10 Webtoons To Read If You Like Studio Ghibli Movies

Studio Ghibli films have delighted fans for decades. The beautiful animation and potential stories endear fans to them time and time again. However, while more movies are being made, many fans look to other forms of media to fill the void. Many turn to Webtoon.

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Webtoon is a website and an app dedicated to sharing creators’ comics for free. Numerous creators from around the world share their stories with readers. Many of these comics would fit right into the Studio Ghibli banner head. With so many stories to choose from, Studio Ghibli fans are sure to find some titles that give them the same feelings as the iconic Ghibli films.

10 Children of Mirra Centers On A Child

One of the hallmarks of Studio Ghibli films is that most of them center around children and teenagers. The emphasis on younger characters is part of what makes Ghibli so fun and often innocent. One Webtoon that highlights a child in the starring role is Children of Mirra.

Sein has been raised by his mentor to become a great fighter against the dark Aenigma but he refuses to let Sein perform magic. Even so, Sein’s combat skills are enough to help him survive on his own. Later he meets new friends and realizes his true power. This Webtoon by MTS is perfect for Studio Ghibli fans because, like a lot of Ghibli films, it features a young boy on a quest for self-discovery that is accentuated by magic.

9 Oh! Holy Has Many Paranormal Hijinks

Oh! Holy by Ahyun is a completed Webtoon about a teen named Jamie Oh whose only friends are ghosts. Yet, when he meets and falls for Holy Joo, his supernatural life takes some unexpected turns.

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Oh! Holy is a wonderful Webtoon for Ghibli fans as it mixes supernatural elements with everyday experiences. Additionally, the romance between Jamie and Holy is so powerful, that readers will want to binge the entire series. Although some episodes are locked by Webtoon’s Daily Pass feature, this Webtoon is definitely worth the wait.

8 Eaternal Nocturnal Deals In Dreams

Eastern Nocturnal is the latest Webtoon by creator instantmiso. Once again, this comic seamlessly blends the supernatural with a blossoming romance. Eve and Dae’s chemistry is reminiscent of other Ghibli romances as the two want to help each other grow.

Plus, Dae’s curse as a Dream Eater lends itself to many fantastical settings. Ghibli fans are sure to enjoy this Webtoon for its fun characters and quirky, dreamlike sequences, and mutually endearing romance.

7 Swimming Lessons For A Mermaid Mixes Romance And Mermaids

Swimming Lessons For A Mermaid is an adorable romance Webtoon about a high school swimmer and a mermaid. The two meet by accident at night at the school’s pool where swim team member, Soo Lee discovers that his classmate, Choa Shin, is a mermaid struggling to learn how to swim. Ghibli fans will enjoy this Webtoon for its cute romance and abundance of mermaid shenanigans.

Once again, one of the best qualities of this Webtoon is the couple’s emphasis on helping each other in their endeavors. Soo teaches Choa how to swim, while Choa is always there to support Soo in his own swimming career. Though spin-off updates have come out, this is another completed Webtoon that fans can finish without having to wait for more content.

6 Of Swamp & Sea Has Many Mystical Creatures

Some of the many things people enjoy about Ghibli movies are the unique creatures. Or Swamp & Sea has them in spades. Mercy is a young woman who enlists monster-hunter, Jonah, to help kill the smoke wolf that murdered her father. Unfortunately, Jonah’s magic goes wrong, and Mercy and the beast end up becoming one. The two then go on a harrowing adventure to separate Mercy from the beast inside.

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This beautiful Webtoon by Jay and Laurel Boulton is a wonderful example of the power of world-building – an aspect Studio Ghibli has always mastered. The dynamic creatures and the underlying mystery of Jonah make this a series Ghibli fans will not want to miss.

5 The Reaper And The Waiting Has Gorgeous Art

The Reaper and the Waiting is a Webtoon CANVAS offering by Jayessart. The story revolves around a Reaper who has to collect souls until he finds one he feels he recognizes. The Waiting – as the soul comes to be called – tries to get the Reaper to remember their shared past without breaking the spiritual rules.

This Webtoon has some of the most gorgeous artwork on the app. Much like in Ghibli movies, the emphasis on detail is prevalent throughout each panel, making it a beautiful and dynamic feast for the eyes. Plus, its supernatural plot bares a similarity to the fantastical elements found in a lot of Ghibli films. This is one story fans should read, even if just to see the amazing images.

4 Room Of Swords Is An Adventure

Room of Swords is an ongoing Webtoon by the husband-and-wife team, Toonimated, that follows a ragtag group of unlikely allies as they navigate a strange planet. When Gyrus awakens, he believes he is seeing the planet for the first time. However, he is stuck in a time loop, fighting to acquire the “boss sword” before he dies and reawakens again.

Ghibli fans will appreciate this webtoon for its adorable, cartoony art style, and fantasy elements. Plus, Toonimated is known for putting gifs in their Webtoons – adding to the magic of their comics. This Webtoon has been ongoing since 2017, meaning there will be more to experience after fans finish what is currently on the platform.

3 The Little Trashmaid Teaches Important Lessons Without Words

The Little Trashmiad is another Webtoon CANVAS comic that is created by s0s2. The story follows a mermaid named Tidy who has embraced the garbage she has found in the ocean. When she rescues a boy on land, the two become friends, and the boy, Ricky, teaches her about human life.

Although this story is a comic, it has very few words – mainly just the characters telling each other their names. Even so, the message about keeping the oceans and other waterways clean hits home for many Ghibli fans. Ghibli has often been associated with being an advocate for the environment, and The Little Trashmaid carries on this important task. Ghibli fans should experience this comic for its striking message and adorable characters.

2 Hooky Is A Magical Romper

hooky is a completed Webtoon by Miriam Bonastre Tur about twins, Dani and Dorian, who miss the bus for their magic school. They then set off on an epic adventure to find a magic teacher and meet many zany friends along the way.

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hooky is perfect for Ghibli fans because of its young central characters, copious amounts of magic, and winding fantastical tale. While the completed series is available on Webtoon with the Daily Pass feature, the series is also being created into a series of books that fans can purchase from bookstores. This Webtoon is assuredly one that will satisfy Ghibli fans’ desire for magic and adventure.

1 Crumbs Is A Cozy Romance With Stunning Visuals

One of the coziest comics on Webtoon is Crumbs by Whiterling. The story follows a young witch named Ray who frequents a magical bakery. Running the counter is the bakery owner’s nephew, Laurie. He and Ray begin a heartwarming romance of growth and respect.

Ghibli fans are sure to enjoy this Webtoon for its overall warmth and healthy relationship. The art style is very inviting, and the story could make even the most cynical fan’s heart melt. This Webtoon is also soon to be released as a book series, so audiences can purchase it and experience the magic for themselves.

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