10 Strongest Magic Systems In Anime, Ranked

Anime fans love to debate who the most powerful characters are, but not many people talk about what the best magic systems are. Compared to power systems, magic systems are a little different. It’s less about the inner strength a person has and more about casting spells and using magical energy.

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Most anime have pretty basic magic systems, but there are a few creators who manage to make a magic system that’s well-thought-out and surprisingly powerful. A few of the most powerful magic systems are even stronger than their power system counterparts considering how limitless magic tends to be.

10 The Magi System Is Complex (Magi)aladdin from magic

May I is a series with an incredibly underrated magic system called Magoi. Compared to other anime, this series doesn’t use the most powerful magic, but it’s certainly one of the most unique. Magoi is energy created from Rukh, which is energy that often takes the shape of flocking birds.

Firing Magoi at another person will only inflict minor injuries, but it becomes more powerful when charged into an object. Unfortunately for Magoi users, it also comes with several side effects, which shows how unstable the magic can be.

Wonder Egg Priority isn’t a typical magical girl anime and that’s especially true its magic system. The girls in this series use magical items to protect the souls of girls who have died by suicide so they can save the life of a close friend.

Their magical items aren’t swords or other weapons; they’re random tools like tripe, scissors, and batons. Although a pen doesn’t seem like a great weapon, it’s surprisingly powerful when enough magic is flowing through it. It’s thanks to Ai’s unorthodox weapon that she’s able to beat all the monsters in her dreamland.

8 Magical Girls’ Weapons Are Huge & Powerful (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a darker take on the magical girl genre that involves a lot more death than people would expect considering how cute the characters are. The magic system is also incredibly powerful, which makes sense considering the terrifying Witches the girls often find themselves fighting against.

While some of the girls summon common weapons like spears or swords, others summon human-sized guns and hundreds of arrows. The characters may not be using magical spells, but the unique weapons make for some of the most compelling fights in anime.

Alchemy from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the most famous magical system in anime and for good reason. It’s well-thought-out and equally realistic since it’s based on science. Even though the characters are limited by the rules of equivalent exchange, the alchemy they perform is surprisingly powerful.

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Roy Mustang, the flame alchemist, is capable of lighting an entire street on fire and Armstrong is capable of destroying entire buildings with his alchemy. Not every alchemist is as destructive as the military alchemists, but even when performing mundane tasks, alchemy is a powerful and useful tool.

6 Magic Protects Everyone (Burn The Witch)

For such a short series, Burn the Witch manages to showcase some powerful magic. With defensive and offensive magical spells, the witches in this series protect magical creatures from normal humans. This is especially the case for dragons, who aren’t allowed to have any contact with normal humans.

When a rare dragon shows up in the middle of London, the witches are forced to fight it, and they use some pretty amazing magic. Bruno’s spray paint allows him to summon monsters to attack the dragon and even Noel and Ninny show off the powerful shields they can produce. However, the most surprising attack kills the dragon in one hit.

5 The Servants Are Legendary (Fate/Zero)

The humans may not use the most powerful magic in Fate/Zero, but the servants certainly make up for that in a big way. With the Holy Grail up for grabs, each master summons a powerful servant to do their bidding and some servants are far more powerful than others.

Assassin uses their magic to duplicate and hide, but Archer is capable of summoning an unlimited amount of weapons to defeat his enemies. It makes sense that the Holy Grail War goes on for so long when master has a legendary hero with seemingly limitless amounts of magic on their side.

4 Usagi Has The Power Of The Universe (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon is one of the most popular magical girl anime, but it also has some of the most powerful magic. It takes a while for Usagi and the Sailor Scouts to grow into their powers, but once they do, they’re performing magical spells that use the power of the whole universe.

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The magic each Sailor Scout uses is unique to them, which is why fans love it so much. Sailor Jupiter’s lightning attacks and Sailor Mars’ fire attacks can take out an enemy almost instantly. As the leader of the Sailor Scouts, Usagi’s attacks are the most powerful, especially her Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

3 Being A Strong Wizard Can Be Dangerous (Fairy Tail)

The magic in Fairy Tail is so incorporated into the lives of the people living in this universe that almost everyone uses some form of magic. However, for the most powerful of wizards, magic can actually be a hindrance to others.

This is especially true for Gildarts, whose magic is so powerful the entire city has to move so he won’t destroy any of the buildings. Not many magic systems require such a level of care, but it’s clear that there’s a good and bad side to being a powerful wizard in Fairy Tail.

2 Grimoires Make Wizards More Powerful (Black Clover)

The magic in Black Clover is very similar to Fairy Tail, except it’s slightly more powerful. Most people have an innate form of magic, but for the most powerful of wizards, their magic comes from books called Grimoires.

With a Grimoire, a magic user can cast spells that are far more powerful than their innate magic. Grimoires can also bring good luck to the user if they have a four-leaf clover on them, but only the most exceptional mages are able to get magic like that.

1 Goddesses Are Stronger Together (Oh! My Goddess)

Considering Oh! My Goddess is a slice-of-life anime, the magic of the goddesses is surprisingly powerful. As a first-class goddess, Belldandy is the most powerful. She can bring trees back to life and even repair objects after they’ve been broken.

When the three goddesses perform magic together, their spells are their most powerful. They even managed to travel back in time to protect Keiichi from the demon queen. It’s also an awful idea to get a goddess angry because they can rain down lightning on anyone who gets on their bad side.

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