5 Underrated Horror Movies Set During Winter

While there are many horror movies set during the summertime, and the chill of the fall air makes Halloween (1978) equally creepier, there is something about a scary film that takes place during the winter. The months of December, January and February can feel cold, isolating, and miserable, and if there’s a paranormal presence or serial killer stalking the main characters, that definitely amps up the tension.

There are several great horror movies with winter settings that have flown under the radar a bit. These films have creepy atmospheres that will make anyone feel a chill, and they’re best enjoyed with a cozy blanket and hot coffee or tea. If snow is falling outside or it’s particularly windy and blustery, that’s even better.


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Since Christmas is supposed to be a fun time of families hanging out together, and it’s all about baking cookies, drinking hot cocoa, and sharing gifts, horror movies set during this winter holiday are always fun. The 2006 Black Christmas remake is more interesting than the 2019 one as the main characters are sorority sisters who feel like they are trapped inside their house, trying to escape a killer. The characters are running from Billy Lenz (Robert Mann), who has a sad past and who is hanging around the house because he wants revenge.

If this movie took place any other time of the year, it wouldn’t pack the same punch. The fact that the characters are trying to have a nice, quiet and peaceful holiday makes Billy’s killing spree even scarier.

Let Me In is a great remake of a vampire movie and also a perfect example of a terrifying movie set in the wintertime. As vampire Abby (Chloë Grace Moretz) befriends Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee), the two spend time together against a freezing cold backdrop, and there are many scenes where they are standing in the snow.

Since Abby isn’t human, she looks particularly chilly, but Owen is just as pale as she is. The two characters are miserable and lonely for different reasons, and it doesn’t feel like the story could take place in any other season, as the vibe would be completely off.

The Emma Roberts movie The Blackcoat’s Daughter is not only smart, artistic, and compelling, but the movie is set during the wintertime. The film has a literary feeling thanks to the many shots of the snow-covered grounds of a boarding school. As Kat (Kiernan Shipka) and Rose (Lucy Bonyton) get ready for Christmas break, they look freezing the entire time, and the movie does a good job of showing how cold it is there.

While there are many horror movies set in the summer, The Blackcoat’s Daughter proves that winter can be an incredible setting, as the falling snow and chilly air contribute to a dramatic atmosphere where it feels like anything can happen. The movie has many plot twists that are brilliant, impressive, and even creepier because the characters look lik ethey are so cold and uncomfortable.

The plot of The Lodge would be scary enough, and adding in wintertime makes it even worse. Mia (Lia McHugh) and Aiden Hall (Jaeden Martell) are spending the holiday at the Massachusetts lodge of Grace Marshall (Riley Keough), their father Richard’s (Richard Armitage) new love interest. Grace starts acting strangely, which confuses the kids and freaks them out.

It turns out that Grace was once part of a religious cult and she still seems to be under their spell. The Lodge is an underrated 2010s horror movie and it’s clear that Mia and Aiden feel that they are trapped inside this house in the middle of nowhere, with no place that they can go and no one who will listen to them. The Lodge has a perfect horror movie setting as no one would want to spend time at this isolate place.

The 2021 movie Silent Night takes a different approach: the main characters are celebrating Christmas dinner together before they will take a pill that will kill them, as Britain is facing the end of the world. Nell (Keira Knightley) and Simon (Matthew Goode) have their friends over to their house for the meal.

A dark Christmas horror movie, Silent Night didn’t get that much attention when it was released, but it’s a compelling story and the main characters are definitely in a tough spot that is impossible to imagine. Since the reason why the characters are ending their lives is climate change related, the plot is scary to think about. The Christmas setting also makes the movie even better, as it’s meant to be a happy occasion.

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