10 Horror Movies That Don’t Hold Up Today, According To Reddit

There are some horror movies that will always be considered classics. Michael Myers is still creepy in Halloween and The Shining has a perfect atmosphere and beloved performance from Jack Nicholson. Jordan Peele’s upcoming movie nope will likely be seen as timeless as well, and all of Peele’s work will be added to the category of classics, thanks to Peele’s impressive movie Get Out.

But even though countless movies are fun to rewatch, there are some that don’t measure up to today’s filmmaking standards, or the stories are offensive. Redditors are sharing the horror films that don’t feel scary today and that don’t feel as effective as they did when they were released.


It Follows (2014)

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It Follows - Yara Form

It Follows is a movie with a strange curse, as Jay Height and her friends realize that they are passing a deadly curse along to the people who they sleep with. While the movie has been praised for its premise, acting, and scares, not everyone thinks that it still seems logical.

One Redditor shared that “the second time I watched it, the ‘rules’ of the demon/ghost are inconsistent (that beach scene was an outlier from rest of its interactions with humans)” and the conclusion is confusing.

The Ring (2002)

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For Redditor Fun-Possible7676, the concept of The Ring doesn’t hold up or make sense now. The fan wrote that characters “have to watch a videotape on a VHS then get a phone call on a landline phone for a evil spirit to crawl out of your near ground level tv. I don’t have a VHS player, I don’t have a landline.”

It’s true that while The Ring still feels creepy, the technology doesn’t work anymore, which does less the impact of the point of the story. The fear does come from watching a video that means being visited by Samara seven days later.

Dawn Of The Dead (1979)

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Roger reanimates as a zombie in Dawn of the Dead

Directed by George A. Romero, Dawn Of The Dead is a beloved story of zombies, and there is a popular 2004 remake as well. The movie delves deep into what has happened to the United States now that this problem is happening and at the time, it was really scary to watch.

Redditor Dsod23 doesn’t think that the movie has aged well in terms of production value, writing that the “zombie effects, pacing, and editing are all pretty amateur.”

Sleepaway Camp (1983)

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Angela and Ricky at Sleepaway Camp

There are many forgotten ’80s slasher movies, but Sleepaway Camp is memorable for the wrong reasons. Redditor ScootyPuffSSJ said, “The twist ending isn’t super tasteful by modern standards.” Audiences learn that Angela’s brother Peter passed away in an accident.

The end of the movie explains that Angela died, and their aunt Martha wanted Peter to be raised as female. Audiences then see Peter’s genitalia. Sharing that a character is transgender and making it a big reveal that is supposed to shock is offensive and insulting, and it’s upsetting that this would be used as a plot point.

Salem’s Lot (1979)

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salem's fate vampire

Redditor witch finder thinks that Salem’s Lot has aged badly, writing “It’s way too long and nothing really happens for a lot of the film. Since it was TV movie in the late 70s, it looks really cheap too.”

The 1979 miniseries is about a writer named Ben Mears who goes home to Salem’s Lot, Maine and figures out that humans are becoming vampires. While fascinating at the time, it makes sense that the production value would feel duller now. There is currently a remake in the works that will be released in the spring of 2023.

Friday the 13th (1980)

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The Camp Counselors Friday the 13th (1980) Ned

Friday the 13th was a high-grossing slasher at the time, but when watched today, it feels dated and the slasher elements aren’t quite as exciting or horrifying. Since horror fans have seen so many films from this subgenre, the story of a killer at Camp Crystal Lake doesn’t pack the same punch that it once did.

Redditor Z1GGOMAT1K said of Friday the 13th, “I really can’t recommend it over other early slashers like Black Christmas or Bay of Blood. It’s an important film culturally for sure but I just don’t think it’s a particularly good movie.”

Jaws (1975)

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Captain Brody in the 1975 thriller Jaws.

Jaws is often considered a classic thanks to the concept of knowing that a deadly shark is out there in what would otherwise be beautiful, peaceful water. But not everyone thinks that it still holds up and seems like a terrifying story when viewed by today’s standards.

Redditor Cautious-Promise-663 said, “the whole premise of Jaws (1975) would not be very appealing nowdays… people’s views regarding nature, animals, and sharks in particular, have changed considerably over the last decades.” The fan continued, ‘It’s just a shark’ is what comes more naturally to most people’s minds.”

The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

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Jodie Foster Silence Of The Lambs Clarice Starling

The Silence Of The Lambs is another classic, telling the story of the brilliant Clarice Starling, who works for the FBI and who tries to figure out the twisted mind of Hannibal Lecter. It’s often thought to be a great example of tense storytelling.

After watching it again, Redditor fhost344 was “surprised how dated it seemed (although still quite entertaining). From the music cues to some of the editing, it seemed kind of ‘tv movie.'” While there are still many reasons to praise the movie, and Hannibal will always be a classic villain, it’s possible to say that the production feels too ’90s.

The Last House On The Left (1972)

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The Last House On The Left is thought as one of Wes Craven’s best movies and tells a disturbing tale of parents who come across the people who killed their teenage daughter, Mari Collingwood. While Mari dies in the original film, she lives in the 2009 remake, but both films are tough and emotional to watch.

Redditor Sons_of_the-Desert said that the film was “considered revolutionary during its time, but I feel it’s held up poorly over the years.” While horror fans are used to seeing violence, watching young men torture a high schooler is distressing, and it feels overly harsh. Although the parent characters have a good reason to want revenge, the story still feels uncomfortable and upsetting today, and some people consider it simply too violent to be entertaining.

The Birds (1963)

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Melanie Attack The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds felt like a masterful tale of suspense when it was released, as the main characters living in a California town are attacked by terrifying birds.

The Birds can be appreciated because of the influence it had on filmmaking when it came out, but now, it feels dated. Redditor cavalier78 shared that while they found the movie scary when they watched it as a child, “the green screen effects look terrible today.”

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