up to. Today’s biggest celebrities regularly share shots of themselves, whether they’re at a party, on vacation, or catching up with friends. Some stars, like Shawn Mendes, also share snaps of collaborations with some of the world’s biggest fashion brands. Photoshoots like these can be a great inspiration when choosing an outfit – we recommend following your favorites and using the bookmark tool on Instagram to save shots for the future. And don’t underestimate TikTok – it offers some valuable resources, too.

Find the right pieces

It’s all well and good wanting to copy a style from a celebrity, but if you don’t have the right clothes in your closet, you will struggle. We recommend looking for core items of clothing that can form the centerpiece of any outfit. From a simple black blazer to leather pants for men, there are many staple pieces you can incorporate into different looks. The best part is that they don’t have to break the bank – once you’ve got the basics, you can use colors and accessories to transform your look and create endless celebrity-inspired outfits and styles.

Get tips from your friends

One of the biggest challenges when dressing like a celebrity is finding the confidence to choose bright and bold pieces. Statement jackets and shoes might look good on Selena Gomez when walking down the red carpet, but will they be as effective on you when walking from A to B? Speaking to friends and family members can help you identify styles that work for your style and personality – they’ll point you in the right direction and ensure you don’t make any awkward fashion faux pas. If in doubt, get the selfie camera out!

Don a pair of sunglasses

A pair of statement sunglasses can elevate your look and give you that celebrity feeling without changing your style too much. A pair of knockout sunglasses can transform your outfit and make you appear calm and collected. Designer sunglasses are an investment piece – a good pair of Ray Bans will last you many years and protect your eyes from the sun. Alternatively, choose a unique pair that reflects your personality and individualism – Kayne West’s style shutter sunglasses, for example, are a popular choice and look sophisticated.

Don’t break the bank

Finally, it’s important to remember that celebrities have millions of dollars in the bank. Just because you want to dress like them doesn’t mean you have to buy from the same brands they do. After all, a white tee looks the same whether you bought it from Prada or Primark! Be sensible when shopping for new styles and make budget choices where possible; you’ll achieve the same overall look, but you won’t have to pay over the odds!

Do you have any other tips? Let us know and check back to our website soon for more.

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