10 Nicktoons That Would Make Great Anime

Nickelodeon has many shows, known as Nicktoons, that fans have cherished since childhood. Nicktoons such as Invader Zim and Danny Phantom are still classics, and many fans are eager for revivals. At the same time the Nicktoons rose to prominance, anime also gained popularity in the West, with many shows like Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia recently gaining worldwide recognition.

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With the adoration of both anime and classic Nicktoons, it would be a missed opportunity not to have anime reboots of Nickelodeon shows. Many Nicktoons had such memorable worlds and characters, and by combining them with anime tropes and Japanese culture, anime versions of Nicktoons could gain similar worldwide popularity.

10 Fairly Oddparents Could Have A Unique Magic System

Anime such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Hunter X Hunter are well known for incorporating magic systems with fight scenes. if The Fairly OddParents had its own anime, it could do something similar with Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents.

Although The Fairly OddParents is primarily known for its wacky humor, the show produced many great action scenes and dramatic moments. In addition, the show had a magic system that limited what fairies could do, forcing Timmy to be more resourceful in situations. a The Fairly OddParents anime can combine these aspects to create a shonen anime that focuses on Timmy’s growth and combines a detailed magic system and advanced fight scenes.

9 Danny Phantom Could Use Spirits Inspired From Japan

Anime such as Spirited Away and Mieruko-chan have created extremely creative designs and stories centered around spirits. Likewise, the ghosts in Danny Phantom are some of the show’s most creative bits, combining ghosts with superhero elements.

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Danny Phantom created memorable characters and lore, as well as stories that showed who Danny Fenton could become if he didn’t overcome his inner darkness. With an anime, animators and writers can expand on these elements, and fans can get new scary designs and stories, as well as an advanced magic system related to Danny’s ghost powers. In addition, a Danny Phantom anime can take inspiration from Japanese mythology such as bakemono and Yuki-onna.

8 Hey Arnold! Had Deep Stories

Hey Arnold! is a slice-of-life Nicktoon that followed the lives of Arnold and his friends, developing childhood relationships and dealing with troubled family lives. Hey Arnold! is still beloved for its rich storytelling and well-rounded characters, so much so that the show got a movie thirteen years after its last episode.

Combining its original elements with Japanese culture, Hey Arnold! could make for an interesting slice-of-life anime. Versions of characters like Arnold and Helga can grow up in Japan, and fans can see how the characters react to certain situations compared to their American counterparts. With writing similar to Oregairu or Toradora, Hey Arnold! can become a fantastic slice-of-life anime.

7 mr. Meaty Deserves A Comeback

An underrated gem, mr. meaty is a Nicktoon that incorporated puppetry instead of the usual animation. The show depicted humorous situations between fast food workers Josh and Parker, who got into silly fights but were the best of friends. An anime version of mr. meaty could present a new creative challenge for the animators.

Although the original mr. meaty used puppets, new animators could figure out a way to replicate the look and feel of the show through animation. Perhaps a show using CGI reminiscent of the Gregory Horror Show would suffice. Whether through CGI or 2d animation, mr. meaty could make for a fun story retold through zany anime antics and scenarios.

6 Invader Zim’s World Is Dark But Humorous

One of the most distinguished Nicktoons, Invader Zim is still revered for its great animation, humorous scenarios, and engaging characters. Invader Zim‘s dark humor and nihilistic overtones made it engrossing, and an anime version could be compelling in its own right.

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More famous shonen anime such as Naruto tend to have idealistic overtones, so Invader Zim can stand out by incorporating shonen action with dark humor and nihilism. Such an anime could also satirize quixotic shonen, playing against classic themes involving hope and friendship with dark jokes about the characters’ stupidity and self-destructive behavior.

5 Kappa Mikey Was Already Set In Japan

Kappa Mikey is a fun series and featured an American named Mikey traveling to Japan to star in the tokusatsu LilyMu. Kappa Mikey featured many references to anime tropes like “deredere” and the “series mascot.”

Since the original Nicktoon took place in Japan, it would be a missed opportunity not to have an actual workplace anime version of Kappa Mikey. Such a series can go in-depth into Japan’s television industry and how Mikey adapts to a different culture. In addition, the anime can still keep Mikey with a Western cartoon design, making the contrast between him and the anime-styled characters all the more humorous.

4 My Life As A Teenage Robot Resembles Astro Boy

My Life as a Teenage Robot‘s art style seems to take inspiration from 1930s animation and the old anime Astro Boy. An anime version of My Life as a Teenage Robot can modernize the original’s aesthetics and create a unique art style among anime series.

In the original My Life as a Teenage Robot, Jenny Winkman was a robot who wanted people to see her as a regular girl. It was an engaging and relatable struggle for many viewers and would make for an intriguing anime storyline. By mixing slice-of-life and superhero storytelling, an anime reboot can delve into Jenny’s insecurities as she matures into a confident hero.

3 Bessie Is A Cheerful Character

The Mighty B! is an endearing series that followed Bessie Higgenbottom as she tried to earn every Honey Bee Scout badge. Since the show’s focus was small-scaled, The Mighty B! could be reimagined as a zany slice-of-life anime.

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Bessie was energetic and friendly to everyone, forming friendships and getting into wacky misadventures. The original series deliberately focused on a specific time in Bessie’s life when she could just be a happy kid. However, fans never got to see Bessie earn every Honey Bee Scout badge. A new anime version could concentrate on Bessie’s dream to get every badge, similar to how anime characters often set out to achieve a specific goal. However, an anime version of The Mighty B! can still focus on the joy of childhood and combine the original show’s zany jokes with anime tropes.

2 Jimmy Neutron Is A Tech Savvy Character

Anime often have tech-savvy characters like My Hero Academia‘s Takeyama and Stein’s Gate‘s Hashida Itaru; Jimmy Neutron would make for a fun addition to that list. Sci-fi is popular in anime, and Japan is known for technological achievements like robotics and electronics, so it stands to reason that The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius would have many creative inventions and creature designs that can have new life in anime form.

In the original series, Jimmy learned to rely on his friends and family because he still had flaws. An anime series could focus more on Jimmy’s internal development, humbling the Boy Genius as he forms bonds with beings all over the universe. It could create a nuanced anime that focuses on friendship and the importance of self-awareness.

1 El Tigre Was Full Of Superheroes And Supervillains

El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera was a unique Nicktoon because its main character had superpowers but couldn’t decide whether to be a hero or villain. The show was also massively influenced by Mexican culture, with an art style that set it apart from Nickelodeon’s other shows. By keeping the original show’s elements, an anime version of El Tigrec could be one of the most distinguished superhero anime of all time.

An anime El Tigrec could mix aspects of both Japanese and Mexican culture while keeping the original show’s theme of a boy trying to figure out who he wants to grow into. The original El Tigrec is a great series that was canceled before it could expand on its story. With fans already hoping to see it return one day, bringing back El Tigrec as an anime could potentially bring in even more fans around the world.

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