10 Most Wholesome Anime Heroes, Ranked

Anime heroes come in alll shapes and sizes, and some of them are almost as villainous as the villains they fight, such as Guts the mercenary or “two-hands” Revy the gunslinger. But for every rough antihero or troublemaker protagonist, the anime world has plenty of wholesome, good-hearted heroes as well.

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A wholesome anime character is one who lacks any serious negative or mean traits. They won’t mock or put others down, they don’t lie or cheat, and they would never make anyone cry. Instead, the most wholesome anime heroes value kindness, honesty, fairness, and generosity, and that makes them downright irresistible. The most wholesome anime heroes or co-stars rank among the industry’s best of all.

Unlike his fierce tsundere brother Edward, Alphonse Elric is a generous, easygoing boy who can get along with anyone. Both Elrics are determined to help people and save the day, but Alphonse is much more wholesome about it, which ends him to many shonen fans.

Alphonse might lose his temper sometimes, but as a whole, he has a radiant and grand personality that makes him easy to like. He will gladly risk his life to defend the people of Amestris and protect the innocent, and he also likes to rescue stray cats while visiting cities.

9 Mumen Rider Has A Hero’s Heart (One-Punch Man)

Mumen Rider may be hopelessly weak as a C-ranked hero, but no one can say he lacks the conviction of an S-ranked superstar hero. Mumen Rider’s wholesome spirit leads him right into the heart of battle to save lives, and unfortunately, his relatively weak body simply cannot keep up.

Mumen Rider is popular not due to his strength, but his wholesome personality and fighting spirit. He is incredibly kind, selfless, and protective as a C-ranked hero, setting a great example for heroes who have stronger bodies but not stronger spirits. Even Saitama and Genos could learn from him.

8 Yuji Itadori Fights For The Innocent (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Wholesome characters are rare in Jujutsu Kaisen’s darkworld. In this shonen series, sorcerers can channel their intense negative emotions to fuel their Curse Energy, often anger, guilt, or resentment. This is why Nobara, Megumi, and Mechamaru are in such a bad mood all the time.

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Yuji Itadori is nothing like that. He’s a wholesome, innocent ray of sunshine who may annoy the more serious characters, but he won’t annoy viewers or his best bud, Satoru Gojo. Yuji has pure and innocent intentions as a trainee sorcerer, and the death of even one innocent person will break his heart.

7 Fudo Aikawa Always Puts Others First (Love After World Domination)

Fudo Aikawa is the leader of his off-brand Power Rangers superhero team, and he is definitely the most wholesome and innocent of the five. Fudo is a kind, heroic young man who doesn’t have the faintest concept of deception, cruelty, or greed.

Instead, Fudo is a true hero both in and out of his Red Gelato costume, and that is why Desumi the supervillain loves him. Fudo is wholesome to the point of being naive, and this might actually frustrate his girlfriend and allies at times. But no one will ever say he’s a jerk.

Katarina Claes is an otome isekai character who was reborn not as the protagonist Marie Campbell, but as the antagonist, Katarina Claes. The original Katarina was a total bully, but this new isekai Katarina is the most wholesome person this otome world has ever seen.

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Katarina is determined to make every Fortune Lover character happy, and she soon united them as a co-ed harem centered around her. Katarina will do anything to cheer up her friends and support them emotionally, even if she is famously dense at times.

5 Tanjiro Kamado Will Cry For Anyone’s Sake (Demon Slayer)

The swordsman protagonist Tanjiro Kamado is famed for his incredible empathy, and he will openly cry not just for his fallen allies, but his enemies as well. He knows that most demons are actually victims, and they all have their own vulnerabilities or unfulfilled desires.

Tanjiro, being the wholesome and kind boy he is, will slay demons strictly out of duty so he can save innocent lives and put the demons out of their misery. The sole exception is Muzan Kibutsuji, the brutal king of demons who does not deserve Tanjiro’s wholesome sympathy.

4 Izuku Midoriya Is A Cinnaon Roll (My Hero Academia)

Izuku Midoriya is what’s known as a “cinnamon roll,” or a character who is too wholesome and innocent for the world they live. Fans often feel protective of such characters, though with the power of One For All, Izuku can certainly defend himself from any villain.

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Izuku, like Mumen Rider, had the heart of a wholesome hero before he had a body to match. He is a brave, caring, generous, and friendly boy who will risk everything for the sake of others, and he also has a gentle demeanor and a habit of bursting into tears, just like Tanjiro.

3 Iruma Suzuki Goes With The Flow (Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun!)

Iruma Suzuki is an isekai protagonist who is seemingly incapable of teasing, antagonizing, or lying to anyone for any reason. Even his “dark Iruma” persona is a generous, gentle person who merely acts like a tough-talking delinquent without actually hurting anyone in the process.

Iruma is the sole human student at the Babyls school, so he must behave himself to avoid making trouble. But even without that condition, Iruma would act like his usual wholesome and kind self, and he wouldn’t mess with people even if he could get away with it.

2 Shoko Komi Just Wants 100 Friends (Komi Can’t Communicate)

Shoko Komi is the dandere heroine of Komi Can’t Communicate, and her goal is to make 100 friends and reinvent her personal life forever. She has the purest intentions, and she also greatly values ​​honesty, kindness, and compassion. She won’t cheat her way to 100 friends.

Even if Shoko has trouble speaking, her wholesomeness is clear for all to see. She is an innocent, good-hearted girl who wants to make others happy and promote friendship among all her classmates, and in return, she hopes her classmates will become her friend as well.

1 Tohru Honda Is The Avatar Of Anime Wholesomeness (Fruits Basket)

Sheer wholesomeness is the foundation of Tohru Honda’s whole being, and she is famous in the shojo world for it. She was taught many life lessons by her reformed delinquent mother Kyoko, including the idea that all people deserve a second chance and that being gentle calls for true strength.

To a fault, Tohru will put other people’s needs before her own, and she can easily understand another person’s emotional state to find a way to heal them. She is boundlessly compassionate, generous, gentle, and optimistic, even to antagonists like Akito Sohma. She is incapable or even pretending to be mean, let alone actually do it. In one instance, Tohru couldn’t bring herself to deliver her lines as the wicked stepsister in a rehearsal session for a Cinderella stage play.

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