10 Most Iconic Anime Pacifists

Most anime shows usually have some kind of conflict happening. Most characters seem to take the impending fights in stride and don’t mind defending themselves. Others are perfectly fine with giving the smackdown to those they believe deserve it, but they try not to kill their opponents. However, some heroes will kill them if they believe their foes are too much of a threat. Then there are the few who absolutely hate violence and killing any living creatures.

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These characters will avoid conflicts at all costs, but a few will defend themselves and others if they have to. Though a few of them have killed others, circumstances forced their hand. These characters are still pacifists to their cores and have become iconic for their kinder natures.


10 Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)

Shigeo is a very nice guy who just happens to be extremely powerful. After learning that his psychic abilities are connected and react to his strong emotions, Shigeo tries to keep them in check. If his emotions are negative, his powers will harm anyone around him. Shigeo doesn’t like hurting anyone and tries his absolute best to avoid any and all conflicts. It takes a lot for him to get angry, but anyone around him should run far and fast if he reaches maximum power.

Once he reaches 100%, Shigeo becomes a near unstoppable juggernaut. He is extremely powerful in this state and only rivaled by a very few Espers. Then there’s his “???%” state which results in all of his psychic powers being unleashed and out of control. It’s best to stay on Shigeo’s good side and keep the peace around him.

9 Nausicaa (Nausicaa Of The Wind Valley)

Nausicaa is a princess from the Valley of the Wind that is trying her best to save the world and prevent two nations from going to war. She explores the ecosystem of her world, specifically a toxic forest that was created from fallout from a past apocalyptic war. During her research, she tries to find a way for humans and the Ohms (giant bug creatures created by the toxic forest) to co-exist peacefully. Though a pacifist at heart, Nausicaa isn’t afraid to fight to defend herself and her emotions do get the better of her. She did kill some soldiers from the kingdom of Tolmekia out of anger since they had executed her father.

This could have easily been enough reason for Nausicaa and her country to go to war, but she manages to end the conflict peacefully. At the end, the warring nations help rebuild the Valley and manage to co-exist peacefully with the Ohm.

8 Vash The Stampede (Trigun)

The whole series of Trigun revolves around Vash trying to avoid trouble and bounty hunters who are after him. He wants to live a life that’s peaceful and greatly values ​​it. Sadly, this life isn’t meant for him and he’s constantly on the move to avoid bounty hunters. This not only keeps him from having a home, but he’s also alone. Anyone who gets close to or knows him is at high risk of being killed.

Vash tries his absolute best to avoid fights, but won’t hesitate to protect innocent people. Though he won’t kill anyone if he can help it. He only kills Legato because Legato threatens the lives of Milly and Meryl.

7 Simon Brezhnev (Durarara!!)

Simon has a violent past that he wants to leave behind and does a pretty good job at being a pacifist. He works as a chef now and seems happy with his new life making sushi for other people. He’ll appear when other characters are distraught and tell them to eat some sushi to make themselves feel better and satisfy their hunger. As long as no one is violent around him or mentions violence, Simon is all-around a great guy.

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There have been a few times he’s broken his oath to not fight, but this was out of self-defense or to beat up Izaya. He is known to be so strong that very few characters can actually match him in strength and skill.

6 Tohru Honda (Fruit Basket)

Tohru is such a sweet and caring girl that it’s painful to watch some of the things happening to or around her. She doesn’t fight back when The Prince Yuki Fan Club members pick on her for a variety of reasons (mostly revolving around her friendship with Yuki). Her aunt and cousins ​​are very rude to her and judging her because of her mother’s delinquent past. Yet she doesn’t fight back in any way and still interacts with them in a friendly manner.

Even after Akito had been cruel to her, Tohru still didn’t think ill thoughts of her or say anything. She still wanted to help her and the Sohma family end their curse. When Akito threatened her with a knife, Tohru managed to talk her down and the two of them became friends after the series.

5 Yugi Muto (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Though Yugi doesn’t mind dueling others in a card game, he absolutely hates violence. Even after Joey and Tristan bullied him and threw his Millennium Puzzle out the window, Yugi stood up for them after they got beaten up. Tristan and Joey became his best friends after this and defend him when he can’t defend himself. Even Tea would defend Yugi from other people.

However, Yugi isn’t completely defenseless on his own. His darker half, Yami/Atem is more than willing to take over and show everyone how powerful they can be. He will banish people to the Shadow Realm and more than willing to fight back to defend his and Yugi’s friends and the world.

4 Android 16 (Dragon Ball Z)

Though he was the strongest one between him, Android 17, and Android 18 at the start, Android 16 truly wanted to live peacefully and not have to fight. He was initially programmed to kill Goku, but was able to keep himself from doing so when he met the Saiyan. Android 16 and Gohan bounded over their pacifist views, not wanting to kill living creatures, but Android 16 knew deep down that this wouldn’t happen in the fight against Cell.

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He did fight against Cell a few times, but during the Cell Games, he was killed. Android 16’s last words were encouraging Gohan to unleash his full power and protect the life on Earth that both of them cherish.

3 Euphemia Li Britannia (Code Geass)

The half-sister of Lelouch, Euphemia was kind to everyone around her regardless if they were Britannian or not. She didn’t abuse her power and tried to build bridges between the Britanians and Japanese. Euphemia was truly a royal who cared for the people and only wanted peace, using her power to do so. She truly abhorred fighting and watching people lose their lives in war unlike most of her siblings.

Unfortunately for her, Lelouch unknowingly used his Geass on her, ordering her to kill Japanese people, and she killed many of them when she was set to reach a compromise between them and the Brittanians. She was killed by Lelouch who used this as an opportunity to further his own goals. This event would taint her legacy and she would be known as the “Massacre Princess”. Her vision for peace among everyone would live on through her and Lelouch’s younger sister Nunnally.

2 Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)

Kenshin had a bloody past and was known as “Battousai the Manslayer” during the revolution. He becomes a wandering samurai afterwards and swears to live a life of peace. Kenshin won’t start fights and tries his best to resolve conflicts without any violence, but he will stand up to those that threaten innocents and those he loves.

Though there are times where his “Battousai” side will come out and seems merciless in battle, Kenshin seems to be able to keep this part of him in check. Kenshin makes sure to not do any attacks that could cause death, but he’s okay with permanently damaging them if he feels his enemies are too much of a threat.

1 Orihime Inoue (Bleach)

Orihime tends to use her powers more for defense and healing her allies. It’s not that she doesn’t know how to fight, but it’s best to leave it to stronger ones like Ichigo. Her healing abilities are very strong and fit her gentle nature. The barriers she creates are some of the strongest shields in the series and shows that a good defense can be a great offense sometimes.

The trade-off is that her actual offensive abilities aren’t the strongest and sadly, Tsubaki (one of the spirits of her Shun Shun Rikka) is the one who pays for it. His strength is based on Orihime’s anger or killing intent, but Orihime is far too kind-hearted even towards her enemies. This usually leads to Tsubaki being injured most of the time.

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