10 Shojo Anime That Disappointed Fans

Shojo is a unique anime demographic that targets a young female audience. It’s much more sparse than more popular categories, such as shonen, so when a new title comes out, it’s a big deal. Unfortunately, not every new shojo series is a smash hit.

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In fact, many shojo series over the years have disappointed fans, for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s due to poor quality in the art and animation, while other times it’s because of a disappointing conclusion. No matter the reason, these shojo series fail to meet fans’ expectations and don’t live up to the hype.

10 Fans Consider Fruits Basket Prelude To Be Poorly Executed & Problematic

With the incredible success of the 2019 adaptation of Fruit Basket, everyone was looking forward to the upcoming prequel special. However, Fruits Basket Prelude has been met with shockingly mixed reviews.

Many believe that the film lacks the charm that made the series so beloved, taking on a much different approach with the narrative that most fans couldn’t get behind. On top of that, many fans can’t help but feel uncomfortable about the relationship between Tohru’s parents, who have a wide age gap that feels a little problematic.

9 Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Is Underwhelming Compared To The Original Series

Though many have longed for a continuation of Cardcaptor Sakura, it’s never exactly been necessary. The original ’90s anime concluded satisfyingly, and though it left room for more, fans felt happy with it. That said, it’s apparent that Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card is purely a nostalgia trip, and nothing else.

It’s enjoyable in its own right, but it’s pretty underwhelming and forgettable when compared to the iconic classic series. While many fans enjoy this continuation, plenty have mixed feelings about it and believe it may not be worth the watch for anyone other than diehard fans.

8 7 Seeds Gives Fans A Disappointing Anime Adaptation

7 Seeds is a shojo series many fans longed to see adapted into an anime. But when that time finally came, it was nothing short of disappointing. the 7 Seeds anime suffers from many of the usual pitfalls, with subpar animation quality, poor pacing, and a lack of the magic that made the source material so special initially.

The anime crams 35 volumes of story into a short, 12-episode series that hardly does the original justice. Thanks to this, much of the depth within the story and characters is lost. Instead, it leaves fans with a shell of an adaptation that many would rather pass on.

7 Kimi Ni Todoke Goes Downhill With Its Second Season

It’s hard to believe that a beloved series like Kimi ni Todoke could ever disappoint fans, but even this adorable series isn’t perfect. The first season goes by flawlessly, introducing the audience to the sweet and lovable protagonist, as well as setting up the beginnings of one of the most wholesome shojo romances of all time.

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Unfortunately, like many shojos out there, Kimi ni Todoke‘s second season brings out the usual love triangle drama. With new rivals introduced, there’s trouble in paradise for Sawako and Kazehaya. Many didn’t expect the series to take this clichéd turn, and it’s overall disappointing for those who loved the first season.

6 Glass Mask Will Never Have An Adaptation With A Proper Conclusion

while Glass Mask is a lesser-known shojo series, it’s a cult classic with a small yet loyal fanbase behind it. Unfortunately for fans of the series, Glass Mask has been on an indefinite hiatus for some time. As a result, no anime adaptation has ever given the story a proper conclusion.

Though the creator has expressed the desire to complete the series in the future, it’s likely still a very long time from now. Until then, every adaptation will remain unfinished, much fans’ disappointment.

5 Diabolik Lovers Is Painful For Fans To Watch

when Diabolik Lovers first came out, no one could have guessed it would be so infamously bad. It’s easily one of the most hated shojo series of all time, and it disappointed fans in every way possible.

The series has one of the most appalling and cringeworthy storylines of any shojo, with a weak and helpless protagonist, who’s devoid of any personality. Each of the Sakamaki brothers is awful, and their abusive relationship with Yui is painful to watch. One of the only good things about Diabolik Lovers is its beautiful art style, which most fans feel is wasted on this horrendously disappointing series.

4 Vampire Knight Had A Strong Beginning But Failed To Keep Its Momentum

during the 2000s, Vampire Knight was one of the most popular shojo series around. Love it or hate it, everyone knew about it, and it was virtually impossible to escape from. The series had a lot of promise at the start, which is why so many fans fell in love with it in the first place.

However, it dragged on for years, adding convoluted storylines and problematic relationships that brought it infamous levels of controversy. Nowadays, it’s mostly just regarded as the “Twilight of anime,” and shojo fans have all moved on from it.

3 Requiem Of The Rose King Proves To Be A Failed Adaptation

With shojo adaptations becoming rarer these days, fans were thrilled to discover an anime adaptation of Requiem of the Rose King was on its way. However, this excitement immediately ended when the series finally released. In just the first couple of episodes, many were already tempted to drop it, thanks to poor stylistic choices that left viewers spending most of the time watching still images.

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As the series progressed, it also became apparent that Requiem of the Rose King was plagued by poor pacing, and many important storylines were left out, much to fans’ dismay. Overall, it turned out to be a failed adaptation that many hope to forget.

2 Ouran High School Host Club Never Finished The Manga’s Plot

Ouran High School Host Club is one of the most beloved shojo series of all time. It’s regarded as an iconic classic of the 2000s, and even those who aren’t normally fans of shojo can’t help but love it. Nevertheless, it has its fair share of disappointments, the most notable being its ending.

The series has no definitive end, and it’s left up in the air if Haruhi will ever end up with any of the boys. It leaves out a majority of the manga’s plot, including Haruhi’s developing relationship with Tamaki, something that many fans have longed to see since the beginning.

1 Sailor Moon Crystal Disappoints Fans With Less Than Impressive Visuals

Sailor Moon is one of the most popular and influential anime series of all time, so when fans found out about the reboot series, the hype was everywhere. Unfortunately, when Sailor Moon Crystal was finally released, it disappointed much of its audience, due to its poor animation quality and wonky art style.

Many expected the highest quality from a title like Sailor Moon, so the low-budget visuals were unacceptable. Luckily, the series has had many makeovers since its debut, and it looks better than ever now. However, that poor beginning still weighs heavy on many fans’ minds, and many are still disappointed with the reboot’s outcome.

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