10 Signals Anime That Disappointed Fans

Seinen is an anime demographic aimed at an older male audience, and like its younger counterpart, it’s become a popular genre within modern anime. Because it targets older viewers, seinen often delves into much darker storylines and tackles heavy subjects that many shonen fans may not be ready to handle. The genre is filled with many beloved titles, each with unique and engaging stories that stand out from the rest.

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However, much like shonen, with such an expansive library, there are plenty of disappointing seinen series. Whether it’s due to poor writing, low-quality animation, or simply being a bad adaptation of the manga, many seinen that held a lot of promise initially have become a huge let-down.

10 Tokyo Ghoul’s Anime Adaptation Steered Far Away From The Manga’s Storyline

At the start of Tokyo Ghouli‘s anime adaptation, it stayed fairly faithful to the source material. However, things took a drastic turn for the worst after the anime decided to switch up a major plot point for the series protagonist, Kaneki Ken.

However, the inconsistencies didn’t end here, and the many changes become far too drastic for most fans to overlook. In continuations of the series, such as Tokyo Ghoul:re and Tokyo Ghoul: Root A, the story tried to backpedal on many of the changes, but only further confused viewers. Ultimately, fans of the series have given up on the anime and claim it’s best to stick to the manga.

9 Black Butler Became Tainted By An Infamous Second Season

During its original run, Black Butler saw incredible popularity, and it was the talk of all anime fans. However, like many other series before it, the anime eventually caught up to the manga’s storyline, forcing the series to forge its own path.

Unfortunately, many of the non-canon decisions made by the anime didn’t sit well with fans. Things went from bad to worse for Black Butler when it introduced a second season with an anime-only plot. since then, Black Butler II has gained infamous levels of hate, and its convoluted story and unlikable new characters turned many off from the series in general.

8 Elfen Lied Finished Off With A Lackluster Ending That Made No Sense

Elf Song is a classic horror series of the 2000s that many have mixed feelings about. It’s well-known for its gruesome scenes and questionable storylines, both of which have aged rather poorly over the years. However, what really disappoints fans about this series is its puzzling and frustrating ending.

The series ends with no solid conclusion. Many questions are left unanswered, and Lucy’s fate after the final showdown with the facility is left up in the air. The anime leaves out a large portion of the story from the manga, much of which would have explained what was going on in the final scene.

7 Hellsing’s First Anime Adaptation Is Far Removed From The Source Material

It’s become an unspoken rule that Hellsing Ultimate is the superior adaptation of the beloved series. This is largely because hellsing‘s first series is almost completely unrelated to the manga whatsoever. It made huge changes to the overall story, to the point where it was nearly unrecognizable.

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The only similarities the anime and manga share are a few characters who make their appearance in this version. This aspect turned many fans off from the first series, and even the creator was disappointed by this poor adaptation.

6 Chobits Failed To Live Up To CLAMP’s Usual Standards

Though it saw a lot of success at the time of its release, fans overall agree that Chobits isn’t the best example of CLAMP’s work. It’s true that the series does maintain the manga group’s signature style and flair, but it just doesn’t hold up compared to more iconic works, such as Cardcaptor Sakura or Magic Knight Rayearth.

Many expected much more out of Chobits and were sorely disappointed with how the story played out. It had the potential to tell an amazing story with a lot of depth, but instead, it mostly stuck to a cutesy love story and needless fanservice.

5 Blue Period’s Anime Adaptation Wasn’t What Fans Had Hoped For

Fans were looking forward to the anime adaptation of the hit series Blue Period. Unfortunately, when it was finally released, it wasn’t nearly as good as fans had hoped. The anime suffered the same issues as many disappointing anime adaptations, with subpar writing and poor pacing that barely did the series justice.

Many beloved characters got sidelined and barely made much of an appearance throughout the series as most of the story’s attention was focused on Yatora. Unlike some anime adaptations, Blue Period‘s plot stayed relatively close to the source material, but it’s poorly executed and mediocre by comparison.

4 Hi-Score Girl Got Caught Up In Pointless Love Triangle Drama

Hi Score Girl quickly intrigued fans of gaming anime with its unique setting and premise. It focuses on the arcade scene of the ’90s, centering around protagonist Haruo’s love for competitive video games in an era where the industry is still gaining its footing. The dynamic between Haruo and his arch-rival Akira Oono is great, and their rivalry and budding romance are enjoyable to watch.

This all gets derailed pretty fast once Koharu Hidaka gets introduced into the story, and the series slowly devolves into the typical drama with the same, tired love triangle found in any other series. while Hi Score Girl is still enjoyable after its inclusion, the love triangle ruins a lot of what made the series so good and disappoints fans who just wanted a nice gaming series with a side of romance.

3 xxxHOLiC Left Out Many Major Details & Its Visuals Failed To Impress

xxxHOLiC is yet another beloved title by the renowned manga group known as CLAMP. It’s one of their most popular titles of all time, but also one of their most disappointing. The anime adaptation leaves out many storylines and details from the manga, leaving it incomplete.

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One of the details left out is the series’ eventual tie-in with CLAMP’s other series, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, a move that omitted much of the later plot. On top of that, the anime’s subpar visuals were fairly unimpressive and have only aged poorly over the years.

2 Record Of Ragnarok Is A Boring & Poorly Executed Adaptation

Initially, fans were hyped for the anime adaptation of Record of Ragnarok. Unfortunately, this excitement didn’t last long, because the series immediately disappointed viewers once the first episode aired. One of the most obvious issues fans have with the series is its unbearably low-quality animation.

For an anime focused on action and fighting, poor animation is the absolute worst. From the first episode onward, the series only seemed to get worse, with boring fight scenes that could barely hold the audience’s interest and poor writing that relied too heavily on exposition. overalls, Record of Ragnarok‘s anime held a lot of promise but has disappointed fans at every turn.

1 The 2016 Berserk Anime Became Infamous For Its Horrible CG Animation

for many Berserk fans, there has yet to be a good anime adaptation of the classic series. However, it goes without saying that Berserk 2016 is the most disappointing of the two. While it is much closer to the source material story-wise than the ’90s series, this adaptation has some of the most abysmal visuals of all time.

The awful CG animation ruins the artistic integrity of the original and barely captures the stunning details of the iconic manga. Because of its horrible visuals, most fans despise this adaptation and will opt for the 1997 series instead. However, when it comes down to it, fans prefer the manga over both.

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