10 Popular Shows Produced By Famous Celebrities

Films and television shows have seen their fair share of celebrity executive producers. From Chris Hemsworth being an executive producer on the much anticipated Thor: Love and Thunder film released this weekend to rapper and actor, Drake, being an executive producer on shows like Euphoria and best boy, these celebrities have been behind the scenes and the camera of some of the most popular films and series.

But while some of these may be well-known there are other more surprising shows that A-list stars have thrown their weight quietly behind; like Wil Ferrell’s involvement as a producer for the drama series Succession or Selena Gomez’s input in hit teen drama 13 Reasons Why.


9 Chris Rock – Everybody Hates Chris

Chris Rock Oscars

Not to be known for just the infamous Oscar slap, Chris Rock is an American stand-up comedian and actor that received his start in film with his appearance in Beverly Hills Cop 2. However, the actor is probably best known for his involvement with the hit series Everybody Hates Chris.

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Released in the fall of 2005, Everybody Hates Chris was loosely based on the childhood and school days of Chris Rock as he grew up in Brooklyn, New York. The actor not only co-created and narrated the hilariously funny series but he was also involved in the production of the series as an executive producer from the beginning to the end.

8 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – Young Rock

Dwayne Johnson Football

Young Rock is a series that tells the story of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson throughout his life and childhood from his younger years up to his football years at the University of Miami. The series is a comedic look back at the events that shaped Johnson into the man that he is today and the show captures the humble beginnings of the wrestler turned actor.

Not the first actor to turn his life story into a series, Young Rock presents many details about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that fans might not have known and Johnson is the driving force behind it all. With the series’ release in 2021, Johnson has made a few rare appearances in the show but holds the title of executive producer. His role as producer provides the actor the chance to accurately tell his story and gives the audience an authentic and relatable look into where the successful actor started from.

7 Will Ferrell – Succession

Will ferrell right to turn down eleven 2

Known for some of the best comedic movies like Step Brothers and eleven, Will Ferrell knows comedy and drama. He has continued to evolve throughout his successful 30+ year career after he received his big break as a regular on Saturday Night Live.

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Among his acting abilities, Will Ferrell is also a successful producer, working on many popular series and films as an executive producer. From the Netflix original Dead To Me to Motherland: Fort Salem, Ferrell is also behind the success of the HBO hit series, succession. The actor currently has 3 production companies, so, fans of Ferrell will have some things to look forward to.

6 Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson – Power

50 Cent standing and looking down in Power.

Curtis Jackson, also known by his stage name “50 Cent”, gained his start in the entertainment industry as a popular rapper. He’s a man with a plan and he made sure to bring those plans to life through his idea for the hit Starz show, power. The series ran for 6 seasons and currently has 3 spin-off series.

As an executive producer on power and the three spin-offs, Jackson not only plays a large role in the casting and plot decisions, but he has also starred in the series as a regular. He continues to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his Starz series’ being big hits among their targeted audiences and fans can expect new seasons for 2 of the series to drop later this year.

5 Jennifer Lopez – The Fosters

Jennifer Lopez looking in the mirror in Halftime.

Jennifer Lopez is an actress and singer that has an extensive filmography and discography background. She got her start in music but quickly moved into the acting scene with her first big feature role-playing Selena Quintanilla Pérez in the biographical film following the life and career of the Tejano music star. This role catapulted her career in the film industry, with many still considering the film better than the Netflix series.

Her stretch into the film industry didn’t stop there, with Lopez featuring in many more successful films. However, in 2006, she began to try her hand at producing films and television series, with her most successful stint as an executive producer coming in 2013 for the series The Fosters. The series followed a lesbian couple and their multicultural family of adopted kids as they navigate through making their family dynamics work. Running for 6 seasons, the series ended in 2018 and Lopez is currently the executive producer for the series spin-off Good Trouble.

4 Eva Longoria – Gordita Chronicles

Image of Eva Longoria posing with an actress from the series Gordita Chronicles at the premier

Released in June of this year, Gordita Chronicles follows a Latin American family as they try to navigate their new lives in the United States of America. The series is a hilarious look at a family trying to capture the American dream in 1980s Miami while bringing humor and relatable experiences to the screen.

Actress Eva Longoria is a part of the creative team as an executive producer on the new HBO series and she’s a face many fans have seen before. Starring in popular shows like Desperate Housewives and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Longoria has produced movies like John Wick and many more, and she brings this talent and lots of on-screen representation to the HBO comedy series.

3 Selena Gomez – 13 Reasons Why

Selena Gomez Only Murders Season 2

Getting restarted in acting at the young age of seven, Selena Gomez is not a new face on the acting scene. Currently starring in the hit Hulu series only Murders In The Building, Gomez continues to build her impressive resume which includes being an executive producer for a multitude of shows, including the Netflix Original series 13 Reasons Why.

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Released in 2016, 13 Reasons Why tackled the mystery of a teenage girl’s suicide and the bullying and secrets that led to her death. Gomez took on the role of executive producer on the series from 2017-2020 through her production company, July Moonhead Productions. She was a driving force in the series’ development from the table to the screen and played a major role in its success for 4 seasons.

2 Zendaya Coleman – Euphoria

Euphoria season 2 score album cover Zendaya Rue

A series that continues to break boundaries and tackle topics such as addiction and relationships, Euphoria is an HBO show that has been setting trends since its release in 2019. Many fans have dubbed the series one of the best LGBTQ+ teen shows out at the moment and Zendaya’s role in the show plays a large part in this distinction.

She took on the role of an executive producer for the series’ second season and this proved to be one of the best decisions made for the series. The second season of Euphoria premiered in January 2022 and became not only one of the most talked-about shows on social media but, the second most-watched show behind Game of Thrones on the HBO network.

1 Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham – Euphoria

Drake At Euphoria Premiere

A man of many talents, Aubrey “Drake” Graham is a Canadian actor, rapper, and entrepreneur that continues his rise in the entertainment industry. He got his acting start in the hit Canadian teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation in the 2000s, however, in 2019, he added executive producer to his resume again when he became a part of Euphoria.

Since coming on as an executive producer in 2019, Drake has had a hand in leaving fans with so many questions, especially after the season 2 finale in February. The actor, rapper, and producer play a vital role in the show’s casting, so, it’s safe to say fans can thank him for casting Zendaya in her iconic role of Rue in the hit series.

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