10 Horror Movies That Deserve a TV Series [Halloweenies Podcast]

City of Stalkers.

After five weeks of discussing hilarious camp with Drop Dead Gorgeous, Nurse 3D, Female Trouble, Flesh for Frankenstein, and Sleepaway Campit’s time to go back to some more serious horror with a look at John Carpenter’s 1978 TV movie Someone’s Watching Me!.

In the movie, Leigh Michaels (Lauren Hutton) takes a room in a high-rise apartment building where the previous tenant died by suicide. Soon after, Leigh begins receiving mysterious phone calls, getting anonymous gifts in the mail and finding that her room has been searched by someone. When a letter finally arrivesves in which her tormentor expresses his intention to kill her, she takes it to the police, but they’re unable to do anything. Terrified, Leigh teams up with her co-worker Sophie (Adrienne Barbara) in an effort to find the culprit itself.

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Episode 189: Someone’s Watching Me! (1978)

Brush up on your stalking laws because we’re heading to the City of Angels to discuss our very first TV movie in John Carpenter’s Someone’s Watching Me! (1978), which aired on NBC just one month after the release of Halloween!

Join us as we do a crash course on the status of television movies in the ’70s before analyzing Carpenter’s subversion of the Final Girl trope and then rightfully praising the groundbreaking positive queer representation in Adrienne Barbeau’s Sophie (before lamenting her inclusion in the “bury your gays” trope).

Plus, plenty of Scooby-Doo connections, all kinds of gazes, the “right” way to come home from work and the ultimate question: Is Forth Worth, TX some sort of lesbian haven?

cross out Someone’s Watching Me!

Coming up on Wednesday: We’re diving back into the twisted mind of Clive Barker with a fresh look at his second directorial effort: Nightbreed (1990)!

PS Subscribe to our Patreon for more than 190 hours of additional content! This month, we’re discussing Netflix’s Resident Evil series, Dan Trachtenberg’s predator movie preyPeacock’s queer slasher They/Them and A24’s queer murder mystery Bodies Bodies Bodies. Oh, and we’ve got an audio commentary on Paul WS Anderson’s Event Horizon just in time for its 25th anniversary!

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