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Content Warning: This article contains references to murder and police brutality

The film company A24 has returned with a horror-comedy movie, Bodies Bodies Bodies. With equal parts murder mystery, parody, and party, the new summer flick is a wild ride of entertainment, mystery, and side-splitting humor.

Bodies Bodies Bodies features a star-studded cast, including former Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member Pete Davidson, Amandla Stenberg, and Rachel Sennott. For some of the cast, this may be their biggest film yet, while others have bene in great movies and shows in the past.


Amandla Stenberg – The Hate U Give (2018)

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An image of Starr holding her hands up in The Hate U Give

Amandla Stenberg may be well-known for her role as Rue in The Hunger Games, but one of her best performances is found in The Hate U Give. The movie follows the life of a teenager named Starr, who witnesses the unjust murder of her best friend at the hands of a police officer, and struggles to stand up for what’s right in a world stacked against her.

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Amandla Stenberg’s performance in The Hate U Give is raw, emotional, and powerful. She embodies the internal growth of a girl who witnessed unjustice after her friend is killed by police and won’t give up until change is made. As Sophie in Bodies Bodies Bodies, she may not have the same emotional role, but her potency as an actor will be a great benefit to the movie.

Maria Bakalova – Borat Subsequent Movie Film (2020)

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Borat And Tutar Reunite

Maria Bakalova hasn’t been acting for a long time—her first efforts started in 2015—so Bodies Bodies Bodies could be a career propelling role. One of her biggest roles so far was in the 2020 sequel, Borat Subsequent Movie Film. The follow-up to an irreverent, early 2000s comedy has many trademarks from the first, and Bakalova’s addition this time adds an element of depth not as clear before.

Bakalova plays another of the suspects in the Bodies Bodies Bodies mystery, and her chance to shine has never been brighter. Like the film’s plot, her acting may glow in the dark of a creepy old house over the weekend of the movie’s first release.

Chase Sui Wonders – Generation (2021)

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Riley talking to Greta in Generation TV Show

A TV show that may have gone unnoticed by many in 2021 was Generation (feeling somewhat reminiscent of Euphoria). It follows a group of high schoolers as they embark on their own journey of self-discovery, with Chase Sui Wonders playing Riley in the show.

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Wonders plays Emma in Bodies Bodies Bodies, and she may be able to employ some of her acting experience from generation. Both the show and the new movie attempt to capture the modern youth experience in a raw and unapologetic way, and she may be one of the movie’s best assets.

Myha’la Herrold – Industry (2020-2022)

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Harper and Yasmin looking at computer in Industry

Myha’la Herrold is most recognized for her role in industry, a thought-provoking TV show about business-people trying to make it in the world of business after the 2008 recession. Herrold, who can be found posting about Bodies Bodies Bodies on Instagram, plays Jordan in the new movie.

As a young and influential actor, Myha’la Herrold enhances the movie’s fun-loving aspects, while providing a level of drama and seriousness previously seen in her work for Industry. With her contribution, the movie is a satisfying blend of humor and drama.

Connor O’Malley – I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson (2019-2021)

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Connor OMalley smiles in car in I Think You Should Leave

Connor O’Malley plays Max in Bodies Bodies Bodies, but he has been previously known for his contributions to I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson. He appears in three of the show’s comedic short episodes, typically playing a funny supporting role to Tim Robinson’s character. The show’s format has produced a number of hilarious sketches in I Think You Should Leave.

Connor O’Malley’s experience in various roles and ranging scripts gives him a benefit in Bodies Bodies Bodies, which blends drama, suspense, party scenes, and emotional moments all into its 1 hour, 35-minute runtime.

Lee Pace – Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

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Lee Pace has had some career-defining roles in the last decade, including his role as Thranduil, one of the best fighters in The Hobbit movies. His final on-screen appearance as Thranduil gave way to his first MCU appearance as Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy. Pace is an experienced actor, able to convey evil (as with Ronan) and unfeeling seriousness with a tinge of love (as Thranduil).

Lee Pace plays Greg, another of the wild friends who may not be as glamorous as they seem on social media. With his satisfactory experience in the past, he does manage to play a cryptic, villain-like friend in Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Rachel Sennott – Shiva Baby (2020)

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Shiva Baby

Rachel Sennott plays Alice, a fun-loving and often back-and-forth character in Bodies Bodies Bodies. Her experience is somewhat limited, though she starred in Shiva Baby a couple of years ago. Shiva Baby is a complicated story about a teen’s struggle to maintain her relationship and sex life —all while at a Jewish funeral with her parents.

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Sennott has good experience as an angsty, often confused teens-and-twenties character, so her performance in Bodies Bodies Bodies will likely order stellar.

Pete Davidson – The King Of Staten Island (2020)

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Pete Davidson wearing sunglasses, shirtless, hands in the air against a blue sky.

Pete Davidson may be known for his iconic characters on SNL, but he is ready to take on more long-form acting gigs. On the heels of his somewhat autobiographical movie, The King of Staten Island, he plays the group’s lackluster and reckless friend, David.

Pete Davidson is a great fit for Bodies Bodies Bodies. Though known for his comedic roles, he can also play a serious one when needed. He will undoubtedly contribute to some of the funniest moments of the new A24 film.

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