10 Scariest Horror Movie Objects

There are more options than ever for movie fans, and the cinematic experience has never been better. Different genres come and go, but there’s a dedicated following that surrounds the heightened perils of the horror genre. Horror evokes a primal feeling in its audience, and there’s something incredibly human about expressing fear.

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Horror films create terror in a multitude of ways, whether it involves a creepy killer, macabre monster, or supernatural circumstances. However, there are also movies that feature terrifying and cursed objects that become major catalysts for horror. It’s easy to underestimate an object and feel like it’s limited in what it can accomplish, but these horror movies prove otherwise.

10 Hellraiser’s Lament Configuration Is A Gateway To Haunting Horrors

The most terrifying element of Clive Barker’s visceral Hellraiser horror series are the gruesome Cenobites that tempt unsuspecting victims into lurid pleasures of the flesh. However, the necessary tool to summon these macabre creatures is the intricate Lament Configuration puzzle box.

Originally designed by Phillip LeMarchand back in the 1700s, the Lament Configuration masquerades as some sort of toy, which only makes its apocalyptic possibilities more frightening. There’s a certain allure to the Lament Configuration that individuals just can’t resist as if it senses their hedonistic impulses.

9 Annabelle Is A Demonic Doll With An Extensive History

The Conjuring cinematic universe has become one of the biggest and most profitable horror franchises of all time, and the paranormal adventures of Ed and Lorraine Warren have included plenty of demons and haunted relics. The Warrens highlight a demonic porcelain doll, Annabelle, as the most wicked of their possessions and the terrifying tool has gone on to be the focus of three of her own spin-off films.

A demonic entity known as Malthus is tethered to the Annabelle doll and has turned it into a conduit of evil. It’s frightening on its own, but its desire to find a human host is even more chilling.

8 The Mister Babadook Pop-Up Book Distills Domestic Horrors Into Innocent Artwork

Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook is a striking directorial debut and. like many of the best horror movies, it gains strength in how it combines a terrifying monster with an emotional core. The Babadook is really a meditation on grief, depression, and the difficulties of motherhood, but the film taps into its beleaguered mother’s frayed mental state with the titular creature.

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What initially sets off this living manifestation is a seemingly-innocent pop-up book titled Mister Babadook. The book mixes foreboding rhymes with grim imagery, and it progresses into a deeply disturbing read. This book continues to tease the dark fate that possibly awaits these characters.

7 Oculus’ Welder Glass Presents A Refracted Reality That Can’t Be Trusted

The Welder Glass is an ornate antique mirror that’s responsible for ruining more than a dozen lives across the span of more than 250 years. In OculusKaylie Russell and her brother, Tim, become the latest victims of the mirror as they try to put a stop to its evil once and for all.

There’s an intimidating quality to the austere object that’s not inherently frightening, but the mysterious properties of the mirror and how it can distort reality are where it gains its almost undefeatable strength.

6 Evil Dead’s Necronomicon Is Bound By Death For Dark Deeds

Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams is largely considered to be the face of Evil Dead, but the terrifying tome that unleashes Deadites upon the world is also bound with several pained faces of its own. The Necronomicon doesn’t sound like the most inviting piece of literature, and it’s never a good idea to read aloud some random passage from its pages.

Ash continues to contend with decades of doom due to the Necronomicon’s dark powers. The Necronomicon properly earns its Book of the Dead title due to how it’s made from human flesh, making it the one time that it’s actually safe to judge a book by its cover.

5 The Ouija Board Remains A Horrifying Helper To Connect With The Afterlife

The Ouija board is a tool that can be used to communicate with the spirit realm. It’s an occult artifact that exists in the real world and has become a perennial touchstone of the horror genre. The Ouija board isn’t tied to just one movie, but several titles like the witch board series The Exorcistand Ouija: Origin of Evil highlight the object’s frightening nature.

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There are usually sinister forces at play with a ouija board that preys upon the vulnerable individuals who make use of it. The sight of the board’s planchette device moving on its own through supernatural intervention is the stuff of nightmares.

4 The Twanas Stick Men In The Blair Witch Project Become A Growing Epidemic

The Blair Witch Project remains one of the most frightening found-footage horror experiences of all time. The Blair Witch Project is a masterpiece in minimalism that plays out through a personal first-person perspective. One of the earliest signs of doom that the characters encounter while they’re lost in the woods are the Twanas, otherwise known as “Stick Men.”

These rudimentary effigies are meant to represent people, and they’re prominently used in the Blair Witch’s dark rituals. Out of context, the Twanas aren’t overtly scary, but their sudden appearance, in large numbers, is a horrifying highlight of the movie.

3 The Ring’s Videotape Is As Disturbing As Its Death Sentence

both ringu and its American counterpart, The Ring, have fueled lengthy horror franchises through the disturbing premise of a haunted videotape that takes the life of anyone who watches it after seven days have passed. The sheer dread that characters experience once they engage in this ticking clock scenario is enough to break anyone’s mind.

The ghostly visage that attacks the victims, the ghastly aftermath of the murders, and the videotape’s footage are all a lot to bear. The videotape’s contents are a nightmare come to life, but soon the tape itself takes on an equally haunting connotation.

2 Phantasm’s Sentinel Sphere Delivers Airborne Evil

Don Coscarelli’s phantasm series slowly turned into a cult hit during the 1980s and ’90s. much of phantasm‘s legacy has to do with Angus Scrimm’s evocative performance as The Tall Man, as well as the nightmarish tools that carry out his bidding. Each Phantasm movie introduces a new type of Sentinel, which are floating metallic spheres that most commonly drain the blood from their victims.

The Sentinels house brains and become increasingly powerful. Phantasm V even includes a gigantic Sentinel that fires city-leveling lasers. The original version, in its efficient simplicity, is still the scariest.

1 Chucky’s Good Guy Doll Will Be A Friend To The Bitter End

Charles Lee Ray engages in a volatile voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into an innocuous Good Guy doll in 1988’s Child’s Play. This transformation becomes the trigger for hundreds of bloody murders and Chucky has become one of the biggest slasher icons, despite his small stature. Charles Lee Ray has gone on to accept and embrace his fate as a doll, which only makes this character more disturbing. Chucky is terrifying when he drops all pretenses and attacks his prey, but the stild act that he puts on when he pretends to be a doll can come across as even more unnerving.

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