10 Popular Anime Rated Higher Than Their Manga Versions (According To MyAnimeList)

The latest popular anime adaptation of a manga series, spy x family, wrapped up the first half of its first season last Saturday and will now resume in the fall schedule. Most manga series are ranked higher than their anime adaptations. The main reasons are timeless illustration, description, and details in the manga. Story branching, depth, and clarity are better in the manga versions. The originality of manga is another advantage. After all, the original is unrivaled.

A few well-known anime have bucked the rule that manga should generally be rated higher than its anime adaptations. Whether through their outstanding visuals, better execution, additional arcs, or more lively feeling, some popular anime series are rated higher than their original manga version on MyAnimeList.


10 Bleach (Anime 7.86, Manga 7.77)

The anime version of Bleach is not an exact copy of the manga. With various filler arcs, toned-down brutality, prolonged fight scenes, and lesser inclusion of supporting characters, the anime version of Bleach was a hit or miss for its fans. Even though Bleach’s anime unexpectedly ended, the series’ final story arc, “Thousand-Year Blood War,” is set to release in October 2022.

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The anime still triumphs despite the ratings being relatively similar to the anime and manga adaptations. Even if the anime adaptation leaves out the blood and guts, it still provides a better action momentum. because Bleach is an action-adventure series, the battle scenes are credited for the anime’s higher ratings than the manga.

9 Jujutsu Kaisen (Anime 8.68, Manga 8.56)

Anime adaptations always win with action sequences. Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime version spends considerably more time with polished action sequences. The anime, however, also dazzles with its visual jokes and raises comical situations to a new level. The mystic setting of Jujutsu Kaisen tells the tale of Yuji Itadori, a high school student cursed with the finger of the demon Sukuna. Gojo Satoru, his tutor, also plays a significant role in the series.

Mappa studio keeps up with Jujutsu Kaisen manga’s brilliant illustrations through its brilliant, colorful animation. But the soundtracks seal the deal since manga lacks the intensity and build-up through soundtracks and music. Even though there is greater character development in the manga along with the unaltered storyline, the anime version is nothing less than a treat.

8 The Seven Deadly Sins (Anime 7.71, Manga 7.55)

Despite many fans preferring the manga version over anime, The Seven Deadly Sins anime has better ratings than Manga on MyAnimeList. The anime version significantly cut off a lot of banter and comedy from the series and added more action. The anime is also highly censored from season three onwards due to extremely violent scenes that could not be adapted into the anime.

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On the bright side, the vibrant animation makes the best use of the character designs. The personalities of characters like Diane, Elizabeth, and Hawk are also explored better in anime. Whether or not the anime version is better remains a debate, but the ratings suggest the anime to be slightly better received by the audience.

7 Spy X Family (Anime 8.91, Manga 8.68)

The trending anime series, Spy X Family, quickly gained popularity through its detective plot and the charms of its deuteragonist, Anya. This comical and heartwarming anime series is based on the Forger family, Loid, Anya, and Yor Forger. The anime adaptation effortlessly managed to earn its manga readers’ approval through the artwork and style.

There are a bit darker tones in the anime version, but nevertheless, fans appreciate the slight distinction. The animators have vividly brought the characters to life, especially Loid and Anya. Fans were also keeping an eye out for epic action scenes, and thankfully, WitStudio and CloverWorks did not disappoint. The anime adaptation’s success is apparent through the opinions of Spy x Family Manga fans on Reddit.

6 Demon Slayer (Anime 8.54, Manga 8.29)

Ufotable’s incredible anime adaptation, Demon Slayer, quickly became the talk of the anime world after its release. The brilliant adaptation of character designs and the story from the source manga left everyone in awe. Koyoharu Gotouge’s art style is represented well in anime. Every piece of artwork and scene adheres closely to the original.

Another distinctive aspect of the anime version is the excellent voice acting. The characters and story come alive in the live-action version with sound dialogues and music. For people who like their stories well-paced, the anime version is a better option than the manga. after Demon Slayer’s full release, fans had little trouble picking the anime above the manga, which accounts for the rating.

5 Black Clover (Anime 8.12, Manga 7.84)

among shounen anime, Black Clover has long leg an underappreciated title. The anime version currently has 170 episodes to its credit and is adapted from the manga loyally. However, the anime deserves a second season which will likely start sometime in 2024. compared to the manga, the anime takes longer to get into the tale. Thus, the anime deepens its world-building and helps viewers understand what is happening.

The anime adaptation of Black Clover also emphasizes character growth more. There is more characterization in the anime that provides a deeper understanding of each character for fans to choose favorites. The anime also features a lot of filler episodes that are entertaining to watch and temporarily divert attention from the main story.

4 Gintama (Anime 8.95, Manga 8.62)

Gintamas anime version did better because of the excellent voice acting, which is essential for a comedy anime. Large speech bubbles dominate the manga for Gintama, which less the focus on the imagery. As a result, anime adaptation gave the art a chance to grow and brought the characters to life. In addition, the soundtracks used are also one-up against the manga.

Even though some stories are only told in the manga version, the anime stays faithful to its source material. Given the plethora of jokes, the anime projects the story’s essence in a better way. Even the filler episodes don’t feel like fillers. As one of the best samurai anime of all time, the action is also incredibly presented in the anime.

3 Hunter X Hunter (Anime 9.05, Manga 8.70)

Hunter x Hunter received a great response as anime. The artwork in Hunter x Hunter manga is inconsistent in quality throughout various arcs. The anime version wins through its vivid and consistent animation. There is also more diversity in character designs as they are put into different outfits in anime frequently.

Gon and Killua’s friendship bonding is also discovered more in the anime through filler episodes. Their friendship is known as one of the best friendships in Shounen anime. The reduced violence and gore are the sole downside for those who adored Hunter x Hunter for its action. However, the anime is undeniably better organized and concise overall.

2 Cowboy Bebop (Anime 8.76, Manga 7.16)

Cowboy Bebop has incredibly fluid and well-paced animation. It spends time helping viewers understand the people by delving into their personal lives. Cowboy Bebop surpasses its manga counterpart in nearly every way when the catchy soundtrack and wonderful action scenes are added.

The manga may have been the source material of Cowboy Bebop anime, but it is not even half as intelligent and engaging as it. The manga does not express the complexities well both in terms of the plot and individual characters. The critical success of Cowboy Bebop anime explains its higher rating than the manga.

1 Gurren Lagann (Anime 8.63, Manga 7.95)

The action and mechs in Gurren Lagann were ahead of their time, and that’s what made it extremely popular at that time. But even now, anime is cherished for the world-building, characters, and emotions that it brings out. The story deals with real-world problems in a light-hearted tone.

Gurren Lagann originated as an anime, which is one reason why it is rated higher than the manga version. It later received both a manga and a light novel adaptation. The anime’s events are adapted into the manga, along with several new and expanded plotlines. However, the anime is still a fan favorite in the mecha genre. The plot is a terrific roller-coaster, full of turns, twists, and surprising springs.

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