10 Manga Like ‘Reality Quest’

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Anime fans have loved Reality Quest and have loved getting to see Ha Do-Wan get another chance after being assaulted and bullied at school. The manga revolves around a topic that is very similar to others in the anime world, revival. Ha dies after being threatened by the bully and stays home to play his game for an entire week straight. The stress that gains on Ha from doing this is enough to kill him.

However, he is brought back to life an exact week before he died, when the bully made the threat to him. Anime fans have loved getting to follow the story that Ha is able to tell through his experience, and now fans are looking for more anime that are like Reality Quest. The list is not in any particular order either.

Doom Breaker

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The last human on Earth, Zephyr, is fighting evil entities in a world that was left by the gods of the planet. Zephyr dies, but the gods look at him after that moment and decide that he deserves another chance, as does society. Zephyr is then sent not to the moment he dies, but 10 years back into the past where he and society can try to be better prepared for all of the threats that are coming his way. The problem is that Zephyr is a slave in this time to the strongest human alive. Zephyr’s goal is to get society to listen to a slave and be ready for the attack that is imminent.

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

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A young girl was taken away from her mom when she was incredibly young. Evanna had incredible powers and strength that she knew nothing about, other than that she was being tortured and beaten for them. This goes on for a long while, up until her father, the Duke of Vicente comes and is able to rescue her from her captors.

The Duke has incredibly tough and sad memories as Evanna starts to spend more time with her, so he has to try to learn how to love his daughter the best way that he can, for her sake and his own sake. Evanna needs to learn how to trust her father, as the only life she has ever known has been in captivity and being beaten. The two must do this for each other’s own good.


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Suhyeon Kim is a video game-loving high school student who does not like the real world, and his classmates feel the same way about him. He feels as though he is constantly being picked on and bullied by his classmates which makes him want to enter the video game he loves so much. The game comes to life and he shortly has to start completing the quests much like how he does in his game. He sees that his success in these quests impacts everyone, his classmates begin to love him and want to cheer him on and follow his journey.

My Mom is My Constellation

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A character goes back in time after their death with the chance to relive and try again, something that is a very common theme in anime. Their mom has become their constellation, who also died, and is with them all the time. The adventures the two go on are enough to make any anime fan want to sit down and continue this story.

Viral Hit

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Hobin Yoo is your standard high school-age student, lengthy, scrawny, and unassuming. However, when NewTube starts a new channel dedicated to fighting, Hobin really starts to take off and do really great things. Hobin decides to take the advice of a random person on NewTube, and soon finds himself easily beating the bigger and stronger opponents. Desperate to keep this up to keep getting more wins and making more money, Hobin tries to perfect his craft. Fans love following the story of an underdog turned favorite.

The Producer Who Lives Twice

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The dream of Joon Soo was to become a famous broadcaster. Everything was going so well for him until it was not anymore. His trashy Sunbae caused him to lose the last 10 years of his life. Down and depressed, Joon thought he was going to have to start this grind over again. However, an opportunity arises for Joon to return back to the day that he joined the broadcasting company, with his memories of before still intact. Joon has a second chance at life, and he is so thankful and grateful for it. He knows now what not to do this time around in order to keep himself in the job and life he wants.


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The world quickly went from a beautiful place to live to ultimate chaos for all of those who lived in it thanks to the god Kashita. The entire world is quickly and maliciously killed. Yoo Dohyuk becomes the strongest being on the planet and then defeats all of the gods that destroyed his home. However, once the gods are all killed, everyone in society goes back to the first day that his all took place. Yoo Dohyuk returns to his life before he became the god slayer. Everyone in society is trying to become what Yoo Dohyuk is, so he must save them from themselves as well as the gods coming to kill them.

Kill the Hero

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Woojin is part of a guild that suddenly decides it is time to kill him. However, he instead gets a chance to start over. He originally wanted to help save the world, thus his reasoning for joining the guild. But armed with the memory of what happened the last time he did that, he is now out to get revenge on his former leaders who killed him. In order to do so, he must pretend to be someone he is not, someone who is interested in joining the guild and helping. He still has the skillsets that he had before, however, those in the guild are wondering why he is truly there, if it is to help, or if there is more to it.

Rescue System

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Kim Soohyuk was killed during a rescue operation that took place in a collapsing building. Instead of dying, he was sent 10 years into the past. His new mission in life is to save everyone that he possibly can. In doing so, he gains strength and abilities that he did not have before. He uses these new skills in order to help save as many people as he can from any type of imaginable situation that they themselves might be in.

My S-Class Hunter

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Yoojin is always overshadowed by his much more successful younger brother, who is ranked a lot higher than he is. This causes Yoojin to always cause as much mayhem and get in the way of his brother’s success as he can. He takes it a little too far one day, and his younger brother is killed. Yoojin uses a wish he got to reset the timeline, and in doing so learns that he should not be getting in the way of those who are becoming higher ranked than him, but rather teach and help those become a higher rank. He wants to do this, however, this proves to be a bigger challenge than he had first thought it to be.

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