12 Sexiest TV Shows of 2022

Sometimes you watch TV shows for the story, sometimes you watch them for a distraction while you scroll through TikTok, and sometimes…you watch ’em for the sex. While granted, most movies and shows have some solid sex scenes nowadays, not every show is inherently hot. We’re talking budding tension, underlying passion, and the kind of sex that leaves you aching for the next episode. Luckily for all of our libidos, this year has been *chef’s kiss* for erotic television content. In fact, the sexiest TV shows of 2022 might actually be some of the hottest thus far. I said what I said!

Sure, last year gave us Bridgerton. But you know what 2022 gave us? Bridgerton season 2, new episodes of Elite, and some fascinating reality shows that are sexy, informative, and stimulating. Whether you want a soapy teen vampire show, a how-to about kinks and design, or a literal show about vikings that’s strangely super erotic, Hollywood has definitely got you covered. What a time to be alive, right?

That’s what’s especially great about the 2022 sexy TV show offerings: the variety. It’s not all regency-inspired boning or teen drama. There’s truly something for everyone, which means there’s a sexy show to watch with a partner, a sexy show to watch when you want some solid plot lines, and a sexy show to watch when you’re alone with your preferred vibrator. You’ve got options, folks!

We’ll keep this list updated as more offerings are released, so check back as new shows come out. In the meantime, read on for 12 of the sexiest TV shows of 2022 all made with your viewing ~pleasure~ in mind.

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How to Build a Sex Room

Part home makeover, part sex tutorial, this fascinating new series on Netflix is ​​a must-watch. Basically, designer Melanie Rose goes to different couples’ homes and creates personalized sex rooms for them based on their kinks, desires, and relationships. There’s actually a ton of good information and inspiration here, whether you’re looking to explore different types of sex, find some new sex toys, or build a sex room of your very own.

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Netflix’s Spanish Series Elite continues to scorch, and season 5 is no exception. The series does a lot to get your blood pumping with its thrilling storyline and even more thrilling hookups. A few standouts include limo sex, boat sex, mutual masturbation, bathtub sex, pool sex, and a literal orgy…and that’s just the newest season! Start from season 1 and work your way through the whole series for nonstop erotic content.

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Workin’ Moms

This hilarious series has been around for a few years, and if you’ve been sleeping on it, consider this a direct order to start watching now. Not only is Workin’ Moms about—you guessed it—working women who try to juggle it all (sound familiar?), but there’s also so much sex in it! Honest sex, hot sex, lazy sex—the show has it all. Season 6 came out early this year, and let’s just say there’s a sex scene involving an intravaginal ultrasound probe that will forever change the way I view going to the gyno…

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CW’s teen series—based on those old Archie comics—is coming to an end next season, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying all that season 6 had to offer. And by that, I mean the hookups, will-they-won’t-thes, and sure, weird supernatural shit fans have grown to love. What makes the newest season of Riverdale so interesting is how the couples are falling in place (and you know, the sex they’ve had along the way). Just be prepared for some heartbreak as endgames are shaken and unexpected pairings form.

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Conversations with Friends

If you loved Normal People and are a fan of Sally Rooney, Conversations with Friends is 100 percent for you. Based on the novel of the same name, the 2022 mini-series follows two besties (who also happen to be exes) who form a relationship with an older, married (!) couple. Naturally, things get complicated when crushes develop and affairs start. Not only are there close to 10 really steamy scenes, but desire courses through the entire series making it an extremely erotic watch from start to ~finish~.

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Dark Desire

The second and final season of Netflix’s Dark Desire came out in February 2022, and it’s just as sexy and dramatic as season 1. Yes, there’s murder and betrayal, but there are also more hookups than I can really count, and if you’re a fan of that “take me now against the table” vibe, there’s no better show for you. The best part is that since there are only two seasons of the dark, Mexican thriller, you can easily watch all of the (seemingly endless) sex scenes in one weekend for a marathon masturbation session.

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First Kill

Vampire shows and sex go hand-in-hand (like hi, have you *seen* The Vampire Diaries?!), and Netflix’s new teen lesbian vamp show holds true to the ultra-sexual trope. First Kill is essentially a Romeo and Juliet remake, but it follows two high schoolers who come from very different families. One is a vampire, one is a vampire hunter, and they’re both painfully attracted to each other. There’s plenty of supernatural trysts and yup, even some pretty sexual biting to keep you squirming in your seat.

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Vikings: Valhalla

Before you knock a show about vikings, hear me out. Pretty much every guy looks like Thor, there are accents on accents, and a lotta powerful characters go on to have really powerful sex with each other. What makes the sex even better (outside of the good looks and accents, ofc) is the fact that the scenes and pairings are all built on mutual respect, so you don’t feel icky watching the characters get it on. Also, the story is super interesting, so you’ll be hooked on multiple levels.

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The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window

Granted, this satirical miniseries on Netflix got a lot of mixed reviews, but through all the strange twists and turns (that cleverly play off pretty much every modern, Gone Girlstyle thriller), The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window is actually pretty hot. There’s that voyeur aspect of watching someone from afar, and then there’s the sex montage in episode 5 that ranks up there for some of the hottest Netflix sex of the year.

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And Just Like That…

The spin-off series to the forever iconic Sex and the City follows Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte (no Samantha—sorry!), as they continue to navigate all that life has to offer (and all the shit it throws their way). While there’s not as much sex as in the original series, sexuality is still at the heart of the new series. Oh, and there is that one kitchen sex scene involving Miranda that continues to live in my mind rent-free.

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Too Hot to Handle

when Too Hot To Handle first premiered in 2020, it pretty much broke Netflix. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch extremely hot people try to not have sex with each other in order to win a cash prize while staying on an extremely sexy island? That’s TV gold, folks! Season 3 dropped in 2022 and it delivers just as much heat and hot couplings as the previous two.

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