10 Things Fans Love Most About The Movie, According To Reddit

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for Bullet Train.

David Leitch’s latest movie, bullet train, sees the assassin Ladybug (Brad Pitt) deal with threats from a couple of other contract killers inside a train as he attempts to collect a briefcase with $10 million inside it. So far, critical reviews have been mixed, with the Rotten Tomatoes score sitting at 54% while the Metacritic score is currently at 49%.

Fan reception has been much more positive across the board, with the majority feeling that the entertainment value is far superior to that of many other releases this year. However, there are some truly fun and interesting things to see throughout the movie. According to Reddit, several things make the action-comedy flick worthy of investing two hours into.


11 Lemon And Tangerine’s Chemistry

Among the various assassin in the movie are the British brothers Lemon and Tangerine, who are in possession of the case that Ladybug is supposed to collect. Gerlaldho describes their chemistry as “the highlight of the film.”

The Redditor is right about their chemistry as it’s so strong that they are known as ‘the twins” despite not actually being biologically related. The assassins are a great joint obstacle, working well together in their attempt to make Ladybug’s mission a failure. With each of them having different skill sets, they complement each in their efforts to get back the $10 million that has just gotten off their hands. And among their wholesome moments is when Lemon uses a tangerine truck to run over the person that killed his partner as a way of honoring them.

10 Self Mocking Plot

This user likes that the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously. They compare it to others of the same kind, writing, “it reminds me of other self-mocking action/comedies like The Nice Guys (2013) or Seven Psychopaths (2012).”

Leitch discards the seriousness of his previous works such as John Wick and Atomic Blondeand adopts a goofy tone that’s more close to his other movie, Deadpool 2. The characters are seriously keen on hurting each other, but they can’t help but be funny while at it. The deaths are also so absurd that the scenes remain stored in the minds of movie lovers days after viewing.

9 Partial Faithfulness To The Source Material

MukkyM1212 is familiar with the source material—the novel Maria Beetle by Kitarō Isaka—and they are impressed. They write, “I found it to be an adaptation that is a fun mix of being faithful to the source material and doing something very different.”

There is a chance the movie would have been viewed more favorably by critics if it had stuck to the events of the novel, which is considered a masterpiece. However, it’s worth noting that the movie’s third act is what has received the most praise and that specific act doesn’t exist in the novel. So, partial faithfulness is indeed a good thing.

8 Surprise Cameos

This user feels that the “surprise cameos too were hilarious!” They are referring to the appearances of Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds, and Bad Bunny.

A star cameo is always a welcome surprise in any movie or TV show and the fact that there are several of those here makes everything much more wholesome. None of the surprise appearances feels weird either since all the stars have either worked with Brad Pitt or David Leitch before.

7 The Mid-Credit Scene

Upper-Pomelo7787 says, “the movie is worth watching for the credit scene alone. Perfect ending.” The specific scene is about Lemon getting revenge for Tangerine’s death. In it, he runs over Prince with a tangerine truck.

It’s indeed a perfect ending because it creates ambiguity while also opening the doors for a sequel. After the death of Prince, who was meant to take over as Japan’s biggest crime boss, there is room for another person to come in. Will there be a new person, or will fans just have to imagine what happens next?

6 The Humor

bullet train is packed with quips and situational comedy. TheTrueNotSoPro is of the opinion that “it does a significantly better job balancing the drama and the humor than say, any Marvel movie.”

The David Leitch project does indeed go hard on the jokes but that’s not what it’s all about. There is tension and there’s gore, which prevents the Sony release from being nothing more than a laugh fest. Some critics have pointed out that some humor doesn’t quite land given how polarizing the reviews have been, it could be argued that it all depends on the person.

5 It’s Stylish

This user feels “the highly stylized vibe of the movie also works well.” That’s a popular opinion since bullet train has been praised for the richness of color and impressive cinematography.

Most movies set in Japan tend to have neon-like color schemes hence the visuals make sense. The stylish nature also seems like an ode to other directors, namely Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino and there’s a feeling that the movie would have still worked if it had been directed by either of those filmmakers.

4 The Buildup And The Payoff

The first act of the movie is all about world-building but the pace quickens later on. Boomershack notes that “in a very satisfying way, the nonsense at the start ramped up into pure, ridiculous, fun.”

Most of the movie’s fun is in the third act and the later half of the second half, hence the Redditor isn’t being too mean by describing the first act as “nonsense.” However, the first hour isn’t full of unnecessary scenes. Every single moment does plant seeds that germinate into something meaningful later on.

3 The Action Sequences

A movie about assassins is guaranteed to have plenty of fighting. In that regard, Freebird_McTwist thinks “the solid action definitely did the heavy lifting for the terrible dialogue that felt like a bad attempt at Guy Ritchie.”

It could be argued that the fight choreography is bullet train‘s greatest strength and what truly makes it one of the best movies about assassins. While many action flicks leave the punching and the shooting to the tough-looking people, everyone gets in on the fun here.

2 Ladybug’s Nonchalance

Just4Today50 writes, “Brad Pitt’s character not wanting to be involved while being involved was the winner for me.” Pitt plays the assassin, Ladybug.

Many of Brad Pitt’s best roles have him adopting the same kind of nonchalance hence the audience will love the fact that he sticks to what he knows best. And the plot plays to this fact about him. Ladybug never wanted all the mayhem. All he wanted was to collect the briefcase and go. Retirement was in mind too hence fighting is the last thing he wants. But he has to.

1 The Music

PM_ME_CAKE notes that the movie refrained from using music most of the time but “, the moment where everything escalated into the final act and the Japanese cover of “Holding Out for a Hero” started playing had me laughing out loud.”

The song fits right in with the proceedings in the third act since there is a need for someone to save the day. Twists emerge at a fast pace with the true colors of many characters finally being revealed. Even though the hero is the person everyone expected, audiences are kept on the edges of their seats, wondering whether he might be having a mask on too.

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