5 Horror Movies That Need Remakes

While it’s tempting to want to see remakes of old favorite films, there should definitely be a good reason to make a new version. Maybe a character needs to be updated and more diverse. Maybe the themes are timeless so another film makes sense. Or maybe the movie is so celebrated and beloved that it’s a good financial idea to give it another go.

There have been countless remakes of popular horror movies with mixed results. while House On Haunted Hill (1999) is a lot of fun, Poltergeist (2015) doesn’t live up to the original. There are a few horror movies from the ’90s and 2000s that could definitely use remakes and it would be interesting to see how filmmakers would tell these stories today.


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A few years ago, there was talk of a reboot of Buffy The Vampire Slayerand according to Digital Spy, it has been several years since there have been any updates. The plan was to make buffy more diverse, and so it seems like that could be achieved with a movie. This would also work since fans have a lot of thoughts about the buffy TV series, and not everyone was excited about a reboot. Making a new film seems like a good idea since it could be its own thing.

The 1992 film is too cheesy to be enjoyable, as there’s often a fine line, and while Buffy Summers (Kristy Swanson) does fight vampires just like Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character does in the TV series, the film is nowhere as good as the show. Some people say the ’90s was a bad decade for horror, and while that’s debatable, the buffy movie is definitely disappointing.

The Faculty is a ’90s horror movie that holds up and the premise seems like it would work even better today. The movie is both a fun story with science-fiction elements and a discussion about how young adults can feel like they’re different from others.

The Faculty‘s themes would seem even more powerful now, as the students get a better education figuring out this mystery than they do sitting in class. The teachers are mean, harsh, and unmotivated, more concerned with their own needs and happiness than actually teaching something. The movie is layered and complex, which sets it apart, and its fans would be happy to see a new group of intelligent, unique high school students looking into why their teachers are acting so weird.

The Sixth Sense is a significant movie and since the film focuses on topics like mental health and grief, it would be interesting to see a remake that would touch on these subjects in a careful and respectful manner. The main storyline of the movie should remain the same, with a therapist helping a child who sees ghosts and not realizing that he himself is a spirit.

However, a remake could introduce some new characters and add more diversity to the story, as the child character learns more about his gift and sees several ghosts over the course of the film. Themes of loss, death, and grief are always going to be relevant, and it’s been several decades since the original movie came out.

Ginger Snaps is a great teen horror movie and it has so many elements that would make for a perfect remake: the close bond between sisters, the creepy small town Bailey Downs, and themes about feminism, sexism, puberty, and growing up.

Brigitte (Emily Perkins) and Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) are timeless characters, cynical high schoolers who hate everything but each other. Their relationship is ruined forever when Ginger turns into a werewolf. It’s easy to imagine a remake, as much of the story could remain the same, with some additional diversity and a bigger conversation about the mental health struggles that the sisters are dealing with. Since there aren’t many teen horror movies anymore, this would be a great idea.

Some of the worst horror movie remakes are based on 2000s films, but the 2001 movie Valentine is a cheesy, forgotten slasher from this time period, and the remake could be just as enjoyable. The premise is timeless and still works today: a group of friends tease a classmate and when they all grow up, he dons a mask and costume and torments them.

Since the movie deals with February 14th, that would still work, and a remake could add more contemporary elements, like smartphones and social media. Valentine has some weak elements, including main characters who need a bit more development, but the main idea of ​​a group of friends figuring out who is going after them is still a good one.

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