10 Mecha Anime That Disappointed Fans

Nothing’s worse than expecting the best from a series only to be let down. It’s one thing to watch a series and know from the start that it’s going to be terrible. It’s another thing entirely to have faith that a series can be good only to be let down. In anime, there are plenty of long-running franchises that generally carry a high level of quality to them.

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Franchises like lupin are generally good to amazing. But there’s no franchise that can hit it out of the park every time. And in the world of mecha, it’s particularly frustrating, as fewer mecha anime are made compared to what used to exist in the past. Bad mecha anime stand out pretty badly these days.

10 Genesis Of Aquarion Had Too Many Weird Themes

The original aquarium anime had far too much talent involved to turn out as middling as it did. with Escaflowne alum Shoji Kawamori and Yoko Kanno working together, logically, this series should have been incredible. Instead, what it offers are some gorgeous visuals and not much else.

Take three characters who are unlikable and never develop into anyone likable, add in some weird sexual overtones, and the result is aquarium. The surprising thing about this series is just how many moreaquarium anime there were afterward. No one seemed to like it, and yet it got two sequels.

9 Macross Delta Making The Idol Characters Part Of The Battles Hurt The Believability

Macross Delta is truthfully a lot better than most people give it credit. However, when most people think about the franchise, they’re thinking about cool space dog fights and love triangles. And while Macross Delta has both of these things, they’re not as central as they were in past series.

The love triangle is the weakest it’s been since Macross 7, even though the characters are likable. And creating Walkure instead of focusing on a singular star watered down the character development. It’s still a beautiful series, as long as people are okay with idols flying around and helping fight the series’ villains.

8 Eureka Seven AO Ignores Everything Fans Loved About The Original

Eureka Seven isn’t the most popular mecha series of the 2000s, but it certainly had a passionate audience. sorry, Eureka Seven AO wasn’t the sequel they were looking for. The series isn’t just mediocre on its own, but it disrespects what people loved about the original show.

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In Eureka 7, both Renton and Eureka live happily ever after and humanity learns to co-exist with the Coralians. but Eureka Seven AO ruins both of these things, taking away the protagonists’ children and turning the Coral into the same kind of evil aliens that exist in countless other mecha anime.

7 Valvrave Is Needlessly Edgy & Appeals To Very Few

Perhaps mecha fans shouldn’t have had high hopes for this series in the first place, but valvrave went from generic to both edgy and generic with such lightning speed it’s impressive. Lead hero Haruto starts as a high schooler, but when an invading army lays waste to his school and begins killing the people he cares about, he’s forced to do something.

Of course, “doing something” results in him hopping into a mecha, which promptly turns him into a vampire. For those looking for the usual politics present in a mecha series, the show is light on those. instead, valvrave relies on revenge fantasies and randomly placed violent assault. The less said about this series, the better.

6 Shin Sakura Taisen Is Mostly For The Most Hardcore Fans

It took years for Sega to bring back Sakura Wars. The mecha/dating sim franchise was seemingly everywhere in the late ’90s and early 2000s before vanishing like many others. They attempted to bring it back recently, and to Sega’s credit, it feels like it came right out of the early 2000s. But the game, trapped on PlayStation 4, didn’t perform all that well. The anime did even worse.

The franchise feels like something that would appeal mostly to older anime fans or people who have some semblance of what the games are about. Without that, it’s easy to feel lost, which is likely why so many people didn’t even bother checking it out. Those who did found themselves confused by the plot or turned off by the CGI art style.

5 Gundam Build Divers Took The Focus Away From The Fights

Gundam Build Fighters struck gold with gundam fans and non fans alike. It was easy to love, as the series focused on nothing but awesome fight scenes and references to older gundam series. while Fighters Try wasn’t quite as beloved, the series still had some of the best fights in gundam history.

But while some might debate Gundam Build Diversagainst the original, the majority of fans think it’s a huge disappointment. The focus is put on a new crew that isn’t as likable as the protagonists in either of its prior series. It asks some interesting questions in the latter half of the show, but by then, it’s way too late to answer them.

4 Bubblegum Crash Wasn’t The Ending Fans Hoped For

bubblegum crash isn’t bad, it’s just not Bubblegum Crisis. This series is the definition of being a disappointment while still being good. The original series is groundbreaking in its approach to cyberpunk.

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sorry, Bubblegum Crisis ran into too many issues behind the scenes, leading to the show being stopped before it reached the end of its full season. Sometime later, Bubblegum Crash! was meant to finish the series off, but it had to compress the remaining five episodes of the original series into three episodes instead.

3 G-Reconguista Reminds Fans Can’t Always Go Home Again

Reconguista in G was meant to be gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino’s grand return to his own franchise. He hadn’t touched the franchise since Turn-A Gundam back in the 2000s, which was a great high note. People assumed he would be able to come back and pick up where he left off. But while the series was beautiful in design and animation, it didn’t have much else going for it.

The dialogue and plot of the series didn’t make much sense, with plot points happening without any foreshadowing and barely being addressed. Characters also spoke in ways that didn’t sound human. The series is getting a bunch of feature films to retell the story though, and that’s how gundam got popular in the first place.

2 Nobunaga the Fool Doesn’t Try To Have A Logical Plot

Nobunaga The Fool is a gorgeously animated series from studio Satelite. It’s got a great premise involving reincarnated versions of legendary figures throughout history that isn’t just a direct copy of the Fate franchise, but that’s about where all the great points end for some people.

For many, it’s not necessary to have a good plot to make a series entertaining, especially when mecha anime are all about fiery protagonists. For others though, that proved to be too big of a problem to overcome. sorry, Nobunaga the Fool is another mecha series from the 2000s that went forgotten.

1 Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Wastes A Great Premise

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE had a brilliant premise. Three generations of kids would fight a one-hundred-year war against an unstoppable opponent. Aside from Sunrise’s traditionally good animation, there’s nothing else going for it. Gundam AGE isn’t just disappointing — it’s flat-out bad.

The series never takes the creative risks it needs for the show to become great. Instead, it’s always satisfied with boring choices. The oldest protagonist looked primed to become the villain after his story arc ended, but instead, the series took the easy way out. Initially, this was supposed to be a project from Level-5, and it’s hard not to see how it wouldn’t have been better in game form.

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