10 Wholesome Anime Characters We Want To Be Friends With

In the world of Japanese animation, characters vary hugely in terms of their personalities, and some are more savory or inspiring than others. Tsunderes are fun with their hot-headed but caring ways, while yanderes are obsessive and scary with their love interests. Then there are anime characters who are just too wholesome, often nicknamed cinnamon rolls.

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A wholesome person, fictional or not, lacks any serious personality flaws such as a nasty temper or dishonesty. Instead, these characters are best known for their kindness and compassion, their patience, their cheerful innocence, and much more. Practically anyone would want to befriend these wholesome characters, and such a positive friendship would prove therapeutic for some anime fans. No one would say no to a friendship with these wonderful characters.

10 Orihime Inoue Is Always There For Her Friends (Bleach)

Unlike her grouchy tsundere friend Ichigo Kurosaki or the borderline yandere Chizuru, the sweet Orihime Inoue is a wonderful young lady who is simply impossible to hate on her own merits. many Bleach fans dislike her for “stealing” Ichigo from Rukia, but that’s not a strike against her personality.

Orihime may be goofy and odd, but she is also a brave, kind, loyal and cheerful person who always sees the best in everything and everyone, no matter what. She has remarkable mental fortitude, too, given the trauma she has been through, such as neglect from her cruel parents.

9 Ochaco Uraraka Is A Cinnamon Roll (My Hero Academia)

Ochaco Uraraka is one of several My Hero Academia characters who has a dazzling, wholesome smile that anime fans can’t help but love. Like Orihime, Ochaco grew up with very little, but she has hope anyway, and she is a loyal friend to the male lead, Deku. She’s got her own hero costume, too.

Ochaco’s bright personality reflects in her great smile, her stalwart courage, her strong sense of teamwork, and most of all, her determination to support her parents. Ochaco works hard not for fame and glory but to repay all the people who support her.

8 Princess Shuna Is Helpful & Cheerful (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

Many of Rimuru Tempest’s new monster friends have eccentric or bizarre personalities, such as the playfully destructive Milim Nava or the pervy Gobta. Then there’s the delightful princess Shuna, the younger sister of Benimaru, the ogre tribe chief.

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Princess Shuna knows how to fight, but she would much rather make everyone happy in Rimuru’s city with her cooking and her tailoring. Rimuru greatly values ​​her friendship, though Shuna might tease him a bit by asking him to put on silly outfits, such as bunny girl costumes.

7 Katarina Claes Wants Everyone To Find Joy (My Next Life As A Villainess)

The otome game villainess Katarina Claes has been totally transformed. She is now a cheerful, altruistic girl who is eager to make everyone around her happy and satisfied with their lives, and not just to protect herself from her character’s bad endings. She naturally wants to help people.

Anyone would enjoy being Katarina Claes’ friend, even if she is famously dense and gets confused by things as her nickname, “bakarina,” implies. She knows how to throw a party and keep everyone entertained, and everyone loves her for that.

6 Naoya Nifuji Can Befriend Anyone (Wotakoi)

Naoya Nifuji is rather different from his kuudere gamer brother Hirotaka. Nifuji may be terrible at video games, but he is quite adept at social situations, having the warm charisma necessary to get along with just about anyone and earn their trust. It’s hard to say no to that face.

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Naoya is a kind, generous boy who just wants to enjoy daily life with his friends, and he is quick to act if anyone is upset or mired in trouble. Any friend of his can call him to get some comforting words of support at any time of the day.

5 Shikimori Is A Ray Of Sunshine (Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie)

The pink-haired Shikimori can be a sore loser after losing sports competitions, but otherwise, she is a wonderfully wholesome and agreeable person who is easy to get along with. She radiates natural charisma with her charming confidence and natural generosity.

Shikimori absolutely adores her boyfriend Izumi, and she’ll do anything to defend him. She will also go above and beyond for any classmate or friend who needs emotional support, a valuable trait in any friend at school. Shikimori is among the most reliable anime friends out there.

4 Fudo Aikawa Is A Great Guy (Love After World Domination)

Love After World Domination is a charming take on the Power Rangers/Super Sentai schtick, featuring the Gelato 5 heroes who fight the wicked minions of Gekko every day. The Gelato squad leader is Fudo Aikawa, a handsome boy with a heart of gold. No wonder he’s so popular.

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Fudo is a bit of a himbo and meathead, but that’s what people love him. He is honest and generous to a fault, a noble hero who always does the right thing to make others happy. He’s a model boyfriend for Desumi and a terrific friend for everyone else, even if he’s a bit dense or takes things too literally sometimes.

3 Marin Kitagawa Is Funny & Wholesome (My Dress-Up Darling)

It’s true that Marin Kitagawa the genki girl can get a bit lewd at times, but it’s all in good fun, and she dearly wants everyone to enjoy cosplay with her and find inspiration. Marin has nothing but noble intentions with her cosplay photo shoots, and she’s grateful for all the help she gets.

Marin is naturally cheerful and kind, without a mean bone in her body, making her easy to like. She is also refreshingly honest and humble despite her genki girl antics. She’s not too vain or proud to hide her faults or deficiencies and knows that her good friends can make up for those flaws.

2 Ayame Himuro Makes Science Fun (Science Fell In Love)

The kind-hearted scientist Ayame Himuro has very little romantic experience, and she can get awkward on dates. But she’s still trying her best. Awkwardness aside, she has a radiant personality devoid of any serious flaws. She might lose her patience sometimes, but that’s about it.

Ayame is a generous, compassionate young woman who loves both science and people, and she’s also ready to drop whatever she’s doing to help a friend. She’s also the type to stop and savor the world around her on a day off, and her enthusiasm can be infectious.

1 Alphonse Elric Has A Human Heart In A Metal Body (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

While his tsundere brother Edward Elric has an explosive personality, the younger Elric brother, Alphonse, is as gracious as can be. He is a helpful, patient, and kind-hearted boy who is quite sensitive on the inside, and he might even be considered a gap moe character with that scary metal armor body of his.

Alphonse Elric will cheer, laugh or cry on anyone else’s behalf, and he’s always ready to give people a chance, too. It tends to see the best in others, and that is a key trait of any wholesome friend. Alphonse thrives when he’s surrounded by people whom he loves, and there is always room for more.

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