10 Movie Franchises That Need To End, According To Reddit

Successful movie franchises like Creed and Halloween have continued their storylines throughout several films, but not everyone thinks this should be the case. There comes the point when franchises become too long, and their stories become so convoluted that fans forget the reason they got into the series in the first place.

Reddit users have come forward to discuss the franchises that have gone on for too long and have lost more of their fans than they have gained in recent years. But most of these series continue regardless of fan opinion, and some could even be considered unpopular.


The Conjuring

The Conjuring series has rewritten the book on what it means to have a successful horror franchise. Still, if producers aren’t careful, they could kill the series’ success by overdoing the storyline and confusing fans. Redditor davey_mann said, “The Conjuring is really starting to get out of hand, even though I actually like some of the sequels/prequels.”

Horror franchises are notorious for dragging out their storylines and making them so ridiculous that the audience no longer cares about being scared but wants to get to the film’s end sooner than later. Therefore, the Warrens’ story is better left alone at this point.


Madea is Tyler Perry’s most well-known character and has become one of the most successful comedy movie franchises. The movies succeeded because they balanced tackling deep issues and Madea cracking jokes.

Despite the success, some movie fans are over the series, Redditor Meme_Machine said, “I don’t see how they even make enough profit to make more of them, tbh.” Even though some of the humor is recycled, Madea still has a number of fans that will watch her movies no matter what, meaning they aren’t likely to end.

Ice Age

Ice Age has been a beloved cartoon series in the lives of children and adults alike and has continued expanding, especially since Disney+ acquired the series.

Redditor Superman38458 said, “Ice Age. The third one was my favorite. After that, it went downhill.” With the new access to streaming, Ice Age is likely to get the same treatment as Kung Fu Panda and get new series and movies, despite how fans feel. Also, with more characters becoming important in the Ice Age world, it appears that this franchise won’t end anytime soon.

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda has held up throughout its franchise. Still, with a fourth movie coming out and the television series continuing to produce episodes, some viewers wonder when the franchise will end.

One now-deleted Redditor was surely disappointed about the release of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight since they posted, “We really didn’t need Kung Fu Panda 3, or any of the tv series.” The franchise doesn’t seem to end any time soon, given that the new trailer claims this is a new adventure. This is because the original fans of the movies have aged out of the movies, and new fans need a fresh storyline.


Halloween Ends is supposed to be the end of the Halloween franchise, but fans have been told this before as this is a reboot of the original series. Like many horror franchises, the fans begin to dwindle as the sequels become more plentiful.

Halloween is no exception. With changes in plot and concept, fans have become tired of the series. Redditor TotesObviThrwawy said, “Michael Myers shouldn’t have become a franchise. If they would have such with the anthology idea, it would have been awesome…” In proper horror form, Halloween Ends may open the door for another story to begin, leading to the series’s downfall.

John Wick

John Wick‘s neon rock and roll vibes helped the action series rise to success. With the franchise being on its fourth film, some fans are concerned that John Wick will get the same treatment as other successful action series.

On a thread about franchises that have too many films in them, Redditor Epicugoy said, ” I don’t want to see it suffer the same fate as some of the other franchises mentioned here”, regarding Keanu Reeves’s latest movies. The fourth trailer hints that this could be the end of the line for John Wick in theaters, but in classic action movies, this could only be the beginning of a new plot, which could turn fans off to the series.


Marvel fans notoriously want more movies featuring their favorite heroes and villains. Still, with so many sagas and plot lines to keep in order, some moviegoers feel Marvel should find an ending for its stories. Redditor TheseNamesAreLame said, ” I think they should wrap up all the Marvel movies with a proper definitive ending. Put those to rest for ten or twenty years or so and bring them back for the next generation…”

Marvel isn’t slowing down with movies or shows anytime and likely won’t as long as Kevin Fiege is still invested in presenting more of the comic book cannon that started it all.

Star Wars

Even though the series is still wildly popular and has some of the highest-grossing movies of all time, Star Wars isn’t resonating with fans like it used to. One now-deleted Redditor said, “Disney is ruining Star Wars. It’s so corny and full of plot holes.”

while Star Wars is still exploring the novels for its various shows coming to Disney, the series has glossed over so many details that the films leave fans with more questions than answers, leading to the downfall of even the best movie series.

James Bond

James Bond is one of the longest-running movie franchises of all time and is usually a box office hit. However, some moviegoers feel the spy trope is tired and has nothing new to offer audiences. Redditor wonko_abnormal said, “…with so many plot holes, and just pointless scenes which don’t relate to anything at all yet most people seem so excited when a new one is imminent … I just don’t get it. “

Despite still having great visual effects, the stories have largely held up, which has kept them popular, but with over 20 movies in the franchise, it is a lot to take in and keep track of for casual watchers. Also, there are so many books left to adapt, seeing as Ian Fleming has long since passed.

Fast and The Furious

Even though Fast and the Furious became an instant classic in the 2000s, the movie has continued to pump out films, and fans are getting worn out. Redditor Sinners4saints said, “Should’ve stopped after Paul died,” While the movies are missing something special since the death of Paul Walker, they have also gotten so outlandish that fans can’t get into the story.

the Fast and Furious franchise has become more of a joke than a well-respected series, especially with the last film alluding to the family going to space next.

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