5 Funniest Quotes From Blumhouse Horror Movies

While Blumhouse has released some terrifying movies, including the recent release The Black Phone starring Mason Thames as a child kidnapped by Ethan Hawke’s villain The Black Phone, many of the films have some funny moments as well. Since several Blumhouse films have a sense of humor, that results in some hilarious quotes from some characters who have become favorites among fans.

Whether the film is a horror comedy that thrives on lighter moments, or there’s a great line in the middle of a terrifying scene, these quotes prove that Blumhouse movies can be as light-hearted as they are scary.


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“I’m TS-motherf*ckin’-A. We handle sh*t. That’s what we do. Consider this situation f*ckin’ handled.”

Lil Rel Howrey’s Get Out character is one of the best horror movie supporting characters and he says some of the most hilarious lines in the movie. Rod Williams is a TSA agent who realizes when his best friend Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) is in trouble and helps him out. Rod also realizes what Chris doesn’t: that something is wrong with Rose Armitage (Alison Williams) and that visiting her family is probably a bad idea.

Jordan Peele’s movie nope is being called “ambitious” and all of his work is brilliant and meaningful. But his films have some funny quotes and moments, too, and Rod tells it like it is with perfect comedic delivery that lightens the mood.

“Well, that was a dumb thing to pray for.”

Police officers and detectives may be tropes, but they are necessary slasher tropes as they help investigate and talk to the main characters about the danger that’s going on. In Halloween (2018), final girl Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) says that she prayed that Michael Myers would escape so she could kill him. Deputy Frank Hawkins (Will Patton) lets her know that she doesn’t think that was a smart thing to say or hope for.

This quote is significant as it shows the difference between Deputy Hawkins and Laurie: while he sees Michael as a threat and wants him locked up, Laurie is tired of running and wants to confront Michael, once and for all. Hawkins’s line is also one of the funniest in the movie as he is honest about what he thinks about Laurie’s plan.

“I’m not sleeping in my car again. It smells like Hot Pockets and feet.”

phi vus Happy Death Day character, Ryan Phan, meets Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) and helps her with the fact that she keeps reliving the same day (which happens to be the day that she gets murdered). While the premise is silly, Tree is still terrified of what’s going to happen to her, and Ryan offers some levity when his says this quote about his car smelling bad.

Specific jokes are always the best ones, and Ryan excels at speaking his mind and being honest. The second movie Happy Death Day 2U is just as hilarious and is an underrated Blumhouse sequel. if there is a Happy Death Day 3it would be great to see Ryan again because he always knows the exact right thing to say to make audiences laugh.

“What’s ‘Home Alone’?”

The Wilson family in us goes on a vacation that goes terribly awry: Adelaide “Addy” (Lupita Nyong’o), her husband Gabe (Winston Duke), and their children Jason (Evan Alex) and Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph). While Gabe has many funny lines, it’s Zora’s question about the beloved ’90s movie Home Alone that gets audiences laughing the most.

Of course, Gabe is shocked that Zora doesn’t know this iconic movie, and this scene works so well because parents are always learning that there’s a generation gap between them and their children that means that they know different pop culture references. If this wasn’t a horror movie with a shocking and haunting ending, Gabe might tell his daughter that he will show the movie to her when they get back home. Red (Lupita Nyong’o) is an underrated horror villain but

“I am f*cking piece.”

Blumhouse’s body swap horror movie freaky sees Millie Kessler (Kathryn Newton) and the Blissfield Butcher (Vince Vaughn) switching bodies, which results in some hilarious scenes. Watching Vaughn play a teenage girl stuck in a grown man’s body is intensely funny. But while the film can get pretty silly at times, it maintains a smart sense of humor that culminates in a perfect last line.

When Millie has successfully gotten back to her own body, she says that she’s a “piece.” This not only shows how much confidence she has gained during this strange and terrifying experience, but it’s also just a really funny line and a great way to wrap up this story.

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