10 Movies & TV Shows Where You’ve Seen The Cast

This past June saw the conclusion of Barry season 3 on HBO and like the previous two seasons, it was met with widespread acclaim. The series has racked up positive reviews and secured some prestigious awards, including several Emmys, thanks to its impressive cast and crew.

The actors on the show, led by creator and star Bill Hader, are a talented bunch. They have a slew of performers who have won plenty of awards, led their own notable movies, or shined as supporting characters on some of the best television shows around. Wherever you see them, the cast of Barry sure to wow you.


Kirby Howell Baptiste – Queenpins (2021)

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Since the back half of the 2010s, Kirby Howell-Baptiste has kind of shown up everywhere. She might not be a household name but she has appeared in major TV shows and films including Love, Veronica Marsand the upcoming Netflix series The Sandman.

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Howell-Baptiste has a small recurring role on Barry playing Sasha Baxter, one of the students in Gene Cosineau’s acting class. She seems to be great alongside Kristen Bell, working with her on Veronica Mars and The Good Place. They worked together again for queenpinsa film about two women who create a multi-million dollar coupon scheme.

Michael Irby – Mayans MC (2018-Present)

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When Cristobal Sifuentes was first introduced on Barry, it seemed like he might just be a small, easy-to-overlook supporting player. However, the Bolivian mafia leader stole nearly every scene he was in and ended up as the romantic interest of fan-favorite NoHo Hank.

Sifuentes is played by Michael Irby, a veteran actor who first rose to fame on The Unit. Alongside his comedic turn on BarryIrby has been a staple of Mayan’s MCthe spin-off of Sons of Anarchy. His role as Obispo ‘Bishop’ Losa is an important one as the Vice Presidente of the club.

Glenn Fleshler – True Detective (2014-Present)

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At the start of the series, the titular Barry gets involved in gang issues between the Chechen mafia and their counterparts from Bolivia. The leader of the Chechen group was Goran Pazar, who employed Hank as his right-hand man of sorts.

Goran didn’t stick around long but was a delight whenever he appeared. He was played by Glenn Fleshler, who has shown up in everything from Billions to joker. However, a notable spot to catch his work is in the acclaimed season 1 of True Detective where he was the terrifying Errol Childress.

Sarah Burns – Desperados (2020)

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The hilarious Sarah Burns was a new addition to Barry in season 2. With Janice Moss gone after season 1, a new character had to come in and lead the investigation into some of the murders Barry committed. That person is Mae Dunn, played by Burns.

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The talented Sarah Burns has nabbed roles in a handful of projects in recent years from Enlightened to How to Get Away with Murder. You get to see her flex those comedic chops in Netflix’s rom-com Desperadosplaying Kaylie, one of the protagonist’s best friends.

D’Arcy Carden – The Good Place (2016-2020)

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The aforementioned The Good Place was indeed home to Kirby Howell-Baptiste for a while but a much bigger part of that show was handled by D’Arcy Carden. Although the series was led by Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, Carden was arguably the highlight every week.

In the comedic series, Carden portrayed Janet, a programmed guide of the afterlife. She appeared in every episode and became the show’s most quotable character. Her role in Barry is much smaller, playing Natalie, another acting student who clashes with Sally a fair bit in some explosive season 3 scenes.

Stephen Root – Office Space (1999)

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For most of his long career, Stephen Root has been known as a bit player in comedy films and TV shows. He’s hilarious in things like dodgeball and King of the Hill but he’s also shown off his dramatic talents in True Blood, The Man in the High Castleand Barry.

Root plays Barry’s former friend and the man who groomed him to become a hitman, Monroe Fuches. Although he’s serious in BarryRoot’s most iconic role is likely as the poorly treated Milton in the great workplace comedy Office Space. He causes major damage there, which is in line with Fuches.

Henry Winkler – The Water Boy (1998)

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You could almost write an entire book about how many prominent roles Henry Winkler has had throughout his storied history on the big and small screen. Whether it be his long-standing run on Happy Days as the Fonz or his standout turn as the principal in screamWinkler is a delight.

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He has returned to the spotlight as acting teacher Gene Cousineau, which finally earned him a Primetime Emmy win after six previous nominations. Winkler also had a really fun role in The Waterboy as Coach Klein, the man who led Adam Sandler’s titular character on the football field.

Anthony Carrigan – Gotham (2014-2019)

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Whenever Barry completes its run, one character who will likely stand the test of time and go down as an icon is NoHo Hank. He started as a simple gangster but showed his lovable side over the series and is now a wholesome, beloved character.

That’s mostly down to the tremendous performance of Anthony Carrigan, who has been nominated for two Emmys for his work. Carrigan was a scene stealer in Gotham as well, playing the serial killer Victor Zsasz and still managing to give him an unexpected amount of charisma.

Sarah Goldberg – Hindsight (2015)

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Speaking of Emmy Award nominees, Sarah Goldberg has one and should have even more for her consistently tremendous performance as Sally Reed on Barry. Sally starts as an aspiring actor but by season 3, she has her own show that she also helped write.

For the most part, Sarah Goldberg doesn’t have a ton of other major credits to her name. There are small appearances in stuff like The Dark Knight Rises but before BarryGoldberg played Lolly Lavigne, one of the leads on VH1’s hindsight.

Bill Hader – Documentary Now! (2015-Present)

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Bill Hader is a jack of all trades, starring as Barry Berkman on the HBO series and also having credits on it as producer, creator, writer, and director. With so much talent, Hader is someone who you can find in almost countless roles over the years.

from Saturday Night Live to Superbad to Cloudy with a Chance at Meatballs, his filmography is a long one. However, a fun place to spot him is in Documentary Now! as he also is a producer and creator there. The mockumentary series spoofs the genre in hilarious fashion.

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