10 Wildest Weapons In Horror Movies, According To Reddit

The legendary horror movie scream released its fifth installment this year, bringing back the legendary Ghostface. While the killer’s mask is one of the most iconic symbols in horror movies, his weapons leave little to the imagination. Yet, there are other horror movie villains that are notorious for using unconventional and outrageous objects and weapons to wreak havoc.

According to these Redditors, there is no shortage of goofy or out-there weapons. This ranges from one of the greatest slashers in the genre like in Nightmare on Elm Street, to more obscure horror movies with equally creative approaches, like The Slumber Party Massacre 2.


Carrot Nose (Jack Frost)

Jack Frost Horror Movie

Not to be mistaken for a sequel to the 1998 Christmas family film with Michael Keaton, Jack Frost is a 1997 horror film, which later produced a sequel Revenge of the Killer Snowman. Both feature a serial killer who is mutated into living snow, making it easier for him to sneak around and continue his work.

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Across both films, Frost uses several uniquely winter-themed weapons to off his victims, including icicles, Christmas lights, and a child’s sled. But a Reddit user whose account has since been deleted pointed out that the weirdest death comes in the sequel, in which Frost uses his own pointed carrot nose for all sorts of horrific deeds.

Breakfast Food (Lumberjack Man)

The Lumberjack Man hauling a wheelbarrow full of pancakes after a school bus in Lumberjack Man.

Ash 2015’s Lumberjack Man is a comedy horror, its villain’s weapon of choice is goofy enough to be included on Reddit user AimostFrontPage’s list. Nehemiah Easterday is a cook who was murdered for refusing to give up his secret family pancake recipe and rises from the grave as the Lumberjack Man to seek revenge on his killer’s descendants.

Nehemiah attacks the campers and counselors of Good Friends Church Camp with not only his ax, but pancakes, griddles, and enough syrup to drown a person in. But the pancakes are not only used as weapons. Eating a batch of his special pancakes gives the Lumberjack a deadly boost in strength.

Sleeping Bag (Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood)

Jason with the sleeping bag kill in Friday the 13th VII.

Jason Voorhees, one of the best slasher movie characters of all time, is more creative than his single-minded behavior might suggest, Reddit user SaraFist points out, calling him “an inventive motherf*****” for his use of various weapons . Not only does he grasp the deadly use of many different items very quickly, but he sometimes even traps his victims like a hunter.

In the sequel Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, the first appearance of Kane Hodder’s Jason uses a familiar camp item to kill Judy in one of the franchise’s most famous scenes. Jason zips her up in her own sleeping bag to restrain her, and then holds the bag by the end and bashes her against a tree.

Basketball (Deadly Friend)

Samantha gets ready to hurl a basketball at fatal speeds in Deadly Friend.

DeadlyFriend, brought up by Reddit user Losman94, often falls to the wayside when discussing the works of director Wes Craven. This 1986 sci-fi horror centers around teen genius Paul, whose attempt to use his robot’s microprocessor to resurrect his murdered crush goes horribly wrong.

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The cyber-enhanced girl embarks on a vengeful killing spree. When she is confronted by a bad-tempered elderly neighbor, she hurls a basketball at her with enough force to demolish her head, in a similar style to the famous explosion scene in scanners.

Corncob (Sleepwalkers)

A deputy with a corn cob in his back in the movie Sleepwalkers.

1992’s sleepwalkers is based on the story by Stephen King (and features one of his best own movie cameos). It centers around a mother and son team of shape-shifting demons trying to devour souls in a sleepy Indiana town, only to face unexpected resistance from the town’s cats. It has a few interesting kills, the most memorable summed up by Reddit user silversnapper: “I loved the death scene with the corn.”

The mother, Mary, attacks the home of her son’s intended victim, plowing through her police protection. She kills one of the deputies by stabbing him through the back with a half-eaten corn cob, and then delivers a classic mom line over his body: “No vegetables, no dessert!”

Drill Guitar (The Slumber Party Massacre 2)

slumber party massacre 2 driller killer

While the original Slumber Party Massacre was either considered an average slasher film or a spoof of the genre, its sequel feels free to go utterly off the rails. Rather than an intimidating but hollow killer with a power drill, the Driller Killer here truly lives up to his name, supernaturally stalking the teens with his flamboyant style and rockabilly attitude.

The Driller Killer’s weapon is like no other, a bright red electric guitar with wicked spikes lining its sides and a huge working drill for a stem. After first watching the movie, Reddit user ForeverFinalGirl proclaimed, “The shining light in this film is the killer and his amazing guitar.”

Reverse Bear Trap (Saw)

the saw movies have been infamous for the use of over-the-top and inventive methods of torturing and murdering victims. Reddit user Bearrington22 prefers the one-of-a-kind Reverse Bear Trap from 2004’s saw about “overhyped and overused” weapons like the chainsaw.

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While it is never actually used successfully until the underwhelming saw 3D, the Reverse Bear Trap is one of saw‘s most creative traps, making an incredible impact in its single scene in the first film. Amanda Young, one of Jigsaw’s few survivors, must race against time to get the key to the device before it flips open, taking her head with it. Though it covers most of her face, when Jigsaw’s demonstration video shows her exactly what will happen if she fails, her look of utter terror is clear.

Tanning Beds (Final Destination 3)

Ashlyn in the tanning bed scene Final Destination 3

in the Final Destination franchise, Death is sneaky about taking lives but never subtle. Among its most overblown murder weapons are roller coasters, flying logs, exploding planes, and Reddit user sneakysneakle’s favorite, a pair of tanning beds in one of Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s best horror movies.

One of the series’ most infamous scenes sees popular girls Ashley and Ashlyn tanning nude together, only for an “accident” to trap them both in the beds while the heat rockets up, burning them both alive. The perfect cut from their flaming tanning beds to their twin coffins is just the icing on an already horrific cake.

Trombone (The Town That Dreaded Sundown)

Reddit user Live_Struggle_6611 laments that there are several elements that make the original The Town That Dreaded Sundown worse than the remake because, among other things, “Who thought it would be a good idea to embellish the story and have the killer attach a knife to a trombone and kill someone with it like they were playing it?”

Though the film is based on true crimes, there is no record at all of the Phantom Killer using musical instruments of any kind against his victims, as the film’s version does in one of its most famous scenes. This inexplicable departure from history makes the weapon choice even weirder.

Freddy’s Glove (Nightmare On Elm Street)

robert englund as freddy krueger

Featured in every Nightmare on Elm Street movie from worst to best, Freddy Krueger’s glove stands out both for its iconic creepy look and the fact that it was deliberately and painstakingly made for its nefarious purpose.

The thick garden glove has metal plates riveted onto the back and knives onto the fingers is one of the most recognized symbols in horror. AFistfulofCelluloid elaborates on this, “Craven said he was inspired by primal man, the claws or animals and our primitive fears involving them. It’s a weapon that will never be replicated in a slasher [movie] again.”

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